Metal Roofs – An Introduction / Environmental Benefits

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A greater degree of protection from the elements, specifically the harsher elements, is offered by metal roofing systems, as opposed to other types of roofs.

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing options for re-roofing material in the United States.

Metal roofing is known to last for an average of 50 years and many home owners are attracted to the knowledge that they won’t need to replace their roof again anytime in the near future.

Very little maintenance is needed for metal roofing systems and they often live out their 50 to 70 year life spans with only the occasional tweak here and there.
Another huge advantage to metal roofs is that they are not flammable.

Metal roofs that are installed properly will almost never leak. The fastening, sealing, and coating systems of today are specifically designed to be leak free and ensure that rain, snow, and wind stay on the outside of your home.

Environmental Benefits

The longevity of metal roofs alone is one of its greatest environmental benefits. The National Association of Homebuilders Research Center estimates that the amount of asphalt shingles that are thrown into garbage dumps in the United States may be as much as 20 billion pounds per year.

On the other hand, most metal roofing is made from about 25 percent recycled materials. And once it comes to the end of its incredibly long life span, the entire metal roof can be painlessly recycled.

Metal roofs can usually be installed right over whatever old roofing materials you currently have. This avoids expensive and environmentally hazardous roof removal and does not add one shingle to our dwindling landfill space.

Because of their reflective qualities, metal roofs can easily keep out the sun’s rays and drastically reduce your air conditioning bill. This not only saves you money but it helps you to use less energy, which is great for the environment.

The House Healers on Rogers TV

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London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. at Home County Folk Festival, London, Ontario.

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. will attend Home County Folk Festival this weekend (July 15 to 17, 2011) as one of Green Vendors.

London Eco-Roof, family owned and operated and an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality steel and aluminum roofing for the environmentally conscious consumers.

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London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. at Trade Shows.

During the last year London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. has been very active and attended many trade shows in Ontario mainly in London, but also in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Windsor and Woodstock.

We have also attended shows in the United States. Finally, some of our technical staff attended a training in Poland where metal roofing technology is very advanced. This training was mainly related to operating metal roof manufacturing machinery.

Trade show in London, Ontario 2011

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One Year in Metal Roofing Business Celebration

We have recently celebrated one year in successful business in metal roofing manufacturing and installation. Thank you for attending this event, and we are looking forward to another successful year.

We would also like to say thank you to all our customers. This wouldn’t be such a successful year without you.

One year in metal roofing business celebration

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