Have You Considered Metal Roofing? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should

The popularity of metal roofing has been growing by leaps and bounds. So much so in fact that it’s share of the total roofing market has increased by nearly 400% over the last 10 years. Homeowners have caught on to the many benefits of having a metal roof and it seems some of the more stubborn myths about this type of roofing – like the myth that it attracts lighting – have finally begun to die off.

The Many Benefits of Metal Roofing

Decisions related to people’s homes are not ones that are made on a whim. Homes are serious business, lifelong investments and the place where you, your family and your closest friends live and gather. So if metal roofing is becoming popular there must be good reasons for it, and here are five of them.

  1. Long Term Savings It should be no surprise that this tops the list because everyone is interested in long term value. While the initial installation of a premium metal roofing system will cost about the same as other materials, where metal roofing separates itself from the pack is in terms of longevity. A properly installed metal roof can be expected to last 40 to 50 years. That’s several times the life expectancy of asphalt shingles, tiles or wood.
  1. Fire Resistance Asphalt or wood shingles often do little during a house fire other than make the situation many times worse. Metal roofs by comparison carry a ‘Class A’ fire resistance rating and will never be the source of or a contributing factor to a house fire.
  1. Weight An average tile roof weighs about 750 lbs per 100 sq feet, wood shingles around 300 lbs per 100 sq feet and slate can weigh as much as 1000 lbs per 100 sq feet. By comparison the average metal roof will weigh around 100 lbs per 100 sq feet. The lightweight nature of steel roofing and other types of metal means you don’t need as many roof supports and you don’t have to worry about your roof sagging under the weight of the roofing material.
  1. Ability to Shed Snow and Rain With a metal roof snow slides off easily before it can accumulate and rain never gets a chance to pool and seep in to create water damage. No more worrying about all that snow that’s been accumulating on the roof.
  1. Ease of Installation Qualified, experienced metal roofing contractors can install one of these roofs on your home in a fraction of the time it would take to install shingles or tile.

In addition to all those benefits metal is also resistant to mold, mildew and rot and will not become home to colonies of insects that can take up residence in the cracks and crevices of other roofing materials. Metal roofs also reflect radiant heat helping to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder so many homeowners are choosing a metal roofing system over more traditional roofing materials!

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.

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A Few Questions You Should Always Ask Metal Roofing Contractors Before Hiring

Installing a metal roof is a smart decision more and more homeowners are making for a number of good reasons. Before you can enjoy the benefits of a new metal roof however, you need to find someone to do the work. Someone who will get the job done right, on time and within the agreed upon budget. The problem is that finding the right metal roofing contractor isn’t always easy because for every reputable roofer out there there’s one who is just looking to make a few bucks by cutting corners.

Questions to Ask Metal Roofing Contractors

To protect yourself and your home you’ll need to ask any prospective roofing contractors a few questions designed to put your mind at ease and to establish whether their level of expertise is sufficient for them to do a good job. These questions should always include:

  • What Kind of Experience Do They Have Installing Metal Roofs? The metal roofing industry is booming and boom situations tend to attract lots of unqualified people trying to cash in on the boom. Ask your prospective metal roofing contractors for references and follow them up. Also, ask to see a contractor’s license.
  • Are They Properly Insured?If the contractor you choose to install your new metal roof is uninsured and something happens you could be liable. Make sure the contractor you choose has insurance that covers both his workers and your property so you’re not left holding the bag should a worker get injured or they burn your house down. And don’t just take their word. Insist on seeing proof.
  • What Kind of Coating Will Be Applied to Your Roof? Coatings are necessary to prevent fading and to add aesthetic value to your metal roof. Ask the contractor which coating they intend to apply and then do some research on that particular coating.
  • What Warranty Will You Receive With Your Metal Roof? The metal roofing contractor in front of you may be a wonderful, hard-working human being but you’ll want to see the warranty anyway. Read the fine print. All of it. Formulate questions and ask him. If he doesn’t know the answers ask him to find out for you.

A metal roof can add immediate and lasting value to your home, make it a safer, healthier place and save you money on heating and air conditioning. Choosing the right metal roofing contractor to install your new roof will go a long way toward ensuring you get to enjoy these benefits for decades to come.

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.