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Do-It-Yourself Metal Roofing

There are many advantages to DIY roofing, most importantly it cuts down on costs associated to new roof installation and gives you a better understanding of the condition of your roof overall. The negatives though are that, as an inexperienced roofing installer, you could potentially run into issues when installing a metal roof.

Why Do it Yourself?

When you buy a DIY metal roofing kit, you’re getting everything at cost. If you’re working on a small budget, this is perfect. Laying down metal roofing is relatively straightforward and the materials themselves are easy to transport. If you’re comfortable working with metal, this can be a fun project with a lot of reward at the end. As a roofing material, metal is high quality, looks great, and will last you fifty years or more. There are plenty of colour options and profiles and we can help you when it comes to install question.. You’ll only need proper tools to get the job done! Then again, at the end of the day, if you don’t feel comfortable installing your metal roof on your own, contact a roofing specialist for a consultation and to find out if DYI is the option for you..



Standard DIY kit comes with 250 panels which will cover approximately 3,000 square feet


Every roof is different in size and design. That’s why we customize your DIY metal roofing kit for you. Receive all the materials you need to properly install your roof – including everything from roof panels to the screws you need. Also, we can even adjust the size of metal roofing panels to personalize it to your building’s installation needs. If you have any questions on how to install, you can give us a call. Please note, with regards to panels, our standard DIY roofing kit comes with 250 panels which will cover approximately 3,000 square feet. Depending on if you need more or less, adjustments can be made.

Pickup and Delivery

After you’ve decided you want to buy a DIY metal roofing kit, you have two options – pickup or delivery. Pickup is available during business hours throughout the week Monday to Friday. We’re also open on Saturdays for those who are looking at weekend projects. A customer can drop in on any of our production locations and pick up in-hand everything they need to get started on their installation. Alternatively, if delivery is less complicated or more convenient, your kit can be dropped off to a customer’s location.

Colour and Material Selection

One of the big advantages to selecting metal as your roofing material is the number of colors and styles you get to choose from. Whether you’ve chosen steel or aluminum, choose from several colors and customize it according to the look you want or the appearance of what surrounds your home. Curb appeal matters in this day and age, contributing to your home’s overall value. Be sure to select what represents you and your neighborhood best. Please note choice of color does not affect metal’s fire resistance properties or your roof panels’ ability to perform during harsh weather conditions. When it comes down to color selection, it’s all about look – not performance.

Installation Accessories

View / Download PDF file with installation accessories - Large file.

You will also find drawings explaining how these accessories are installed.



Whether if you’re a professional or an enthusiast DIY homeowner, you need right tools for the job



We can help when it comes to the tools required to install a metal roof on your home. There are three options for you to choose from

Of these, we recommend purchasing your tools directly from us. That way, you know you have everything you need to get the job done and won’t have any guesswork as to how to use a certain tool or how it applies to your installation materials. We provide the best tools and advice as our crews are using these tools to install roofs daily.

More Services

In addition to specializing in DIY metal roof material kits, we also have several other products and services you may be interested in:

For more details on a specific material or service request, please contact a representative who can provide you with the next step!

ECO-TILE (single panel) is an example of a profile intended for the handyman. These smaller panels are easy to transport and install. They are ideal for homes, cottages, sheds, high-pitch roofs, and other similar jobs.

We try to bring new innovative products and solutions as well as offer specials and discounts on roofing products or accessories.


London Eco-Metal is providing financing for do-it-yourself projects. All financing is a subject to credit approval. Call us to talk to one of our roofing specialists in regards to your DIY project and financing.

Metal Roofing For Other Buildings

Metal is such an eco-friendly, advantageous roofing material that it’s not only used for large homes and commercial buildings but also smaller structures like sheds, garages, workshops, cabanas, and more.

If you enjoy being your own handyman and are looking for metal roofing panels, you’ve come to the right place. When you work with London Eco-Metal, we create a custom kit for you. Choose the panels you need to cover your structure. Choose your color and style. Have the metal roofing panels cut and sized accurately, and delivered to your front door. It’s easy! The only thing left for you to do is the installation.

Benefits of Metal Roofing For Small Structures

Should I Buy Metal Roofing For My Structure?

For Do-It-Yourself folks, metal roof panels are easy to work with and straightforward to install. Small structures can evidently benefit in a big way from metal roofing and so long as you have the right material – from London Eco Metal – any handyman or handywoman can do the job themselves and save a bit of their cash that would otherwise go towards a professional installer.

For your shed, garage, workshop, cabana, or other residential or commercial small structure, reach out to London Eco Metal today for a free quote. No obligation. Buy a metal roof to last a lifetime. Fill out the form below for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


If you are interested you can go to seminars page and fill in the request form for DIY session. Seminar space is limited and they will be offered at either beginner or advanced levels and will be scheduled on Saturdays from 9 AM till around noon, 1 PM at our plant location in Dorchester - 531 Shaw Road. Go to contact page to view the exact location

Retail Locations / Showrooms

We are excited about the company’s retail locations, a division of London Eco-Metal Manufacturing Inc.

We are serving as a one-stop shopping destination for everyone from a do it yourself person to the seasoned professional. Our stores feature large scale displays aimed at giving customers a clear idea of what the finished roof will look like. The display is interactive allowing customer to actually touch the roofing materials.

London Eco-Metal can provide you with supplies for every job and every budget. In addition, our showrooms are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable staff who will be on hand to answer your questions. Our staff will also be able to provide you with information pertaining to skylights and solar panels. If it goes on the roof of your house, you’ll find it at our showrooms.


All locations are listed on the contact page, including map locations and contact numbers.

You can also visit Eco-Metal Express website for more information.

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