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Are Metal Panels Suitable For Canadian Climates?

Metal panels have unbelievable strength and high-performing characteristics. But you may be wondering if that means they can withstand the harsh Canadian winters. Whether you live in the rugged mountains or own a second home in a dry desert, we’re breaking down exactly how metal will perform in any climate. 

High Precipitation Climates

A leaking roof is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. No matter if you have to replace or simply repair a leaking roof, it’s going to cost you time and money. If you live in an area that experiences high amounts of precipitation, metal can be one of the best roofing solutions for you. Metal panels shed water like a pro, and don’t retain any moisture.

High Wind Environments

Some areas are prone to wind more often than others. If you live in an area with frequent high-speed winds, roofing and siding can be tricky. Less sturdy materials, such as shingles, can lift and fly away. Damaging your home and others. Metal is a structurally sound solution that can easily hold up well in windy conditions.

Heavy Snow Environments

Heavy amounts of snow over a short period of time can cause extra stress on your roof. One of the biggest concerns with heavy snow loads on a roof is protecting a home’s moisture barrier. As snow slightly melts, it will refreeze on your roof before sliding off. While this happens, it’s crucial your roof is able to maintain its moisture barrier. Luckily, metal roofs are designed to hold and withstand heavy snow loads. Metal panels are also significantly lighter weight than asphalt shingles, so the added extra weight of snow doesn’t add as much extra stress on your home.        

Hail Prone Environments

Hail can be detrimental to your entire roofing system, and your budget. While there is no 100% hail proof roof, metal panels come pretty close in terms of hail resistance. When it comes to a metal roof’s best defense against a hail storm, the thicker the metal the better. 

Wondering about which panel we’d recommend specifically for your environment? Get in touch with our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

How are Insulated Panels Made?

How Are IMPs Made

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are climbing the ladder of top construction materials. Their superior insulating properties, increased spanning capabilities and single-step installation make them efficient and cost-effective. Combine that with the assortment of colors, widths, profiles and finishes. Making them the perfect choice! So how are these superior building materials made?

What’s In The Middle?

In the most basic terms, IMPs are comprised of rigid insulation sandwiched in between metal skins. Based on the manufacturer, that insulation material varies. The most common filling is expanded polystyrene, but IMPs can also use extruded polystyrene, polyurethane, and other materials. Different fillings have different performance properties. Some are better insulators while others are more structurally sturdy. This also leads to variations in thickness.

Bind It Together

Oriented strand board (OSB) tends to make up the outside of the panel. That being said plywood and fiber cement board are also common. Manufacturers apply structural-grade adhesives to stick these outer pieces to the insulation using machines called roll coaters. The machines apply glue from the bottom layer up, starting with a single sheet of OSB lying flat. The foam core is then placed into the adhesive, followed by another coating of glue on the foam core, and then the top layer of OSB is added.

Turn Up the Pressure

The adhesive has a tendency to expand. In order for the panel to stay together, manufacturers must press the entire piece together using a large machine.

Trim the Excess

Initially, IMPs are much larger than what we see on the construction site. IMPs must be cut to fit the custom shapes and sizes determined by the architect. To finish each panel, manufacturers can add connectors, create joints, or close off the exposed edges with a thin strip of OSB.

Long story short, IMPs are formed by a continuously poured-in-place manufacturing process that binds interior and exterior steel facings to a Class 1 foam plastic insulation. But these panels are so much more than that! IMPs are a beautifully strong and thermally efficient metal cladding product. They are readily available, easy to install, and every day designers are finding new and exciting applications for this dynamic and versatile building product.

Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient?

You have heard it before! Metal panels are sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient? But you may want to know more. What is it about metal roofs that makes them energy efficient? How, exactly, can they help you save on heating and cooling costs? In this blog, we will take a closer look at the energy efficiency of metal roofs and how you can reap their benefits.

Cool Roofs

As you may know, metal roofs come in a vast range of advanced colors and finishes. Some of these paint systems are crafted with highly  reflective pigments as well as a high thermal emittance. The reflectivity determines how much energy is reflected away from the roof, while the emittance measures the panels’ ability to release heat it has absorbed. The two combine to create what is known as a “Cool Metal Roof.”. Because there is less heat entering the roof system, there is less heat entering the attic space and the overall home. Resulting in a lower utility load; some studies have even shown a cool metal roof can lower cooling energy costs by as much as 20%!

Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV)

ASV adds a ventilated airspace between the roofing material and the substrate below. This airspace allows energy to move through the space and vent back into the atmosphere, as opposed to being absorbed by the building. For those who live in hotter climates, ASV can have a massive impact on the amount of energy being absorbed into the home. In fact, studies have shown that an ASV system can keep an attic 5 degrees cooler than ambient air, whereas an attic below a shingled roof tends to be 40 degrees hotter than ambient air. The less heat absorbed into the home, the less you will need to run your cooling system.

Environmentally Friendly

Not just for the home, even the manufacturing process of metal panels is more energy efficient than other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles. Metal panels are often manufactured from a high percentage of recycled material, and can be RE-recycled after their use. Add on the fact that metal roofs have little to no maintenance required over their span of 60+ years. Meaning less drain on resources overall.

For these reasons and more, metal panels lend themselves to the best that sustainable building has to offer, protecting the earth and your bottom line. Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

Aesthetic Benefits of Metal Panels

Aesthetic Benefits of Metal Panels

Metal panels within construction are a practical choice. The primary reasons being that they are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, light weight, and provide protection and strength to the building. However, metal panels also come with many aesthetic benefits worth considering. No other material can dramatically change the overall look of a structure, while maintaining those primary benefits, quite the way metal panels can. Let’s take a deeper look at some of these “book cover” benefits of metal panels.

Stunning Array of Construction Creativity

The possibilities of metal cladding systems are virtually unlimited. Metal panels can provide roofing solutions that are impossible to consider using traditional construction methods. Materials such as glass, brick, and wood can easily be incorporated into the design that stand out. Giving more purpose to those tiny details and elevating the overall “wow” factor of the structure.

Striking Building Design Through Color

What better way to guarantee an eye-catching building than through the creative use of color? And metal panels have exactly what you need to accomplish just that! The majority of manufacturers offer a wide array of specialty finishes for IMPs and Roofing Panels. The array of palettes available to the architect are virtually limitless! Envision industrial apartment buildings with juxtaposed panels highlighting the facade. Or subtle color changes around curves of the building.

Extraordinary Details Are Achievable

The detail opportunities that arise with a metal panel system are immense! Slim overhangs that are only achievable with a metal roof. Rounded corners or raised elevations are easier to achieve, without compromising strength. Perforated profiles or textures can all be crafted with ease. Other materials, such as Corian solid surfaces, can achieve the same. But none will hold the same strength nor be as lightweight as a metal panel.

While the practical benefits of metal panels are many, so too are the aesthetic advantages. From extraordinary details, wide range of colors, and array of creative construction ideas, metal panels become a clear choice for both the structure or the roof. If you would like to learn more about your metal panel options, contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.

Preparing for a Metal Roof Installation

Preparing for Metal Roof Installation

We know you are as excited as we are regarding your upcoming metal roof installation. After all, you’re about to be the owner of an eco-friendly, durable, and eye-catching metal roof that will protect your home for decades! However, no big project comes without the necessary forethought and preparation. To help you prepare for your metal roof installation, we’ve compiled the following checklist.

Before Installation

Before workers arrive, be sure to complete the following:

  • Clear walkways and other areas of the job site for easy maneuvering.
  • Work trucks can be large and carry heavy loads! Make sure any personal vehicles, bikes, and toys are moved to accommodate them.
  • No crew member comes without tools and equipment! Predetermine an area where the crew can leave their tools as well as personal belongings.
  • If you have shrubbery or other plants surrounding your home, cover these with a tarp to prevent unwanted metal scraps from falling into them.
  • Good manners are important! Make sure your neighbors are aware of the upcoming, somewhat noisy, roof installation.

During Installation

While the crew is busy installing your gorgeous, long lasting metal roof, make sure:

  • Any pets have been tied or brought inside.
  • Children are in a secure area away from the job site.
  • Any loose items are secured in case the house shakes.
  • Dumpsters (your contractor should arrange this) and trash bags are available for scraps and other waste.
  • There may be an increase in dirt flying around; keep doors and windows shut to avoid any dust entering your home.

At the end of the day, a successful and easy roof installation boils down to good communication. Knowing expected work periods, no-go areas of your property, which doors/gates should remain shut, and other tiny details will all contribute to a smooth installation. When you know what to expect, you can better prepare yourself for your metal roof installation. To recap:

  • Before: After choosing the best contractor and bid, prepare your building, yard, neighbors, children, and pets for the install.
  • During: Expect a lot of activity, people, and loud noises during the installation. Try to avoid hovering over workers and only communicate with your main contact about any concerns.
  • After: Make sure the work is done to your liking, you know how final payments are collected, and you know how warranties are handled.

How Long Can A Metal Roof Last?

Nothing lasts forever, but the right choice of metal roofing can endure for many lifetimes. Just take a look at some of the roofs atop cathedrals and castles in Europe! If priorities for your roof include low maintenance and longevity, metal should be one of your first choices. So, just how long will your metal roof last? Let’s take a look!

Overall Lifespan

Overall, the expected lifespan of a metal roof is unrivaled. Often lasting 50 to 100 years with the proper care and maintenance. Compare this to other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, that only last between 10 and 20 years. And when you do eventually need a replacement, the metal panels are 100% recyclable! Not only are metal panels durable, but eco-friendly.

Differing Metals

Different metals will last a different amount of time. Galvanized metal, for example, can last at least 50 years. Perhaps even more, as the practice of galvanizing is only 60 years old! Copper roofs are considered to be the best roofing material in the industry due to their longevity and durability. These roofing systems can last 100 –  even 200 – years, easily withstanding wind, saltwater, and more. Steel roofs, on the other hand, can last up to 75 years, while zinc roofs can last longer than 100! Aluminum roofs last the least amount of time compared to other metals, often lasting up to 50 years.

How To Maintain Longevity

Ensuring the longevity of your metal roof is easy. Proper care and maintenance will be the key. It’s important to clean your metal roof at least once per year, but ideally after the change of the seasons. Clean gutters, drains, and sweep other dirt or debris from the surface of the roof. Structural maintenance is more in-depth. You should have your panel seams inspected at least once per year and make sure areas in need of new/more sealant are attended to.

Metal panels are a wonderful, long-lasting investment to make for your home or building. If you would like to learn more about your metal roofing options, contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.

Tips For Maintaining Metal Roofs In 2022

Metal Roof in 2022

While metal roofs tend to go through phases of popularity, we are sure they will continue to have a large presence through 2022. This type of roofing is strong, sophisticated, and sustainable. As we head into the New Year and closer to warmer weather, now is the perfect time to start planning your exterior maintenance and how you will keep that metal roof looking great for the year ahead!

A Simple Cleaning Will Do

Luckily, another benefit of metal roofing is how easy it is to maintain! Simple cleaning will help reduce damaging elements such as pollution, airborne dirt and organic material debris. And unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofing is far less susceptible to moss, milder, or fungus. Ditch the harsh chemicals, as a quality metal roof cleaning will require little more than water to effectively wash away all the dirt, dust, and other grime.

Proper Maintenance Methods

The MRA (Metal Roofing Alliance) provides the following guidelines for maintaining your metal roof. However, you should still be sure to check your metal roofing manufacturers specific recommendations.

  • Safety is number one, especially when it comes to roof maintenance. Do not attempt to clean the roof if you are not comfortable or well-prepared to take the proper precautions. Instead, hire a professional roof cleaning service that is experienced and knowledgeable in metal roofing.
  • Before rinsing the roof, you will need to remove any debris. Clean out all gutters and downspouts, and remove any large items such as branches. It will also help to trim any vegetation away from the roof.
  • Use the right formula. If water alone isn’t enough to remove common dirt and debris, mix 1/4 cup detergent (including mild laundry detergents, car washing soap, mild dish soap) per gallon of water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help protect and maintain roof warranties.
  • Easy does it. Apply the solution to the roof surface using washcloth, sponge, a soft bristle brush and/or non-abrasive pad. The goal is to use the lightest touch that will effectively do the job. Never use steel wool, wire brushes, high pressure power washers, scouring powders, paint removers or thinners on a metal roof.
  • Give it the final touch. Let the solution stand for 5 to 10 minutes, before thoroughly rinsing the surface with plain water.

Quality metal roofs are one of the easiest types to clean and care for, making them exceptionally low maintenance and reducing the cost of ownership for the long run. Give them a little care, and your metal roof will stay beautiful, fresh and protect your home long past 2022!

Can You Put Holiday Lights on Metal Roofs?

Can You Put Holiday Lights on Metal Roofs

You may already be familiar with the many benefits of a metal roof. Including ease of installation, long life span, savings on energy expenses, and undemanding maintenance. But we’ve got one more reason why metal roofs take the cake for best roofing material… Holiday lovers rejoice: metal panels and string lights go together like french fries and cheese curds.

How To Install Lights On Your Metal Roof

What makes metal panels and holiday lights so compatible? For starters, they are extremely easy to install. No nailing required! Simply string your lights through a C-9 Clip, and allow the power of atomic attraction to work it’s magic between your metal panels and the magnetic clip. C-9 clips are strong, inexpensive, and will have your home or business spreading the Holiday cheer in no time.

Holiday Lights Made Just For Metal Roofs

If you do not already own holiday lights, you may even consider purchasing some designed specifically for metal roofs. Purchasing these magnetic lights could be the best solution. One of the most popular types of these lights are Lite-Netics. These Christmas lights use strong magnetic strips instead of traditional fasteners.

Remember – Safety Comes First

Metal roof or not, remember to always keep safety at the top of your mind when installing Holiday lights. Avoid climbing the roof during or after wet and/or windy weather. You should also employ the buddy system when installing lights – having a trusted friend nearby should anything happen.

Holiday Lights and Fires

While there is always a slight form of risk when it comes to holiday lights, metal panels come with the added benefit of being fire resistant. Most metal roofing is considered to be Assembly-Rated Class A, meaning the covering and underlying materials provide additional fire protection. This makes metal roofs one of the most fire-resistant options on the market! That being said, it is still wise to not overuse your holiday lights. Be sure to unplug them or set up a timer. You should also avoid stringing too many strands of lights together as this can overload your outlet or power strip. These actions can fry your electrical system, exposing your family to dangerous electrical currents or sparking a fire in your home.

If you have questions or concerns about your metal roofing products this winter, contact us at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

How Are Metal Panels Eco Friendly?

Ecofriendly Metal Panels
Standing Seam Metal Roof With Solar Panels Standing Seam Metal Roof With Solar Panels our barn roof gets an 18 kw solar array greenbuildingadvisor 1050 X 787 – Metal Roofing

We make decisions every day that contribute to our overall carbon footprint. Reusable bags at the grocery store or declining a printed receipt are some small steps we can take. But as home or building owners, there are even bigger moves we can make that have a larger impact. One such decision is building with metal panels. Whether you plan to use these panels for side cladding or for a roof, the sustainability benefits are the same. So what is it about metal panels that make them so eco-friendly? 


Metal panels contain a high percent of recycled materials – your wall cladding could have been a refrigerator or automobile in its past life. And when the lifecycle of your panels eventually come to an end, the material can be recycled yet again! When the service life of a metal roof ends (decades after installation), the material can be recycled yet again.

Energy Efficiency

According to data from ENERGY STAR, heating and cooling can account for up to 50% or more of a home’s total utility consumption. The use of metal roofing can help with energy efficiency through solar radiation reflection if you use unpainted metal, or by increased re-emittance of solar radiation with pre-painted or granular coating metal roofing systems.

Long Shelf Life

While recyclability and energy efficiency are great reasons to choose metal, the biggest reason people use this material is it’s long shelf life. Roof shingles have a life expectancy of 20 years; compare that to a metal roofs expectancy of anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but avoids asphalt shingles finding their way into landfills every 20 years.

Other Reasons

There are plenty of other factors that make metal panels eco-friendly. They are the perfect material for collecting rain water thanks to their anti-microbial paint systems. They’re also able to shed large materials easily without the range of crevices and cracks for those materials to adhere to. Metal panels also have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any regularly used building material, so they’re ideal for solar panel installation.

For these reasons and more, metal panels lend themselves to the best that sustainable building has to offer, protecting the earth and your bottom line. Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!

How to Decide if Metal Roofing is Right for You

How To Decide If A Metal Roof Is Right For You

Are you considering a metal roof for your residential, commercial, or industrial project? While shingle roofs have long been the top choice for sloped roofs, we have seen a huge increase in contractors choosing metal. Its growth in popularity is a testament to its excellence for whatever your project may be. You may be wondering if metal is right for you. Consider these things when deciding:


The cost of metal roofing may make some people shy away. Compared to asphalt, metal is a tad more expensive. However, contractors and building owners must also consider that metal will last longer, require less maintenance, as well as improve the energy efficiency of a building. All these factors contribute to a value that shingles simply don’t possess.


Both reliable and strong, metal roofs give your home the best protection against extreme weather conditions. Including hurricane-force winds, hail storms, heavy rain, and wildfires. Does your area experience heavy rainfall or downpours? Metal roofs are nearly impenetrable to moisture. Live near the sea? Metal panels, especially copper, can withstand the salt spray. Metal roofs are far more durable than shingles, with little risk of blowing away during a storm or losing its strength over the years.


Is your home exposed to a lot of sunlight? Metal roofs are able to reflect the sun, meaning less heat absorbing into your living space. In turn, this leads to needing less energy to cool the home. Besides saving money on utility bills, metal roofs are also great for the environment! Choosing metal panels reduces the amount of asphalt that needs to be disposed of or recycled each year, and the panels themselves are 100% recyclable!

Age of Home

Renovating? If you live in an older home, that might be another reason to consider metal. Metal is significantly lighter than other roofing options that can cause stress to the structure of an older home.

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, a metal roof is a long lasting investment in your facility that is well worth it! Wondering if metal panels are right for your facility? Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!