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Metal Roofing Manufacturing and Installation

This video shows the full process of metal roofing installation. It starts from the meeting with the knowledgeable sales person, then shows the process at the factory and follows up with full installation. Installation process shows all the stages from laying breathable roof membrane, strapping, roof panels and finally all other elements including flashing, snow …

London Boat, Fishing & Leisure Show

We will be attending London Boat, Fishing & Leisure Show on February 24-26, 2012. The Show is held at the Western Fair Grounds, London’s most comprehensive exhibition facility complete with ample free parking. For more information you can visit the official show page The International London Boat Cottage & Fishing Show

General Roofing Terminology

Beam: A long piece of wood or steel that supports your roof that, when grouped, can form a truss. Cornice: The overhanging part of the roof that sticks out past your walls. Coverage: The degree of weather protection offered by a roofing material: single, double or triple coverage. Decking/Sheathing: Normally plywood which provides a flat surface …

Metal Roofing Terminology – Roof Types

Terminology used to describe roof types and components might be a foreign language for those who are not familiar with it. Whilst it is appreciated that certain words have other meanings we have listed below an explanation of words used when discussing the structure or type of a roof. Cross Gable: Similar to gable roof …