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Metal Roofing in Kitchener

Metal roofing has come of age in the past decade and is now not only a viable alternative for homeowners but a practical and even preferable alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. London Eco Metal has been providing easy to install, cost effective metal roofing in Kitchener and right across Ontario since 2009 and in that time we’ve witnessed the widespread acceptance of the metal roof and all its myriad advantages.

Metal Roofing Kitchener: The Smart Move

Metal roofs have been steadily gaining in popularity not just because people want to keep up with the Joneses but because people see that the Joneses are saving big since they installed their metal roof and because the Joneses had the only roof in the neighbourhood that wasn’t damaged during the last blizzard. Yes metal roofing in Kitchener is catching on because it not only looks great but it works. How does it work?

By cutting your energy bills: A metal roof will do a much better job of insulating your home than asphalt shingles. During the winter the metal roof will keep that expensive heat inside the house where it belongs and during the summer it will reflect that scorching sunlight back into space so you don’t have to pay as much to air-condition your home.

By standing up to the elements: When those Alberta Clippers come sweeping down across the plains and slam into Ontario they take a lot of asphalt shingles with them. With your new metal roof however you won’t have to spend the week after a severe weather event trying to line up a roofing company to fix holes in your roof. There won’t be any.

By acting as a fire stop: Asphalt is tar. Meaning it’s an oil based. In the event of a house fire asphalt shingles routinely catch fire and help spread the flames. On the other hand a metal roof will provide a fire stop that will help contain the fire rather than contributing to its spread.

By helping keep your roof snow free: The rough texture of standard asphalt shingles catches snow and allows it to accumulate. Even promotes its accumulation. If you’ve ever had to get up on a ladder in the freezing cold and shovel snow off the roof you know what a pain that can be. By contrast a metal roof with its slick surface allows snow to slide off, and even if some snow does accumulate, it won’t be anywhere near what you’d typically get with shingles.

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Superior products for you and your family’s protection at a very reasonable price. London ECO-METAL Manufacturing Inc. is using steel from North American suppliers and is able to provide a 40-year warranty on paint for this material.

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