Just Why Does a Metal Roof Last So Long?

metal roof When it comes to buying a product, it’s only natural to want one that lasts a long time so you can really feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Metal roofs definitely fit this category, with some having a life expectancy that’s almost unbelievable – yet entirely true.

Metal roofs – A Superior Material

Roofs on homes have evolved over time and seem to have reached the pinnacle of technology with today’s options. The secret to their longevity? Metal is simply a superior material. For example, let’s look at other roof types and why they don’t last so long.

  • Asphalt Roofs – With a life expectancy of around 15 years, they’re not the worst option but certainly pale in comparison to the 60 years that some metal options can last for. Simply put, asphalt roofs break down over time due to constant wear and tear from the weather, resulting in cracks, curling panels and buckling shingles. Not only that, but asphalt is a substance in which life can thrive. By having infestations of algae and moss on asphalt roofs, the life expectancy can drop further and leave your home prone to leaks and moisture, which could cause several other problems. Metal roofs don’t attract life of this sort and certainly don’t curl or buckle, meaning their life expectancy remains superior.
  • Wood Shake Roofs – Similar to asphalt roofs, the main reasons for the lack of longevity with wood shake roofs are the fact that they can fault, buckle and bend. Not only that, but they’re prone to rot, too, meaning they could have to be replaced after just a few years. As you know, metal doesn’t rot, and so you don’t have to worry about this having an effect on the longevity of your roof.
  • Clay Tile Roofs – Whilst clay won’t rot, clay roof tiles are extremely fragile and prone to breaking, meaning that if there’s a big storm in the area, there’s a chance that you roof isn’t up to it and you could end up having to replace a great deal of clay tiles that have either cracked, moved or broken completely. Metal is obviously stronger than clay tiles and is certainly strong enough to take whatever nature might throw at it – metal 1, nature 0.

Metal – In it for the Long Run

Metal lasts because it’s strong. A metal roof is highly unlikely to break or fault, and definitely won’t harbor any mold, rot or mildew through its long lifespan. Providing the roof is properly maintained and cared for, it should last for up to 60 years because its practically impervious to any weather; it won’t rot in rain, it won’t dry out in the heat and it won’t break in a storm.

True Longevity

If you want a product that really lasts a lifetime, then a metal roof is the one for you. Don’t settle for a material that will need constant maintenance and costly replacements whilst you live under it – “settle” for metal.

The Dos and Don’ts of Steel Roofs

steel roof A steel roof is a great product – long lasting, energy efficient and it looks great, too. But like all great products, there are some things you’ll need to do to get the best out of it – and some things you’ll want to avoiding doing. Here’s a handy list for you on how to properly care for your steel roof.

Your Steel Roof – Dos

  • Make Sure You Clean it Right – It’s only natural after a storm or period of heavy rainfall that your roof might look a little dirty, but there’s a wrong and a right way to clean it. By using a soft, well-soaked cloth or brush coupled with a solution of detergent and water, you can easily set about cleaning your roof and making it look good as new. Remember – wash from top to bottom!
  • Prune Surrounding Trees and Clear Your Gutters – Whilst it may not rot, by having organic debris on your roof or clogging your gutters, you’re running the risk of preventing it from drying out or damaging your roof, which could lead to problems such as corrosion, meaning it won’t perform as well as it is capable of doing.
  • Pay Attention to the Finishes – When applying a finish, ensure that you look for and remove any chips or shavings, which run the risk of oxidizing and leaving unsightly rusty patches. Make sure you opt for a finish that will produce little glare too – nobody wants to be blinded by a shiny roof, however beautiful it may look!


  • Walk Around on the Roof – Yes, steel is incredibly strong and likely stronger than any roof you’ve had before, but that doesn’t mean to should be walking around up there. Whilst your steel roof is strong and you’re very unlikely to damage it, it wasn’t designed for people to be walking on, so take care if you do have to go up and make sure you adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer – the last thing you want is to hurt yourself.
  • Try to Install it Yourself – Whilst it’s great that people are experimenting more and more with DIY, there are some things that are better off left to the professionals – and a steel roof is one of them. Not only are they trained and experienced, they will they get the job done quicker and will also be able to provide advice on how best to take care of it, which is priceless.
  • Use Acid or Chloride Based Cleaners – These can be harmful for your roof and cause all kinds of problems, so stick to detergents. Also make sure that you’re using soft brushes rather than harsh scouring pads.

See? That Wasn’t Too Bad

Caring for a steel roof is easy and requires little more than common sense. By ensuring that you’re using the right equipment to clean it, taking the necessary care of it and not having parties up there, you’ll have one of the best products on the market and one that will last a very, very long time.

Is Steel Roofing an Option for You?

steel roofing When people are looking to do up their homes, replacing the roof is often overlooked, and even if it’s considered many don’t give much of a thought to having a steel roof installed for one reason or another. However, you’ll be surprised at how much of a viable option steel roofing is for your home.

Forget What You’ve Heard About Steel Roofing

In today’s worlds, people love to pretend they’re experts on things that they’re not remotely qualified to have an opinion on, but you should really listen to an expert – and they’re all talking about what a great product steel roofs are. They have a long list of benefits, including:

  • Life Expectancy – Whilst other roof types may only last a relatively short amount of time, a high-quality steel roof can be expected to last for upwards of 50 years if it is properly cared for. Given most people tend not to stay in one place for so long, you’re truly buying a product for life when you purchase a steel roof, and saving a fortune on potentially expensive replacements. Unlike other roofs types, steel roofs are impervious to rot, mold and insects and stand up strongly towards inclement weather types, meaning they stand both the test of time and nature.
  • Lighter than You Think – Many people assume that steel roofing isn’t an option because it may be too heavy for their home – but that simply isn’t the case. Steel roofs can be up to 20% lighter than other roof types, meaning there’s often not an extra burden on your home and that it can easily be supported.
  • They’re Not Giant Radiators – It’s understandable why people may think a steel roof will make your home hotter, but in actual fact the metal reflects heat from the sun, rather than absorbing and circulating it through your home, so you may actually find your home cooler as a result. They’re also effective when it comes to fire resistance, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about.
  • Affordable in the Long Run – Whilst some may think they can’t afford a steel roof, their superior energy efficiency qualities means they’ll actually save you money in the long run and pay for themselves due to the fuel costs they’ll save you. Not only that, but their longevity means that one initial outlay will be all you need.
  • Noisy? That’s a Myth – The idea that steel roofs will keep you up at night is an old one that’s not relevant anymore. A steel roof coupled with solid sheafing is proven to be quieter than roof types such as asphalt, so there’s no need to worry about the sound of hail bouncing down.

Steel Roofing is an Option for You

Simply put, steel roofs are a superior product with a long list of benefits that outweigh any negatives you might have heard. For a long lasting product that could save you money in the long run, you shouldn’t look any further than a steel roof.

How Energy Efficient is Metal Roofing?

Metal RoofingEnergy efficiency is a primary concern of most homeowners these days – partially as part of a desire to reduce their household expenditure, and partly out of genuine concern for the state of the environment. As a result of this, we are constantly on the lookout for energy-efficient solutions to our daily needs. Roofing is obviously a major area where we can look to save energy expenditure as it is such an important part of the house.

The Many Advantages of Metal Roofing

It’s not all that long ago that most people scoffed at the idea of metal roofing in residential buildings. It was acceptable for warehouses and little more. But advances in colour, texture and design have made metal a viable option for roofing on many different types of houses. Now, metal roofing is steadily rising in popularity as consumers begin to realise the numerous advantages it presents in terms of energy efficiency:

  • Firstly, it saves energy by simply providing better protection for the house as a whole. Metal roofing usually has a lifespan of around 60 years – the energy spent repairing and replacing other roofs just isn’t necessary when it comes to metal. As it is a great protector from fire, storms and heavy snow, it’s also likely that your metal roof will save you from having to waste energy resources repairing other parts of your home, too.
  • More interesting to most homeowners, is the fact that metal roofing can save you up to 40% of your household energy expenditure in the summer months. This is due to the high reflectivity of metal roofs when compared with other types of roofing. Radiation from sunlight that is reflected away from the house is not absorbed. Quite often we see that houses become small islands of heat during the hot summer months, as their roofs absorb much of the constant heat radiation that falls upon them, forcing inhabitants to constantly use expensive and wasteful air conditioners.
  • From a longer-term, green perspective, metal roofs beat off the competition thanks to the fact that they are largely entirely recyclable. This means that once the lifespan of a metal roof is over, it won’t end up in landfill somewhere. Instead, it will be able to be recycled – perhaps even into another metal roof. This is a much better use of the planet’s finite resources and space than most other roofing types.

Energy efficient homes are growing ever-more popular and we have entered a phase in which energy efficiency has become a very large factor in a potential buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home or not. As a result of this, metal roofs are expected to improve a home’s resale value by up to 6%. Installing a metal roof, therefore, gives you peace of mind in at least three different ways: You save money on your household energy expenditure, you reduce the amount of damage done to the environment and you increase the value of your assets at the same time.

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Interviewing Roofing Contractors

roofing contractors Mississauga Hiring a roofing contractor is a major consideration which is fraught with risk. Your roof is such an important part of your house, that even when the slightest things go wrong they can cause very large headaches. In order to narrow down your search for the right contractor, it’s possible to eliminate a good number of them by looking out for these red flags, which indicate they are unlikely to be the right people for your job.

How to Weed Out the Type of Roofing Contractors Mississauga Doesn’t Need

Once you’ve drawn up a list of the roofing contractors Mississauga has available, talk to them individually to try to get an idea of which ones you would prefer to work with. You’ll obviously need to discuss designs, pricing, timescale and the other main features of the project. Some of the contractors might tempt you with shorter completion times, offers on materials, or simply through good old charm. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but there are a number of red flags which, should they come up, will help eliminate that contractor from your consideration. These include the following:

  • No Insurance Certificates – Any contractor you consider absolutely must have liability insurance, plus compensation cover set up for workers. You should ask to see each contractor’s certificates before you even begin to discuss your roofing needs. The big red flag you need to look out for here is if a contractor – for any reason – cannot provide you with these certificates. Your rule should be ‘no certificate, no job’. Unfortunately, things don’t end there. For the contractors which can show you their certificates, make a note of the particulars and be sure to check that they are genuine, by calling the insurer, before you hire the contractor.
  • No Track Record – When it comes to roofing contractors, Mississauga has ample provision, including the highly reputable London Eco Metal Manufacturing Inc. It is important to choose a company with local connections, as you can check up on their business operations, referrals and previous work much more easily. You can have more confidence in a company with local offices and happy former customers who live down the road, than a stranger at your door with a slick brochure and an address in another province.
  • Poor Communication – During your selection process, be sure to ask each contractor as many questions as you feel necessary. If you want to talk to their previous customers, ask them to put you in touch. If you want someone to explain their guarantee policy, ask them to send someone over. You’ll soon be able to eliminate those contractors which don’t respond on time or don’t follow through on their promises. Some contractors may try to overstretch themselves by agreeing to take on your project with finite resources. This is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you choose a contractor who can make time for you and who keeps their promises.

Don’t be afraid to be strict when eliminating contractors from your list. Doing so will leave you with a choice of the best roofing contractors Mississauga has to offer.

6 Facts About Metal Roofing You Probably Didn’t Know

metal roofing Kitchener We’ll admit, metal roofing isn’t everyone’s first passion in life. Most people, though, at some point, start to show an interest in roofing, simply because – well, everyone wants a roof over their head! When you’ve spent as long in the roofing business as London Eco Metal – one of the leading providers of metal roofing Kitchener has to offer – you start to appreciate the rarer and less-known aspects of roofing.

When it Comes to Metal Roofing, Kitchener has the Skills and the Knowledge

Apart from impressing your friends over a round of golf with your knowledge about the finer side of metal roofing, you can use these facts to check up on any contractors you might be thinking of hiring – most in Kitchener know their stuff, but you might just catch someone out with one of the six facts:

  • Metal Roofs Are Far More Common than You Might Think – There is a common misconception that metal roofs are pretty much only used in industrial buildings. While it’s true that most industrial buildings do make use of metal roofs, it’s also true that many of the chicest residential properties do too. In terms of the range of colours and textures, metal roofing has advanced to the point where it is used everywhere from mock-Victorian townhouses to country ranches.
  • Metal Roofs Are the Smartest Financial Option – You might get a few strange looks when you tell this to your friends, but it is in fact, true. Never mind the fact that you will almost always pay more up front for a metal roof than you would for say, an asphalt shingle roof. The fact of the matter is that, once you’ve paid for your metal roof, that’s it for the next sixty years, whereas other types of roof will need repairing and replacing during that time, costing you more than double what you paid for your metal roof.
  • Metal Roofs Are Quiet – Their underlay dampens sound so much that rain, hail and other sounds actually become almost imperceptible.
  • Metal Roofs Are Safer than Other Options – Metal won’t usually break under a falling branch, for example, and there is no danger to objects or people below the roof, as there of is from dislodged tiles.
  • Metal Roofs Protect You and Your Home the Most from Bad Weather – Whether it’s heavy snowfall or one of those end-of-summer storms, a metal roof protects the integrity of your building much more than any other kind of roof.
  • For Metal Roofing, Kitchener Is the Place to Be – In the past 15 years, metal roofing has increased from 4 to 12% in our city’s re-roofing projects. As mentioned above, that means residential properties as well as other types.

As the popularity of metal roofing grows, you’ll find yourself meeting people who can share similar interesting facts. Perhaps one day, you’ll be inspired to get your own re-roofing project off the ground, by contacting London Eco Metal, for metal roofing Kitchener can be proud of.

Getting the Aesthetics Right With Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Toronto Metal roofing in Toronto has come a long way. Once derided for its “one-look-fits-all” aesthetic metal roofs today have graduated from the tool shed and are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes, styles and textures. As a result, selecting the right metal roof for your home is now a bit more complicated than it was say, 20 years ago; but it’s the kind of luxury problem most homeowners enjoy. In this post we’ll look at some of the different types of metal roofing options available to you.

Metal Roofing in Toronto Has Graduated to the Big Time

Metal roofing in Toronto has become such an affordable and yes, attractive, option that the number of homes with metal roofs has exploded. Here are some of the aesthetic options you’ll be mulling over when the time comes to install your new metal roof.

  • Raised seam panels – This style of metal roof is wildly popular in wet, snowy areas like Toronto. The raised vertical seams and smooth panels help control and direct runoff into the eavestroughs in an orderly manner and don’t let heavy snow get a foothold on your roof where it can cause problems. Now available in an array of colours to fit any home raised-seam panels are the most adaptable type of metal roof design.
  • Pre-painted, press-formed modular panels – This type of “panel” is small and intended to mimic the look of everything from ceramic tiles to wooden shingles and more. If the raised seam panels say “metal roof” a bit too loudly for you take some time to investigate your modular press-formed options. You’ll be able to maintain a traditional look while enjoying the benefits of the latest in contemporary roofing technology.
  • Granular-coated press-formed panels – Take the faux shingle idea to the limit with press-formed shingles that mimic the grainy surface texture of asphalt tiles. A perfect look for older homes or new homes that embrace traditional architectural motifs these mini panels are attached to the roof with hidden fasteners and then coated with a spray-on acrylic finish with tiny stone granules embedded in it for that authentic asphalt shingle look.
  • Colours – Choosing the right colour, whatever style panels you decide to install, is the other major aesthetic decision you’ll have to make when it comes to your metal roof. Metal roofing in Toronto can be painted in nearly any colour to match any home. Just be sure you choose a paint that will block UV light, and think about adding a coating or sealant too. This will help the paint last longer and look better and will help protect the metal from mold and rust.

London Eco-Metal is a leading manufacturer of high quality metal roofing. Since our inception in 2009 we’ve installed metal roofing in Toronto for scores of residential and commercial clients. If you’re considering the many advantages of a metal roof for your home give us a call and talk to one of our roofing specialists. They’ll help you simplify the process of selecting the right style metal roof.

The Risks You Run When Going Low End with Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing in TorontoThe decision to install steel roofing in Toronto is one of the smartest things you can do for your home. Not only will your new metal roof provide you years of trouble free service but it will immediately add both curb appeal and market value to your home as well. That is, if you don’t try and save a few dollars by choosing low-grade materials and a discount installation company. Even the highest quality metal roof is eminently affordable so it doesn’t make sense to top off your home with a cheap hat.

The Undeniable Value of High Quality Steel Roofing in Toronto

Cutting corners on your new metal roof won’t lead anywhere good. In an effort to preserve their profit margin the discount installer is bound to leave a plethora of imperfections sprawled across the width and breadth of your steel roofing in Toronto that won’t be apparent from below but will lead to a variety of costly problems down the road, such as:

  • Leaks – Many of those little problems you won’t see from your yard take the form of ill-fitting joins in the roof’s panels. “Custom fit” edges sound good in theory but when an installation team is hurrying to make a deadline they’re not going to worry about whether the cut between panel A and panel B is perfect. You may not notice from the yard but you will when your ceiling starts to drip during the next heavy rain.
  • Blow-offs – Cheap materials installed in a hurried manner have an unfortunate tendency to come flying off during heavy wind events. A quality metal roof installation is dependent on the roofer taking the time to install quality fasteners and then checking and double checking that each panel is well and truly secured to those fasteners. If they’re not you’ll see them flying across the yard next time the wind picks up.
  • Pooling water – When water pools on your metal roof it inevitably leads to rust, corrosion and leaks. Eventually whole sections of the roof need to be replaced. Not only that but the standing water promotes the growth of mold and can become a breeding ground for mosquitos. Pooling water is a telltale sign of an incompetent installation job where the installer was more focused on the clock than on doing things right.
  • Rips and punctures – Typically during a rushed installation there is a lot of foot traffic on the roof as the company attempts to wrap things up quickly to protect their margins. The foot traffic combined with cheap materials often leads to punctures and rips in the new metal roof that the discount installer will attempt to hurriedly fix by stuffing it full of caulk and hoping you don’t notice.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and install a metal roof on your home call the company that handles more steel roofing in Toronto than any other: London Eco-Metal. We’ll make sure the roof we install today is still looking good and working perfectly many years from now.

Why It’s Essential Your Metal Roofing Installation is Weather Tight

steel roofing in Ottawa Today’s metal roofs are wonders of economy and functionality that will help you save on your energy bills, enhance the curb appeal of your home as well at its market value and last for decades; negating the need to have the roofers over every few years to tear things up and start again. A metal roof will supply all the benefits of wood, asphalt or tile as well as many other benefits unique to itself, but only if it’s installed properly by a qualified metal roofing contractor.

Steel Roofing Ottawa Calls For Professional Installation

Attempting to save a few bucks by selecting an inexperienced company or one that does steel roofing in Ottawa as a side business is asking for trouble. A poorly installed metal roof inadequately sealed against the elements represents a slow motion disaster for your home.

  • Mold infestation – Mold in the home is no laughing matter. Mold is responsible for scores of allergy related illnesses, lost work and expensive visits to the doctor. Certain types of mold found in the home can even be fatal. Water leaking through an improperly sealed roof can accumulate in the attic saturating the space and providing mold spores a comfortable home.
  • Rotten drywall – Drywall and water were not made for each other and prolonged exposure to water leaking through the walls from the poorly sealed roof will in time turn your walls into oatmeal. If your ceilings happen to be made of drywall as well you could be in for quite a surprise one evening while watching TV as large chunks of mushy drywall land in your lap.
  • Loss of structural integrity – Wooden rafters, wall and floor joists were never intended to be wet all the time either. Moisture leaking in through a poorly installed roof eventually saturates the wood weakening it and, by extension, weakening the structural integrity of the house. There are many negative effects of a leaky roof. This may be the worst.
  • Electrical chaos – Water seeping down through the walls of your house doesn’t only encounter wall joists and drywall. It also shares the space with a network of electrical cables. Water can create short circuits that have the potential to ignite fires, cause explosions, generate arcs and cause your home to lose power.
  • Property damage – Your rugs, furniture, wallpaper, artwork, books and more can be permanently damaged by leaking, seeping or dripping water. This may seem like pretty small potatoes when compared with some of the other damage a leaky roof can create but consider this: drywall is relatively inexpensive to replace, that Persian carpet is not.

London Eco-Metal is your best bet for the installation of durable, beautiful steel roofing in Ottawa and vicinity. No one in the area has more experience installing metal roofs than we do and no one takes more time and care to ensure your new metal roof is properly sealed against the elements. Don’t gamble with the long-term viability of your home, call the company more homeowners choose for their steel roofing in Ottawa: London Eco-Metal.

Cool Roofing in Canadian Climates

It is theorized that dark-coloured roofs can contribute to the urban heat island effect (the temperature in cities is higher than the surrounding unpopulated areas). This theory, based on satellite temperature sensing observations and computer models, suggests that if homeowners replaced their dark shingles or other roof coverings with lighter coloured (more reflective) products, the overall ambient temperature will be reduced, enabling lower cooling costs in the warm summer months. Some reflective roofing products have been listed as “Energy Star qualified”, a program that makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products.

Read full article on Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers’ Association website or view PDF file CASMA_Technical_Bulletin_No_31_-_COOL_ROOFING_IN_CANADIAN_CLIMATES.

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