Maintenance Checklist to Talk Through with Your Steel Roofing Contractors

Steel Roofing Contractors in LondonIn recent years steel roofing has finally begun to gain the recognition and praise it deserves. But, because asphalt shingles have enjoyed a virtual monopoly on residential roofing for decades and people tend to stick with what they know, steel roofing still represents unfamiliar technology. The fact is however that steel roofing will make your home more valuable, beautiful and energy efficient. So it’s in your best interest to investigate this state-of-the-art roofing option. Still, you may have questions regarding what type of maintenance a steel roof requires and so below we’ll go through the main points to cover with your steel roofing contractor.

Maintenance Questions to ask Steel Roofing Contractors in London

The best way to ensure your steel roof has a long, trouble free life is to have a pro perform an annual maintenance check. Chances are this check won’t turn up any problems but it’s a good idea just for your own piece of mind. Here are the things you’ll want steel roofing contractors in London to check on during a maintenance visit.

  • The state of the gutters – In order for your steel roof to do its job properly the gutters and downspouts have to be clear of dirt and debris. Overflowing can damage not only the roof but the exterior walls of your home as well.
  • The state of the flashings – Anything that penetrates the roof (like a skylight) needs flashing around its base to ensure water doesn’t penetrate into the house. You’ll want your steel roofing pro to check on the state of all the flashings on the roof, particularly if you’ve recently had work done to your chimney or had a vent installed.
  • Damage from falling branches – Steel roofs are tough but they’re not indestructible. During extreme weather events large branches can come crashing down and cause damage to the most robust roof. If you were not home at the time it occurred you may not even be aware any damage was done. It’s important to check for damage from falling or flying debris annually.
  • The paint job – One of the many great things about steel roofing is that it can be painted whatever colour or colours you wish. Again, however, during extreme weather events flying debris can scrape and scratch the paint on your steel roof. Your steel roofing pro can point out exactly where things need to be touched up.
  • The washers – The panels on a steel roof are often separated by neoprene washers. These can sometimes break down over the years due to exposure to weather or UV light from the sun. It’s a good idea to have the steel roofing pro check the washers annually and replace any that need replacing.

London Eco Metal was one of the first steel roofing contractors in London. Experience tells us that with just a little common sense maintenance your new steel roof will still be serving your home well a half century from now. Give us a ring to find out more.

A Checklist to Find the Best Roofing Contractors in Mississauga

Roofing Contractors in MississaugaIf you have a mid-to-large sized home a new roof is likely to cost many thousands of dollars. As such you need to perform your due diligence before committing to a roofing contractor. Getting estimates is important, certainly, as is making sure you’re personally comfortable working with the roofers involved. But there’s more to finding the right contractor for this vital project than simply gathering estimates and warm fuzzy feelings. You’ll need to develop a checklist of important points that should be satisfied before you sign on the dotted line.

Vetting Roofing Contractors in Mississauga

In order to avoid a roofing disaster that could see you take an enormous financial hit and perhaps negatively impact the value of your home you’ll want to vet any prospective roofing contractors in Mississauga carefully. The following checklist will help you do that.

  • References – No references, no deal so this is first on the list. Before you discuss price or schedule make sure they’ll provide valid references and check them. If they can’t or won’t then move on to the next company.
  • Proof of insurance – Another non-negotiable item on your checklist. If they don’t have robust liability and personal injury insurance you’ll be liable for any injuries or damage they cause to your property or the property of your neighbours. No insurance. No deal.
  • A verifiable address – Some roofers have a snazzy truck to provide the reassuring visuals but little else. A verifiable business address goes a long way toward establishing that the contractor is in this for the long run and not just trying to make some beer money.
  • A written estimate – Any reputable contractor will be happy to provide a written estimate for the job. If the prospective contractor won’t they’re trying to leave the door open to piling all sorts of hidden charges onto the final bill.
  • Better Business Bureau profile – Check this on your own. You’ll be able to see if they have any outstanding lawsuits and read feedback from past customers. Remember, any company that has been around a while is bound to attract the odd lawsuit. It’s a pattern you’re looking for.
  • Who will do the work – Sometimes the person you talk to doesn’t even own a roofing company. They’re little more than a glorified salesman who secures the work then farms it out to subcontractors. Find out who’s doing the work.
  • Workmanship guarantee – Any reputable contractor should guarantee the quality of their own work. The length of these guarantees can vary, but if the company offers no such guarantee you should take a pass.
  • Industry affiliations – Membership in trade associations and the like is another sign that the contractor takes their business seriously. If they have no industry affiliations you’re perfectly justified in asking why.

Don’t just take someone’s word that they know what they’re doing and will stand behind their work. Make sure you carefully vet any prospective roofing contractors in Mississauga before selecting the one that’s right for you.

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Interviewing Roofing Contractors

roofing contractors Mississauga Hiring a roofing contractor is a major consideration which is fraught with risk. Your roof is such an important part of your house, that even when the slightest things go wrong they can cause very large headaches. In order to narrow down your search for the right contractor, it’s possible to eliminate a good number of them by looking out for these red flags, which indicate they are unlikely to be the right people for your job.

How to Weed Out the Type of Roofing Contractors Mississauga Doesn’t Need

Once you’ve drawn up a list of the roofing contractors Mississauga has available, talk to them individually to try to get an idea of which ones you would prefer to work with. You’ll obviously need to discuss designs, pricing, timescale and the other main features of the project. Some of the contractors might tempt you with shorter completion times, offers on materials, or simply through good old charm. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but there are a number of red flags which, should they come up, will help eliminate that contractor from your consideration. These include the following:

  • No Insurance Certificates – Any contractor you consider absolutely must have liability insurance, plus compensation cover set up for workers. You should ask to see each contractor’s certificates before you even begin to discuss your roofing needs. The big red flag you need to look out for here is if a contractor – for any reason – cannot provide you with these certificates. Your rule should be ‘no certificate, no job’. Unfortunately, things don’t end there. For the contractors which can show you their certificates, make a note of the particulars and be sure to check that they are genuine, by calling the insurer, before you hire the contractor.
  • No Track Record – When it comes to roofing contractors, Mississauga has ample provision, including the highly reputable London Eco Metal Manufacturing Inc. It is important to choose a company with local connections, as you can check up on their business operations, referrals and previous work much more easily. You can have more confidence in a company with local offices and happy former customers who live down the road, than a stranger at your door with a slick brochure and an address in another province.
  • Poor Communication – During your selection process, be sure to ask each contractor as many questions as you feel necessary. If you want to talk to their previous customers, ask them to put you in touch. If you want someone to explain their guarantee policy, ask them to send someone over. You’ll soon be able to eliminate those contractors which don’t respond on time or don’t follow through on their promises. Some contractors may try to overstretch themselves by agreeing to take on your project with finite resources. This is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you choose a contractor who can make time for you and who keeps their promises.

Don’t be afraid to be strict when eliminating contractors from your list. Doing so will leave you with a choice of the best roofing contractors Mississauga has to offer.

Why the Lowest Priced Metal Roofing Contractors Aren’t Usually the Best

metal roofing contractorsWith an investment as significant as a new roof, cost is typically at the top of property owners’ list of concerns. Everyone knows the expression, “You get what you pay for.” This applies to metal roofing contractors as well. It’s a dangerous strategy to make cost the determining factor in choosing your contractor.

Lower Price Metal Roofing Contractors Don’t Equal a Better Investment

With the growth in popularity of metal roofing, lots of companies are battling it out to get a piece of the pie. To do this, many of them are undercutting each other with pricing because they’re new to the game and have no other leg to stand on. However, at the end of the day, lower prices mean that the metal roofing contractor has to cut corners somewhere to stay in business, and you can be sure that those cuts will have an impact on the short and long term success of your project. There are several reasons why the lowest price contractors aren’t usually the best.

  • Quality of Materials: There are lots of options for metal roofing materials, both aesthetic and structural. The cheapest prices are for the worst quality products, plain and simple. If you don’t mind a poor quality roof that will likely experience problems down the line, choose the cheapest option. If you’d like to view your roof as an investment that will add value to your home, opt for the contractors recommending better, more expensive materials.
  • Experience: Contractors should have at least 3 years of experience because the process of installing metal roofing is very specialized. Companies with less than 3 years of experience will likely lack the knowledge to troubleshoot problems that may arise, finish in a timely manner and give good advice to property owners. Because the workers lack this knowledge, they can be paid less which affects the overall contract price. Choosing a company with less experience is a gamble, and probably one that is not advisable to take with an investment as substantial as a roof.
  • Service: Service is important when choosing a metal roofing contractor because if you’re doing it right, you should be asking lots of questions. If the contractor is doing it right, they should have people who can give you answers. A company who charges the lowest price simply can’t afford to offer the best service because they can’t put those kinds of employees on their payroll. They’re just operating a barebones installation company. The problem with this is that if a property owner is not making an informed decision, the chance of making the wrong decision and paying for it further down the line is much higher.

Companies who put their best foot forward by offering a low price often do this because they can’t compete in terms of quality, experience or service. If the cheapest companies were in it for the long haul, they would be using strategies to ensure they have happy clients for years to come, not trying to get your money and get out before the other shoe drops. You need the cheapest, most inexperienced contractor like you need a leaky, rusty, metal roof.

7 Traits the Roofing Contractors You Hire Should Possess

roofing contractors MississaugaSo you’ve done your research and decided to update your home with metal roofing. Great! Now, it’s time to choose the perfect contractor for the job. Your new roof is a big investment and since you’ve chosen metal, it’s likely to last you a very long time. Metal roofing installation is highly specialized so it’s even more important to choose your contractor carefully.

How to Find Your Perfect Roofing Contractor

With metal roofing becoming more and more popular, there are plenty of contractors in the Mississauga area to choose from. The key is to find the one who can do your project best. Finding the right roofing contractor doesn’t have to be a headache if you can check these 7 traits off your list.

  1. Experience: Choose a contractor that has at least 3 years of metal roofing installation experience. The tools and materials used for metal roofing are not like those used for more traditional roofs. Therefore, you should be careful to only hire someone who has experience with this type of installation.
  2. Client References: If you have had friends or family go through the process, ask for references. If not, ask neighbours or look online at websites that review home improvement companies. Or simply ask the roofing contractor for references. If they’re unwilling to provide them, avoid doing business with them.
  3. Industry References: A good contractor should have done business with other people in a similar industry like architects and builders. Call some local companies and see what they have to say about the roofing contractors in your area.
  4. Knowledge: A good roofing contractor can explain your options to you. A great roofing contractor can listen to your goals and not only explain the options, but also recommend the best solution. Opt for a contractor who can detail why certain materials or installation procedures would be best for you.
  5. Problem Solving Skills: While there is no easy way to test for this, it’s important that your roofing contractor be able to solve any problems that may arise during your installation. If they gloss over problems during this phase, it will lead to bigger problems, like leakage, for property owners further down the line.
  6. Communication: This is probably one of the most important traits a roofing contractor should possess. From the start to the finish of the project, the contractor should be able to communicate their plans to you in a manner that you can understand.
  7. Diverse Backgrounds: This can be difficult to find, but if you find a contractor with employees from different professional backgrounds, it can be a real advantage. They can use their combined experience to ensure that your project, however unique it may be, is successful.

From the minute the first shingle is removed from your old roof until the final panel of your new roof is put into place, you can rest at ease that your contractor is doing a good job if you have checked these seven items off your list.

Have You Considered Metal Roofing? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should

The popularity of metal roofing has been growing by leaps and bounds. So much so in fact that it’s share of the total roofing market has increased by nearly 400% over the last 10 years. Homeowners have caught on to the many benefits of having a metal roof and it seems some of the more stubborn myths about this type of roofing – like the myth that it attracts lighting – have finally begun to die off.

The Many Benefits of Metal Roofing

Decisions related to people’s homes are not ones that are made on a whim. Homes are serious business, lifelong investments and the place where you, your family and your closest friends live and gather. So if metal roofing is becoming popular there must be good reasons for it, and here are five of them.

  1. Long Term Savings It should be no surprise that this tops the list because everyone is interested in long term value. While the initial installation of a premium metal roofing system will cost about the same as other materials, where metal roofing separates itself from the pack is in terms of longevity. A properly installed metal roof can be expected to last 40 to 50 years. That’s several times the life expectancy of asphalt shingles, tiles or wood.
  1. Fire Resistance Asphalt or wood shingles often do little during a house fire other than make the situation many times worse. Metal roofs by comparison carry a ‘Class A’ fire resistance rating and will never be the source of or a contributing factor to a house fire.
  1. Weight An average tile roof weighs about 750 lbs per 100 sq feet, wood shingles around 300 lbs per 100 sq feet and slate can weigh as much as 1000 lbs per 100 sq feet. By comparison the average metal roof will weigh around 100 lbs per 100 sq feet. The lightweight nature of steel roofing and other types of metal means you don’t need as many roof supports and you don’t have to worry about your roof sagging under the weight of the roofing material.
  1. Ability to Shed Snow and Rain With a metal roof snow slides off easily before it can accumulate and rain never gets a chance to pool and seep in to create water damage. No more worrying about all that snow that’s been accumulating on the roof.
  1. Ease of Installation Qualified, experienced metal roofing contractors can install one of these roofs on your home in a fraction of the time it would take to install shingles or tile.

In addition to all those benefits metal is also resistant to mold, mildew and rot and will not become home to colonies of insects that can take up residence in the cracks and crevices of other roofing materials. Metal roofs also reflect radiant heat helping to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder so many homeowners are choosing a metal roofing system over more traditional roofing materials!

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.

A Few Questions You Should Always Ask Metal Roofing Contractors Before Hiring

Installing a metal roof is a smart decision more and more homeowners are making for a number of good reasons. Before you can enjoy the benefits of a new metal roof however, you need to find someone to do the work. Someone who will get the job done right, on time and within the agreed upon budget. The problem is that finding the right metal roofing contractor isn’t always easy because for every reputable roofer out there there’s one who is just looking to make a few bucks by cutting corners.

Questions to Ask Metal Roofing Contractors

To protect yourself and your home you’ll need to ask any prospective roofing contractors a few questions designed to put your mind at ease and to establish whether their level of expertise is sufficient for them to do a good job. These questions should always include:

  • What Kind of Experience Do They Have Installing Metal Roofs? The metal roofing industry is booming and boom situations tend to attract lots of unqualified people trying to cash in on the boom. Ask your prospective metal roofing contractors for references and follow them up. Also, ask to see a contractor’s license.
  • Are They Properly Insured?If the contractor you choose to install your new metal roof is uninsured and something happens you could be liable. Make sure the contractor you choose has insurance that covers both his workers and your property so you’re not left holding the bag should a worker get injured or they burn your house down. And don’t just take their word. Insist on seeing proof.
  • What Kind of Coating Will Be Applied to Your Roof? Coatings are necessary to prevent fading and to add aesthetic value to your metal roof. Ask the contractor which coating they intend to apply and then do some research on that particular coating.
  • What Warranty Will You Receive With Your Metal Roof? The metal roofing contractor in front of you may be a wonderful, hard-working human being but you’ll want to see the warranty anyway. Read the fine print. All of it. Formulate questions and ask him. If he doesn’t know the answers ask him to find out for you.

A metal roof can add immediate and lasting value to your home, make it a safer, healthier place and save you money on heating and air conditioning. Choosing the right metal roofing contractor to install your new roof will go a long way toward ensuring you get to enjoy these benefits for decades to come.

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.

Roofing Contractors: How to Make Sure You Get a Great Deal

The roof that covers your home can mean the difference between your single biggest investment appreciating or depreciating in value. It doesn’t pay to skimp on the roof you live under but it doesn’t make sense to overpay for it either. With so many roofing companies willing to promise the moon, how do you get the best deal possible while also getting high-quality metal roofing properly installed? The fact is that although the internet is loaded with stories of people who trusted the wrong contractor and lived to regret it, you don’t have to be one of them.

Roofing Contractors – Approach With Caution

Way before you ever start talking prices there are some other steps you should take to make sure the metal roofing contractors you’re speaking with are worth considering for the job. Here are a few:

  • Make sure they have a permanent, verifiable address, phone number and tax ID number.
  • Insist they provide you with proof of insurance. If they don’t have insurance and an accident occurs during the roofing process, you could be liable for damages.
  • Ask for references and check them out thoroughly.
  • Check to see if the contractor is a member of a local or regional trade association.

Once you’ve developed a pool of roofing contractors to choose from you should move onto the next phase of the process, where you should:

  • Get Competitive Bids As a general rule you can toss the lowest bid since it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous contractors to submit a lowball price to get the job and then spring unexpected or “emergency” costs on you in the middle of the process, when your roof has been ripped apart and you’re in a vulnerable position.
  • Negotiate Once you’ve decided which bids seem the most realistic ask the different roofing contractors involved for a discount on labour or materials. Get them bidding against each other. But beware of pushing things too far. Contractors have real expenses after all and if the discounts become too deep the winning contractor may look for ways to recoup that money later on.
  • Get Everything in Writing That includes the discounts you negotiated as well as a maximum price for various discretionary items. Shady roofing contractors sometimes try to pad their margins by inflating the cost of these items. Since you don’t want to wind up paying $200 for a sheet of plywood it’s in your interest to make sure the unit price for discretionary items are entered into the contract as well as a maximum number of these items that can be purchased without further, written approval from you. You may also want to include a penalty that kicks in should the work run past an agreed-upon completion date.

Getting a great deal from a roofing contractor requires patience and persistence during the negotiating process and then making sure the deal you negotiated is set down in writing. A reputable contractor will not object to this process and will adhere to the terms of the contract allowing you to reap the benefits of your deal-making prowess.

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.

Super Long Warranties: Our Roofing Contractors Tell You Why This is a Deal Clincher

When buying a smart phone, you’re given the option to purchase different insurance or protection plans. Two years coverage, which will allow you to purchase a new phone for $50 instead of the $300 plus it could cost you if you drop it in the sink. Some people invest in this, others hesitate- assuring themselves that they will be careful, that they will be responsible, or, if all else fails- by the time they break their phone, a newer and better one may be on the market. But what if that coverage came standard, and covered the lifetime of the product? If instead of 2 years and a few hundred dollars, we’re talking 40 – 50 years and several thousand dollars? Roofing contractors and roofing materials each come with their own warranties, and this is something that you should pay close attention to when shopping around for a new roof.

Our Roofing Contractors Explain Why the Length of the Warranty is Important

1. Value over Time – The value of a good isn’t its selling price; it’s the monetary worth over time – in other words the importance or significance it holds. Instead of thinking of a price tag as a single transaction, the swipe of a card, consider the years ahead- and the difference made in them. Metal roofing has a competitive advantage in terms of value, in that it is often guaranteed for 40-50 years. The fact that metal roofing warranties are quite often given for this length of time means a lot – it says that the materials involved are quality, and will last you for years ( if they don’t, the company pays). It also says a lot about commitment- that roofing contractors don’t just complete the installation and then leave as quickly as possible, but that there’s a lasting contract to ensure your satisfaction. It also tells you that roofing companies trust their products and are prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

2. Maintenance – Here we can build another layer into that “value” emphasis. Maintenance on a roof can be really expensive. At times, upkeep or replacement due to damage can be just as expensive as the installation in the first place! With that in mind, it becomes exponentially more important to ensure that you have a quality product- like steel roofing– and a lengthy warranty.

3. Environmental Hazards – As any experienced roofing contractor can tell you, the weather is not a fate you need tempt. In Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Windsor, and Ottawa, we face extremes all year round, whether that’s rainstorms, snowstorms, heat, cold, or just that nasty gust that could topple your neighbour’s tree onto your roof. No matter how nature decides to torment your home, it’s important to know that you have a quality roof overhead and a good warranty to cover any damage that may occur.

So you may not be a roofing contractor. You may not have any experience with metal or steel roofing– or you may be an expert. Regardless of your position along that spectrum, it’s important to recognize what a long term warranty says about a product, and why you should look for one. Whether it’s 10 years or 50, it demonstrates the level of trust that roofing companies have in their products. If you’re looking for a long-term warranty, or a product you can trust for decades, check out

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.

The Many Factors that Can Affect the Price that Roofing Contractors Quote for Metal Roofing

Homes come in a huge range of sizes, designs and styles. It is natural that people have different tastes and preferences. After all, the world would be a dull place if everyone liked the same things. With this in mind, it really is quite difficult to accurately predict or give an approximate quote for a metal roofing project. Roofing contractors must first assess the work that needs to be done. Additionally, they need to work closely with you, their customers, to understand your individual requirements. The wide variety of homes in places such as Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Windsor and Ottawa makes a home visit and initial consultation imperative.

Factors that Influence Quotes from Roofing Contractors

There are a number of aspects that you should be aware of when assessing any given quote. Contractors take these into account when formulating the price for your metal roofing project. Below is a brief summary of some of these important factors.

  • The Quality of the Metal Being Used–In any project, the quality of the material used to complete the work is extremely relevant in relation to the price. If you require high quality metal roofing such as copper, zinc or stainless steel then of course you will pay a higher price. For those of you looking for a low-cost option then steel roofing may be your best choice.
  • Selecting a Finish to Complement Your Home–The majority of metals used in roofing will require some form of finish. This is particularly relevant with aluminum and steel roofing. You can discuss this with roofing contractors to ensure that you select a finish that matches the style of your home. Some of the most popular finishes for metal roofinginclude lead, powder, PVDF and copper. Each of the aforementioned finishes will have an impact on the quote you receive.
  • The Shape of Your Roof is an Important Consideration–What is the shape of your existing roof? Do you want to retain that design or alter the shape? These important questions need to be answered because the profile of the roof has an effect on the quote provided by roofing contractors. More complex and contemporary designs will ultimately result in a higher quote due to the increased amount of work involved.
  • Possibly the Most Important Factor: Installation Costs Roofing contractorsare skilled tradesman. You should be aware that the size of the project will invariably have an impact on any quote. Of course, there is the option of utilising a casual contractor but let us ask you this. Would you really want to purchase a high quality roof and then have it installed in a sub-standard manner?

Making the decision to undertake a metal roofing project can be both daunting and confusing. London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is an experienced roofing contractor that possesses a team of skilled installation experts. To speak to one of our friendly members of staff, call us toll free on 1.855.838.9393.

London Eco Metal has a reputable team of metal roofing contractors offering services for steel roofing in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Kitchener and Ottawa.