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Why Metal Roofs Are Better Than Shingles

Metal Roof vs ShinglesAsphalt shingles have been the first roofing material choice for years due to their reliability, affordable cost, and simple maintenance. Metal roofs, however, are quickly climbing to the top of buyers’ minds thanks to their durability, wide array of style options, and longevity. So what other benefits do metal roofs provide that make them a better choice compared to a roof composed of shingles?


Asphalt tends to weaken and deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to elements such as high heat or water. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can easily handle the majority of weather conditions and have even proved to be more fire-resistant compared to their asphalt counterpart. Expect a shingle roof to last a maximum of 30 years, while a metal one could last you up to 70!


Now that we are starting to see the long term effects of our waste, sustainability is playing a huge role in what we eat, use, and buy. The materials for our home should be no different. Metal roofs are largely made of recycled material – and can be recycled again after that! They are also more energy efficient, able to block heat transmission to the home’s interior. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are petroleum based, and the majority (estimated 20 billion pounds) find their way into a landfill every year.


Metal roofs are generally easier to maintain than shingle roofs, especially with the tendency of asphalt shingles to crack. The rule of thumb for metal roofs is to visually inspect the roof once every six months for debris such as tree branches, and to keep the gutters clear. 


While aesthetics certainly shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your choice of roofing material, it does play a role in the decision making process. Metal roofs are able to come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – and are even mildew resistant to avoid staining in the future. Metal roofs can even mimic the look of shingles if that is what you want. Metal roofs are also easier on the structural integrity of your home thanks to their lightweight nature; providing beauty and function!

While shingle roofs have long been the top choice for roofing material, the long term cost effectiveness, sustainability, ease of maintenance, and durability of metal roofs make them the up and coming material of choice for any homeowner. If you are curious about installing a metal roof for your home or business, contact our team today at info@londonecometal.com.