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Cool Your Home with Ventilation

roof-coolingEnergy saving homes use the latest innovations to save money and cool the home. One of the more popular roof cooling options is the whole-house ventilation systems. Find out more about the distinct advantages of ventilation in your home.

Four Types of Ventilation Systems

What types of ventilation systems are available for your home? The four most common roof cooling systems are the exhaust system, supply, balanced, and using energy recovery and heat recovery ventilators. Use the best insulation options to truly cool your home and save energy inexpensive air conditioning costs.

Insulation Basics

Where should you insulate your home and why? For the best energy efficiency, you need to insulate your home from the roof to the foundation. Some areas that need extra insulation include unfinished attics, the attic access door, all exterior walls, vented crawl spaces, unheated garages, and band joists. Additionally, you can further seal your home by caulking storm windows, regular windows, and all doors.

Foundation Insulation

While insulating your attic seems like a common issue, it is also important to insulate your foundation. Why? This will keep the below-grade rooms comfortable. Prevent issues like mold and moisture. Minimize any insect infestation or radon infiltration. Contact our experienced professionals about the best options for insulating your foundation.


Save considerably in energy costs by insulating your basement. Insulation on the exterior can help keep costs down. The additional exterior wall insulation can minimize heat loss and provide extra protection against moisture. Reduce condensation and temperature swings. Interior basement wall insulation is less expensive but also provides many of the same protections.

Want to cool your home? Call us today about how we can help you have a comfortable home this summer. We are ready to help you with our expert advice. Contact our talented professionals today.

Get the Look and Performance You Need with Metal Roofing

metal-roof-manufacturersToday’s homeowners want the latest innovative and sustainable products for their homes. One of the key ways of saving money, increasing energy efficiency, and increasing the value of your home today is through quality metal roofing. Top metal roof manufacturers provide superior construction and installation, give you decades of everlasting sustainability, protection, and strength.

High Performance

Metal roofs offer much better performance value than traditional asphalt roofing. Trusted metal roofing manufacturers can install your new metal roof over an aging roof. A good installation will result in over fifty years of durable performance. Compare this to traditional asphalt roofs that need constant repair and need replacement every fifteen to twenty years, even more in areas with extreme weather and high winds.

Sustainability and Durability

Look no further than the highest levels of weatherproofing for your home. Metal roofing provides the best defense against water damage and high winds. Enjoy lasting comfort and durability. Most metal roofs are made of recyclable metals. Additionally, you can avoid the waste and costs of removing your old roof by simply installing a new metal roof over your previous roof. Your metal roof will last you over half a century. Metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable.

Unlimited Color and Style

Metal roofing not only provides energy efficiency and protection for your home, but it also comes in a wide array of beautiful colors and styles. Speak with our experienced professionals today about your unique aesthetic tastes. We can find the right metal roofing style that matches your needs and style. Choose from elegant options like Eco-Tile, Bravo, Bingo tiling, and T-18 metal panels.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, your new metal roof will provide you with extra energy efficiency. Choose the right paint color for your climate region. For example, a darker finish can absorb more heat in the harsh winters. Those in warmer climates may opt for lighter colors. Metal roofs can be “cool roofs”, protecting your home from the harsh heat of the sun in the summertime.

Enjoy energy efficiency and durability with innovative metal roofing. Contact us today. We can help you find the right metal roofing options for your home.

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Home Show

metal-roofing-pricesExcited about planning on a big renovation project? Home shows are a great way to find the latest metal roofing prices, great products, and deals on some of the most innovative technology and services. Why should you attend a home show? Let’s find out.

One Stop Shopping

Everyone has busy lives. Between work, school, and family, who has the time to find out the best in flooring, metal roofing prices, do-it-yourself products, and more? These conventions have several companies displaying the best innovations, services, and products. Speak with professionals about your particular project.

Save Money

Enjoy the best bargains at a home show. Exhibitors excitedly offer you the best deals on the latest products and services. If you plan on replacing your aging roof with a metal roof or want to use the latest in sustainable construction, you can find a helpful professional to answer your questions, offer pricing advice, and give tips.

Professional Tips

Attend a home show to find out insider tips. Presentations and hands-on displays allow you to really understand how to get your project finished. Talk directly to trusted contractors in your area.

Enjoy Hands-On Interactions

See the latest projects yourself. This is great whether you are remodeling or planning to try something innovative or sustainable for your home. Seeing something in person can help you make an important decision about your renovations. Discover how each product looks and works firsthand.

Check Out the Innovation

Besides speaking to contractors one-on-one and experiencing the latest products yourself, you can discover the latest innovations in construction. For example, find out how you make your home more energy efficient with metal panels or metal roofing.

Fun for the Family

Home shows are more than places to find out the latest in home renovation, metal roofing, and more. Enjoy incredible activities for the whole family. Many home shows include entertainers, music, and delicious snacks. Learn and have fun at the next home show in your area. Contact our professionals today about your exciting new home ren

Top 4 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

best-roof-cleanerSpring brings long warm days and sunshine. Time to focus on regular roof maintenance, from finding the best roof cleaner and chimney sweeping to checking for structural integrity and any damage from the harsh winter snow. How is your roof doing after the winter cold? What are the top spring roof maintenance tips for this year?

Hire an Inspector

Before you start to worry about issues like water damage or replacing roof tiles, be sure to hire a professional inspector to check your roof. Ideally, you want to do this twice a year to identify any particular problems. They can help you find the best roof cleaner professionals, find any water damage or structural problems, and give you an estimate for any proposed work. The winter can be very hard on your roof. Precipitation, harsh winds, and snow alone can lead to long-term damage. You can contact us today for a quick and easy inspection.

Clean the Gutters

Clean out the gutters of your roof. Over the winter leaves and debris pile up. Clean them out in preparation for the spring rain. Check the eavestroughs and downspouts. If you can’t clean them yourself, hire a professional service to clean your roof.

Check for Shingles and Flashing Damage

Check for curling, loose shingles and replace them. Hammer down any popping nails. Look for worn out shingles. Check the skylights, windows, and areas where two slopes of the roof connect. Check the caulking around any flashing. Replace any rusted spots to prevent harsh water damage.

Prevent Water Damage

Yes, water damage can be one of the most problematic issues for your roof. Snow melting and ice dams can cause serious problems. Any roof leaks need immediate attention. Letting leak continue can result in rot and mold buildup. Avoid irreversible damage through regular preventative maintenance this spring.

Latest Metal Roofing News 2019

roof-shinglesThe metal roofing industry boomed in 2018, leading to innovative trends for this upcoming year. From homeowners choosing metal roofing over traditional asphalt roof shingles to solar energy technology adapting to new trends in metal construction, this year will prove to be another great year for sustainability, strength, and durability.


The recent California fire catastrophes and other climate events have pushed savvy homeowners and business owners towards sustainable products that both provide added durability and protection. Metal roof shingles are fireproof, meaning that they will not cause a fire to spread. In fact, many homeowners have chosen metal over traditional wood and other materials to protect their family.

Homeownership Numbers

Although the economy has cooled, many homeowners have decided to stay put in their homes, leading to long-term construction decisions like installing metal roofing and sustainable materials. What this means is that the metal construction business will continue to see an uptick this year, even as actual new home purchases slow.

Homeowners want homes that are more defensible against the elements, like forest fires. Metal provides durability in harsh climates, whether snowstorms, hurricanes, or forest fires. Because metal is not flammable and withstands harsh winds and precipitation, it is quickly becoming the metal of choice for many construction projects. Climate-resistant roofing increasingly becomes the number one issue for homeowners.

Quality Standards

Many regions susceptible to harsh weather conditions continue to increase their quality standards. Be sure to use an experienced roof installation company when installing your metal roofing to avoid construction problems later. A properly installed metal roof should last at least fifty years with little maintenance. If you encounter serious problems earlier than this, contact our roofing professionals about an inspection and roof repair. We will be ready to help you.

Why is My Metal Roof Leaking?

emergency-roof-repairMetal roofing provides unique durability, sustainability, and security for your home or business. However, even this strong substance has leaks. While these problems rarely lead to emergency roof repair, knowing how to identify and fix roof leaks will help you protect your home. What are some of the most common reasons for metal roof leaks?

Roofing Screws

Leaks in a metal roof can result from screws that are improperly driven. If the screws are driven at an angle, or they are too large for the application that they rip a hole in the wood underneath, making them unstable. However, if a leak around a screw were to ever occur, the amount of water that could possibly make it under your roof will be wicked away by the membrane. A hole in a metal roof, while not an emergency, should be taken care of as soon as possible as it may grow to become a larger leak. To avoid any and all leaks, it is important to hire a trained professional to install your roof.

Missing Sealants

Be sure that you install your roof with the correct roof sealant. Manufacturers recommend a sealant specifically designed for metal roofs. Some caulking types do not work well with metal roofs. Have an inspection to pinpoint any areas that might have missing sealant. Especially look at metal ridge caps, around roof transitions, counter flashing, pitch pans, and Z flashings.

Other Common Problems

Capillary draw occurs when water travels along two tightly joined metal pieces, leading to a leak. Water also gets trapped behind HVAC units. Watch for issues around stack flashings, or the “boot” around pipes jutting out from metal roofs. Over time sunshine degrades the boot, leading to leaking water. Rubber flashings can also deteriorate over time. While the metal roofing itself is not prone to leaking, be sure to have a roofing professional inspect your roof for these specific problems.

Is your roof leaking? Give us a call today. We can help you identify the problem with your roof and provide an affordable solution.

How Do I Protect My Home in the Winter?

metal-snow-guardsWhen the cold harsh winters come, every homeowner wants to know the best ways to protect their home. Learn tips like how to prevent damage to your roof and limit snow accumulation with metal roof snow guards. Read more protect your family and home this winter.

Install a Metal Roof

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to protect your home in the winter is to install a metal roof. From metal roof snow guards that limit snow accumulation and prevent water leakage to keeping your family warm, a metal roof provides you with the security that your family deserves. Unlike asphalt, professionals can easily install a metal roof in the winter time.

Because the metal is not susceptible to cracking and the elements, installing the roofing is relatively quick. Additionally, some contractors will have more flexibility and lower rates in the winter. Metal roofs shed snow and ice and have a lifespan of almost fifty years! Enjoy decades without worry about water leakage and your home’s structural integrity.

Keep Your Pipes Warm

Burst pipes can cost thousands of dollars of damage. Avoid burst pipes in the winter. Wrap pipes in insulation. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Let water drip slowly from faucets. Keep the water flowing to prevent freezing.

Clean Gutters

Clean out your gutters to prevent water backup. Check the downspouts. Make sure water divers away from your home. Trim trees prior to winter. Weatherstrip all doors and windows. This helps seal any drafts. Prevent unwanted leakage or cold air in your home.

Buy A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Improper ventilation of fireplaces, generators, and furnaces causes carbon monoxide buildup. Keep a carbon monoxide detector on each and every floor.

Follow these simple tips to protect your home and family this winter. Speak with our professionals today about how you can winterize your home.

4 Cold Weather Benefits of Metal Roofing

winterize-homeFor homeowners and business owners in harsh cold climates, a metal roof provides unique benefits. Winterize your home easily with a metal roof. What are some of the key advantages of metal roofing and cold weather? Let’s find out.

Winter Installation

Believe it or not, many construction professionals don’t mind installing a metal roof in the winter. Winterize your home in the winter? Yes, you can with metal roofing. After shoveling the snow and staging the installation, your professional installers will quickly install the roof without compromising the overall quality. Because metal panels do not bend, break, or crack in harsh cold temperatures, they are ideal for installation in the winter.

Designed for Cold Weather

Metal roofing sheds water and ice. The metal panels prevent ice and snow build-up. Snow does not accumulate. Don’t worry about ice dams when you have a metal roof. Heavy snow and ice simply slide off the roof. Don’t worry about damming the eaves in the winter. Avoid water damage from leaks. Maintain your home’s structural integrity.


Keep your family warm with a metal roof. Stop temperature fluctuations in the attic and drafty spaces. The additional snow on the metal roof adds an extra layer of insulation.

Long-Lasting Durability

Your roof will last for fifty years or more with minimal upkeep. Don’t worry about damage from water, fire, or harsh winter weather. Enjoy decades of warmth, durability, and protection. In fact, most homeowners never have to install a roof again in their lifetime! Enjoy priceless security for a lifetime.

Contact our roofing professionals today for an estimate. Enjoy your metal roof for a lifetime.


3 Common Problems that Affect Your Metal Roof

types-of-metal-roofsHomeowners enjoy the durability and strength of a metal roofing. Why? There different types of metal roofs protect the home for a half century or more with little maintenance. Stylish and sustainable, these roofs are rapidly gaining popularity with new homeowners. However, just like any component of your home, watching for key issues and proper maintenance allows your roof to last for decades.

Oil Canning

What is oil canner? No matter the types of metal roofs, they are all susceptible to oil canning, or visible waviness in the panels. You may also hear the terms “buckling” or “stress wrinkling”. This can be caused by extreme pressure or stress on the standing seam or improper usage and handling by installers. The best way to avoid oil canning is by hiring an experienced quality contractor. They will follow the industry standard installation to the highest level. Choosing a thicker metal, rib profile, or tension-level metal are other ways to avoid oil canning. Speak with our professional contractors today about how to avoid oil canning in your roof.


Most traditional asphalt tile roofs have issues with leaking but even galvanized steel roofs can suffer from leaks due to extreme conditions like heavy snow, driving rain, high winds, and structural damage. Installer errors can lead to failed fasteners, seams, flashing, and sealants. Once again, a quality initial installation reduces the cost and damage of leaking. Having your roof inspected at least biannually for potential leaks. More often if you live in an area susceptible to extreme weather conditions.


Homeowners with metal roofing often never have to replace their roof again. These roofs do not corrode or degrade easily. Houses in coastal environments may suffer some corrosion due to saltwater. Aluminum and zinc work better in these regions. Underside corrosion happens when the metal does not have a proper coat. Discuss better paint systems with your contractor to reduce corrosion. A properly maintained roof will last for a lifetime.

Do Metal Roofs Need Regular Maintenance?

steel-roofing-pricesSavvy homeowners today choose metal roofs because of their durability, sustainability, and overall versatile aesthetic look. Their value and fifty plus year guarantee bring additional value when factoring in initial steel roofing prices and installation. A metal roof adds to the value of any home. What maintenance is required for metal roofing?

Quality Installation

The overall maintenance of a metal roof depends on the quality of the initial installation. The steel roofing prices initial cost from a professional contractor includes installation and materials. In many cases, a metal roof can be installed over an older roof. However, if you want to guarantee a quality low-maintenance roof for a lifetime, the quality of the initial installation needs to professional. Why? Experienced professional installers will spend the extra time needed to ensure that each component is properly installed. They will find ways to minimize any additional damage, find weak areas in your roof, and ensure that each section of your roof is installed to the highest standards possible.

Common Issues

Regular professional maintenance once a year or even by an experienced homeowner can identify the most common problems. Among these problems are leaking, dents and scratches, degrading, and galvanized corrosion. A professional service will identify key areas that need replacement or repair before the problem becomes costly.

Cleaning the Surface

While this is mostly an aesthetic issue, be sure that you keep the metal roof clean. Keep it clean of debris and dirt to maintain a clean new look for decades to come. Keep gutters and drains clear to avoid water accumulation, which can lead to damage long-term.

Structural Maintenance

If you live in a climate with extremities in weather like high winds, snowstorms, hurricanes, hail, extreme heat or cold, and frequent temperature fluctuations, having a professional inspect your roof for structural issues will minimize any damage. In most cases, there should not be any structural issues. However, if there is a large hail storm or your home has been through some especially inclement weather, then an inspection can help address any damage immediately. Follow these steps to enjoy your metal roof for decades to come.