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Are Insulated Panels Good For Retrofits?

Retrofitting an existing building can breathe new life into an aging structure. Not only that, but retrofitting is an important strategy for decarbonizing the built environment and increasing a building’s energy efficiency. In fact, it is estimated that ⅔ of existing buildings today need to be retrofitted before 2025 to outpace carbon emissions. So why IMPs? The significant benefits of retrofitting with insulated metal panels extend far beyond energy savings. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are an excellent option for exterior retrofit projects thanks to their versatility, performance, and easy installation.

Endless Aesthetics 

Installing IMPs on the exterior of a building provides a fresh, updated look that can dramatically transform its appearance. Designers can choose from a vast variety of colors, textures, and finishes. All in an array of panel sizes, both large and small. The sheer variety of IMPs offer unlimited aesthetic options that compliment every type of surrounding, from urban and industrial to residential areas and neighborhoods.

Good For The Environment

The most compelling case for retrofitting with IMPs lies in the large number of buildings in need of updating and repair. If many of these buildings were retrofitted with IMPs, a significant amount of carbon emissions would be reduced. That alone makes IMPs a better choice for creating a more sustainable built environment. Once installed, the interlocking metal panels provide an uninterrupted barrier against the elements, reducing thermal bridging, preventing moisture damage, and effectively insulating the building with little cooling/heating loss.. 

Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance

IMPs are a single-component product, making them simple to install. Minimizing installation costs and potential errors; reducing overall budget and decreasing the amount of time to complete the retrofit project. Additionally, their metal exterior surfaces make IMPs low maintenance and easy to clean. It’s a win-win!

If you’re planning a retrofit of an existing building, consider the many benefits of installing a new exterior façade of insulated metal panels. Combining a myriad of finishes with efficient performance, IMPs are the perfect fit for your retrofit project!  Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

Metal Roof Lifespan

Lifespan of a Metal Roof

Metal Roof Lifespan

Nothing lasts forever, but the right choice of metal roofing can endure for many lifetimes. Just take a look at some of the roofs atop cathedrals and castles in Europe! If priorities for your roof include low maintenance and longevity, metal should be one of your first choices. So, just how long will your metal roof last? Let’s take a look!

Metal Material

Overall, the longevity of your metal roof will depend on which metal you decide to go with. Galvanized metal, for example, can last at least 50 years. Perhaps even more, as the practice of galvanizing is only 60 years old! Copper roofs are considered to be the best roofing material in the industry due to their longevity and durability. These roofing systems can last 100 –  even 200 – years, easily withstanding wind, saltwater, and more. Steel roofs, on the other hand, can last up to 75 years, while zinc roofs can last longer than 100! Aluminum roofs last the least amount of time compared to other metals, often lasting up to 50 years.

Lifespan Factors

Other factors affecting your metal roof’s lifespan can include:

  • Roof Color: A darker roof tends to absorb more heat, while a lighter colored roof reflects heat. The heat absorption and UV exposure will eventually take a toll on your metal panels, degrading the material over time.
  • Roof Pitch: Pitch refers to the steepness of a roofing system. A low sloping roof speeds up wear and tear because it soaks up and weakens the roof material.
  • Installation: No matter how durable your metal roof is, it won’t last if it was poorly installed. Your roofing contractor must install the roof according to the manufacturer’s specifications. They should be a certified installer. Also, make sure that your contractor is licensed and provides labor and material warranties.
  • Maintenance: All roofing systems need care. Metal roofs put busy homeowners at an advantage because they’re low maintenance. But just because they’re low maintenance, doesn’t mean you don’t have to inspect it. Regular inspections by a licensed roofer ensure that it receives early repairs before problems get bigger.

Wondering if metal panels are right for your roof? Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

Metal Panels vs Traditional Building Materials

Metal Panels Vs. Traditional Building Materials

Metal Panels vs Traditional Building Materials

Oftentimes when making a purchase, we must ask what makes one product superior to another. This goes for our groceries, appliances, and the same should go towards building materials. What would make you choose one over the other? The answer is simple! The superior product is the one that saves you money and time. So let’s take a look at how insulated metal panels compare to other traditional building materials in cost and lifespan.

Traditional Materials

Framing, insulating, and siding all take time to install. Not to mention it can mean hiring additional trades to come in and complete one of the jobs. Not only does this lengthen the cost of your build, but increases the price as well. 

As far as materials go, generally speaking reinforced concrete can last anywhere from 30 to 60 years. While masonry or timber can last up to 100! Masonry and timber absolutely compete with metal panels in terms of lifespan. However, many building owners fail to consider the cost of maintaining and operating the structure.

Overall, these structures require far more upkeep and maintenance than metal panels. Think termite prevention, tuckpointing, repairs, repainting, water sealing, and more.

Metal Panels

Using insulated metal panels as your building material can cut down building time as well as labor costs. These panels take care of the frame, insulation, wrap, vapour barrier, sheathing, siding, and interior finish all in one easy step. The type of metal you choose to go with will determine the lifespan of your panel. For instance, copper panels can last well over 200 years, while steel lasts around 80.

Environmental factors should also be taken into consideration. Durable metal panels can resist hurricane force winds, easily outperforming other materials in wind events. Choosing to use metal panels opposed to traditional materials can also help protect your business from fire thanks to their flame resistant foam core.

Finally, consider the environmental impact of your building material. Recycling concrete is NOT economical, and at the end of the building’s lifespan this material often ends up in our already overflowing landfills. On the other hand, metal panels, which are already made from recycled material, are also 100% recyclable at the end of their use! Extending their lifespan again and again.

Ultimately, the choice between using a metal panel versus traditional materials comes down to your timeline, budget, envisioned design, and environmental factors. Wondering if metal panels are right for your project? Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

What are the Benefits of Designing with Metal Panels?

metal-roof-manufacturersArchitectural metal panels are being used in some of today’s most innovative  building designs. In part for their durability and strength, but also for their undeniable unique looks, quick installation, and versatility. Metal panels possess hundreds of possible                               shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and finishes. Whether you want to add exciting accents, focal points, or upgrade to a cleaner appearance. Here are just a few of the benefits that architectural metal panels can offer on your next project:


Versatility, Styles, and Finishes

Metal panels are extremely versatile, able to be used anywhere in a building project. They can be used on exteriors to cover unsightly cladding, or used in specific areas to create  contrast with the surrounding materials. On the interior, metal panels can be used to create unique surfaces. Either textured or as a mimic of other materials with the benefits of being far more lasting and easier to maintain.


Unlike concrete, brick, drywall, or even wood, architectural metal panels can easily be used to create complex shapes, such as curves or three-dimensional objects. Because metals are malleable and flexible, they offer many more design possibilities than competing materials.


All metal panels are 100% recyclable, and most of them already contain some recycled content. These panels require less energy  required to extract new materials, reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with mining. 


Metal panels are extremely light compared to other wall cladding materials. Reducing the load requirements for the structural components supporting the wall cladding, which can lead to lower construction costs and less complex installation requirements. On the interior, architectural wall panels can be much lighter than drywall or other materials, while offering greater rigidity.

As you can see , designing with metal panels is a great choice for any building due to their durability, versatility and relatively easy installation requirements. They can be the perfect way to create a modern look for your building or to create design features that draw attention to the structure, and the cost savings over other materials can be quite attractive.

Are you interested in enhancing your building design with metal panels? Should you have any questions or concerns, contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.

Alternative Metal Panel Uses

Alternative Uses For Metal Panels

Alternative Metal Panel Uses

Durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. Have you ever wondered what other ways metal wall panels can be applied in your commercial or residential space? These panels can be used for so many unique things besides providing a long lasting roof structure. In this article, we’ll dive into some creative, alternative uses for metal wall panels.

Metal Accent Wall

A metal wall is a perfect way to create contrast, texture, and a unique focal point within or outside of the home. Outer panels can create a beautiful backdrop in a garden, or can be used to cover unattractive concrete walls. Interior panels can add pops of color and texture to break up a space. These panels can even mimic other materials, such as wood, allowing for an endless array of design options.

Metal Ceiling or Molding

Ceilings are the often overlooked fifth wall of an interior space. Metal wall panels can be used to provide an industrial look or to create a unique focal point on areas such as the porch. A metal panel can also fare well in the garage, often brightening up the space. In modern or industrial interiors, a metal strip sometimes accented with LED lighting can be applied to the crown or base molding of a room.

Metal Wainscoting

Metal Wainscoting has become increasingly popular in commercial and restaurant spaces for a while now. When used in small spaces, metal wainscoting can even make the room appear larger than it is.

Kitchen Island

Looking for the right rustic steel accent in your interior? Try corrugated metal panels along your kitchen island! When paired with wood, this can also create a chic beachy aesthetic. Other kitchen ideas include a metal backsplash or metal cabinets.

Metal Bar

Take your entertaining style to the next level with a corrugated metal bar. Since metal panels are rust resistant, corrugated bars are perfect for use indoors or outdoors. In this type of application, metal is usually used for the sides, backsplash and roof while wood is used for the bar top surface.

Are you ready to utilize metal panels in unique and exciting ways within your building? Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

How To Prepare For Metal Roof Installation

How To Prepare For Metal Roof Installation

How To Prepare For Metal Roof Installation

You must be as excited as we are about your upcoming metal roof installation. After all, you’re about to be the owner of an incredibly durable, attractive metal roof that will protect your home for decades! But no big project comes without the necessary forethought and preparation. To help you get ready for your metal roof installation, we’ve compiled the following checklist for you to follow.


Prior To Installation

Before workers arrive, be sure to complete the following:

  • Clear walkways and other areas of the job site for easy maneuvering.
  • Work trucks can be large and carry heavy loads! Make sure any personal vehicles, bikes, and toys are moved to accommodate them.
  • No crew member comes without tools and equipment! Predetermine an area where the crew can leave their tools as well as personal belongings.
  • If you have shrubbery or other plants surrounding your home, cover these with a tarp to prevent unwanted metal scraps from falling into them.
  • Good manners are important! Make sure your neighbors are aware of the upcoming, somewhat noisy, roof installation.


During Installation

While the crew is busy installing your gorgeous, long lasting metal roof, make sure:

  • Any pets have been tied or brought inside.
  • Children are in a secure area away from the job site.
  • Any loose items are secured in case the house shakes.
  • Dumpsters (your contractor should arrange this) and trash bags are available for scraps and other waste.
  • There may be an increase in dirt flying around; keep doors and windows shut to avoid any dust entering your home.

At the end of the day, a successful and easy roof installation boils down to good communication. Knowing expected work periods, no-go areas of your property, which doors/gates should remain shut, and other tiny details will all contribute to a smooth installation.

We hope you enjoy your sparkling new metal roof for many years to come. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.

Metal Roofs and Noise

Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

Metal Roofs and Noise

Tap tap tap. The subtle noise of rain hitting a metal roof, a sound reminiscent of old barnyards and farmhouses. Unfortunately, the reputation of this “metal roof lullaby” persists to this day. Often causing aversion towards selecting a metal roof by many homeowners. Nobody wants a noisy home! But today, London Eco Metal is here to put an end to this noisy metal roof myth!


Back To The Original Question

So, are metal roofs noisy? The short answer – no! In the past, metal roofs were installed over rafters and held in place by exposed fasteners. AKA the perfect recipe for a symphony in your home! However, this method of metal roof installation is outdated. These days, metal roofs come with insulation between the roof and existing surface. Reducing noise from rain, hail, wind, and more. 


Are There Any Other Metal Roof Myths?

Yes, and we are happy to blow those out of the water too! Do you fear a metal roof may be more prone to lightning strikes? Think again, in fact metal roofs are far safer than asphalt shingles in the event of a lightning strike since they are fireproof. Many homeowners also believe metal roofs will weigh down their building as well as attract heat. Both are false! Metal roofs reflect as much as 40% of solar radiation, and are lighter and easier to install than any other roofing material available! Finally, contrary to the myth of a tin roof ridden with holes, metal roofs are far more durable than their asphalt counterparts. Often coming with Galvalume coating to protect against the elements.


Why Metal Roofs Are The Superior Roofing Material

In truth, metal roofs can actually be quieter than asphalt shingles! But even more than that, metal roofs are more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. These panels are 100% recyclable, completely toxin-free, and offer near limitless design capabilities! Functional, beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. Metal roofs can stand the test of time, often living past their 100th year of use!


If you are serious about having a cost-effective, efficient, and quiet roof, then metal may be the perfect option for you. Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

Metal Panels for Roofing

Why Choose Metal Panels For Roofing?

Metal Panels for Roofing

Once used primarily for commercial projects, metal is now one of the fastest-growing materials used for residential roofing. The Metal Roofing Alliance estimated that 750,000 metal roofs were installed in 2015 and it’s only increased since then. It’s easy to see why. Metal roofs are durable, reliable, beautiful, and they will likely last the rest of your life. Need more reasons to choose metal for your roof?

Long Life Span

A traditional asphalt shingle roof will last between 10 and 20 years. A metal roof will last at least three times that. This makes it a great choice for your forever home. It also has great resale value, so whether you’re planning to stay in your home forever or sell soon – it still makes a valuable investment.

Eco Friendly

Nothing beats metal roofs when it comes to sustainability. They are manufactured with 25-95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Meanwhile, 20 billion pounds of old asphalt shingles are sent to U.S. landfills every year.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat. This means that heat is not absorbed into your home, and your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool. Reducing cooling costs by 10 to 25%…sometimes more! Talk about efficiency.

Resale Value

Metal roofs may end up paying for themselves! Homes with metal roofs have higher resale value. This is generally because of the longevity of metal roofs, and the increased value they bring to your home.


Metal roofs are simple. You can rest easy against wind, hail damage, and even fire. While you should continue with your annual inspections, they don’t require as frequent maintenance as other roofing materials do.


Metal roofs are virtually indestructible and will not spark and ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike. They can also stand up against other elements of Mother Nature, such as high wind, extreme temperatures, or snow and ice buildup. 

We understand that investing in a new roof can be a hard decision for homeowners. If you would like to learn more about your metal roofing options, contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.

beckry tech metal roof coating

How Do I Keep My Roof from Fading?

One of the long standing issues with metal roofing material has always been that it will
eventually (and sometimes rather quickly) fade or scratch under the harsh environmental forces
such as UV light, hail, consistent rain, etc. It’s because of these factors that it’s important to do
the research when selecting a metal roofing material that’s right for you. A material offered by a
company is no good if it cannot withstand the test of time, as the main appeal of a metal roof is
its longevity.

The key factor of a good metal coating boil down to these 6 traits:

  • Hardness
  • UV resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Applied cost
  • Flexibility

beckry tech metal roof coating

With these factors in mind, London Eco-Metal uses the Beckry Tech polyester based coating,
and is one of the only metal roofing manufacturers that offers a warranty directly from the
supplier of that coating. Longevity of buildings is beneficial both from an economic and
environmental viewpoint. Beckry®Tech, a high-tech polymer based coating, is an exceptionally
good choice for increased lifespan. It doesn’t chalk and performs well when it comes to colour,
gloss and erosion and provides excellent UV resistance of polyester based coatings. A highly
durable architectural coating like Beckry®Tech helps the longevity of buildings.

When you’re doing your research on your metal roofing investment, be sure to ask your sales
person if they have a warranty directly with their paint manufacturer and then request to see
documentation of that. When it comes to a lifetime investment, it is important to know that your
roof will look the same today as it will 50 years from now.

Benefits of Metal Wall Panels

Top Advantages of Using Metal Wall Panels

Benefits of Metal Wall Panels

There’s no need to wonder why metal wall panels are such a popular choice in commercial and residential construction. Protection from the weather, plethora of design capabilities, and improved energy efficiency? Sign me up! What are some of the other advantages metal wall panels can offer a building? 


Number one is safety. Metal walls can act as a barrier to fire, helping to contain the area where the first has occurred. Oftentimes preventing full loss of a structure. 

Rain Screen

Metal panels are a great barrier to the natural elements! They are great for preventing water from entering a building, and also don’t mold or decay the way other building materials do when exposed to moisture.

Energy Savings

Nobody enjoys getting hit in the wallet. Luckily, metal’s density saves on energy. Leading to lower energy expenses for business owners. Bonus points are awarded for metal panel’s eco-friendliness, reducing carbon footprints and meeting building regulations as a sustainable material.


You don’t want to undergo building renovations and repairs every 15 years. Luckily with metal panels you don’t have to! These durable panels hold their own against daily wear and tear, and stand up against dents and dings with ease. 


Metal panels create a beautiful appearance for exterior and interior applications. Shiny and matte finishes can be shaped into a wide array of patterns, to look ultra-modern or vintage. Metal walls also make it easy for architects and interior designers to meet their unique design specifications.

Low Installation Costs 

This lightweight material is much easier to install than brick, granite, and other materials. Making installations quicker and cheaper!

Think metal panels may be right for your commercial or residential building? Get in touch with our team at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.