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BENGA – New Metal Roofing Product Has Arrived

Architects, designers and home owners have for years longed for a metal roof without visible fasteners. Finally this has become possible with a revolutionary product by London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – Benga. Benga with hidden fasteners can be produced in one- and two-steps sheets. Hidden fastener tiles are installed horizontally, which gives greater freedom to …

Price Comparison Calculator

We have introduced a new tool – calculator, allowing you to estimate the cost of metal roofing for your home and compare it with the cost of other type of roofing over 45 – 50 years. You can access price comparison calculator here. Note: These are rough estimates for materials and installation and not intended …

Breathable Roof Membrane (Vapour Permable) 135g

Exclusive from London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – new product available for purchase directly from us. Thanks to high vapor permeability LONDON ECO ROOF membranes enable keeping the roof dry. LONDON ECO ROOF membrane is designed as an insulating layer for inclined roofs, which slope is ≥ 20 º (≥ 36,4 %), mounted to battens and …

Available Metal Roof Colours

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is offering four different profiles of metal roof and they are available in 11 colours and one additional as a special order. Two of these colours, “Brown Mocha” and “Blue Gray” were introduced recently: For more information about specific products and colours available visit our metal roofing product page.