Why the Lowest Priced Metal Roofing Contractors Aren’t Usually the Best

metal roofing contractorsWith an investment as significant as a new roof, cost is typically at the top of property owners’ list of concerns. Everyone knows the expression, “You get what you pay for.” This applies to metal roofing contractors as well. It’s a dangerous strategy to make cost the determining factor in choosing your contractor.

Lower Price Metal Roofing Contractors Don’t Equal a Better Investment

With the growth in popularity of metal roofing, lots of companies are battling it out to get a piece of the pie. To do this, many of them are undercutting each other with pricing because they’re new to the game and have no other leg to stand on. However, at the end of the day, lower prices mean that the metal roofing contractor has to cut corners somewhere to stay in business, and you can be sure that those cuts will have an impact on the short and long term success of your project. There are several reasons why the lowest price contractors aren’t usually the best.

  • Quality of Materials: There are lots of options for metal roofing materials, both aesthetic and structural. The cheapest prices are for the worst quality products, plain and simple. If you don’t mind a poor quality roof that will likely experience problems down the line, choose the cheapest option. If you’d like to view your roof as an investment that will add value to your home, opt for the contractors recommending better, more expensive materials.
  • Experience: Contractors should have at least 3 years of experience because the process of installing metal roofing is very specialized. Companies with less than 3 years of experience will likely lack the knowledge to troubleshoot problems that may arise, finish in a timely manner and give good advice to property owners. Because the workers lack this knowledge, they can be paid less which affects the overall contract price. Choosing a company with less experience is a gamble, and probably one that is not advisable to take with an investment as substantial as a roof.
  • Service: Service is important when choosing a metal roofing contractor because if you’re doing it right, you should be asking lots of questions. If the contractor is doing it right, they should have people who can give you answers. A company who charges the lowest price simply can’t afford to offer the best service because they can’t put those kinds of employees on their payroll. They’re just operating a barebones installation company. The problem with this is that if a property owner is not making an informed decision, the chance of making the wrong decision and paying for it further down the line is much higher.

Companies who put their best foot forward by offering a low price often do this because they can’t compete in terms of quality, experience or service. If the cheapest companies were in it for the long haul, they would be using strategies to ensure they have happy clients for years to come, not trying to get your money and get out before the other shoe drops. You need the cheapest, most inexperienced contractor like you need a leaky, rusty, metal roof.

Why It’s Essential that Your Roofing Contractors Provide You With a Written Contract

Metal roofing OttawaYou might not realize this, but one of the most important steps necessary before getting a roofing contractor to replace your roof is to have a contract prepared. A written contract may seem like a major hassle, especially with something seemingly simple like metal roofing in Ottawa. Believe it or not, there are many details that you are going to want to consider before letting someone do construction on your home or business. Just because the word ‘contract’ is in ‘roofing contractor’ doesn’t mean you have any guarantees.

What Could You Be Liable for Without a Roofing Contract?

Injuries – One of the major considerations is injury to workers. There will be people crawling all over your roof, high off the ground. There are many opportunities for accidents to take place. Not only could someone get hurt, a roofing contractor could also cause damage to your home from an accident or an injury.

Property Damage – Your roof might look great when it’s finished, but what about the rest of your house. What if someone were to break a window or step on some of your yard decorations? Accidents are always possible, but they do not have to cost you money.

Defective Work – If you don’t get the proper elements justified in a roofing contract, you could pay for the work twice. Don’t simply allow a company to do shoddy work, just to ask them back to repair or worse, use a different roofing contractor and go through the same thing again.

How Much Time Should it Take for a Roof to Be Installed?

In a written contract, have a specified time of completion. It’s also good for each step of the job to be listed with its appropriate amount of time per task. Though not common, roofing contractors can stretch the time out, which will simply cost you more money. If this is outlined in a contract, any additional labor or materials needed to meet the specified timeline will be at the roofing contractor’s expense, not yours.

Let’s Not Forget About All of These!

There is a diverse range of other factors that may/should be included somewhere in the contract you sign. Some of the more common ones include inspections, insurance checks, the role of subcontractors and exactly who will be working on the project, safety, equipment, and clearing up after the work is done.

Tailor Your Contract As Needed.

The contract should be carefully tailored to ensure every possible detail pertaining to the contract is incorporated. Taking the time to foresee problems and put solutions in place ahead of time can be the difference between a fruitful working relationship with your contractors and a costly legal case. Be wise to the smart talk of some smaller companies and the reassurances they might offer. Professionals who respect you and insist on a job well done should handle metal roofing in Ottawa.

At London ECO-METAL Manufacturing, we take pride in our ability to do some of the best work you’ll find in Ottawa. Why else would we give you quality information for free.

We Debunk Several Myths Surrounding Metal Roofing

metal roofing WindsorFact or Fiction? This may be what you think to yourself when you are doing research about metal roofing. With the increase in popularity of metal roofing and the fact that so many roofing companies are vying for business in the Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga areas, it’s no surprise that myths about metal roofing still exist.

5 Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

These are five of the most common metal roofing myths that seem to keep coming up. While some of these may have been true at some point in history, times have changed and now they are as mythical as a unicorn.

  1. Metal Roofing is Loud. We can all picture that rustic barn with the pitter-patter of rain on the
    tin roof. While this may have been the case a hundred years ago, modern metal roofs are quiet because they boast insulation and they are typically laid over some other kind of roofing construction. Any metal roofing contractor will show you that great care is taken in the engineering to make them silent.
  2. Metal Roofing Increases the Chance of Lightning Strikes. You don’t have to worry about getting zapped more frequently under a metal roof. Even though metal does conduct electricity, electricity is not drawn to metal. If your home is properly grounded, a metal roof is just the same as any other roof in terms of attracting lightning. In fact, metal roofing is non-combustible, so it’s probably even safer than other materials because if it is struck by lightning, it will not catch fire.
  3. Metal Roofing is Easily Dented By Hail. While it’s true that a baseball sized hail stone will dent your roof, and probably do damage to lots of other parts of your home as well, normal hailstones won’t cause any damage. If you live in an area prone to hailstorms, you may want to select a more textured metal because it makes minor denting invisible.
  4. A Metal Roof Will Make You Colder in the Winter. Actually, this has nothing to do with the metal roof, it’s all about the insulation under the roof. If you have poor insulation under any kind of roof, your home will be cold. So, no matter what you choose, make sure it’s properly insulated to keep you toasty warm inside.
  5. You Can’t Walk on a Metal Roof. First of all, how much do you plan to be walking on your roof? Secondly, a metal roof can be walked on, it just takes a little more care. Your roofing contractor should provide you with specifics about your roof and how to walk on it if you must.

Still not sure? Ask your metal roofing contractor for some local references and they can affirm that all of these points are simply myths that, like a metal roof, just don’t hold water today.

Savings Steel Roofing in Ottawa Brings: A Look at the Big Picture

Steel roofing OttawaWere you considering a new roof for your home? What kind of roof do you have now? Do have shingles or tiles? You surely don’t have a thatch roof! There are many options to choose from, more than you could probably wrap your head around with one whole day of research. Maybe the question is simpler. How soon do you want to repair or replace it again, you know, again after this time? With steel roofing in Ottawa, you might be surprised how far away that day could be. There are a few different types of metal roofs, but for now we’d like to focus on steel roofing. Actually we would like to help you understand why steel roofing in Ottawa might be best for you.

Let’s look at aesthetic first. Many tiles and shingles seem prettier than metal roofing, but maybe you just haven’t seen enough. Believe it or not, metal roofing in Ottawa, which you may or may not have seen, can come in a variety of forms, some of which look very similar to tiles and shingles. You don’t have to sacrifice much with steel roofing in Ottawa. The best part is how much cheaper it is when compared to those other materials, especially with the fact that a metal roof should last for the lifetime of your home.

Long live steel roofing in Ottawa. Now, it is true that steel can rust. This is a common turn off that many people are afraid of. Luckily there are a couple of very assured ways this is alleviated. The first is galvanization. Galvanization is where the metal is treated with zinc to protect it. Most companies will warranty their metal roofing products up to 50 years or more. That is a loooong time. The second way to protect steel is with paint… and this is some great paint. It, too, stands beyond the long warranty. Both of these treatments have been tested and retested over decades. They work.

What about your bills? What about your neighbor’s bills? It will cost a little more to have steel roofing installed in Ottawa, but you will receive a good amount of benefits in return. First, in 15 to 20 years, when your neighbor’s shingles are being replaced, you can scratch roof off of your budget. Do this again 15 or 20 year later. When the mail comes and your neighbor scoffs at the price on his heating bill, be sure not to laugh when you look at yours; the same can be said for the summer, as steel roofing insulates your home, keeping heat in during the winter and out during summer. If you see your neighbor at the hardware store buying supplies to repair his roof, hide away to not intimidate him, as he surely has buckets sitting around his home collecting water. Metal roofing is great for bad weather, protecting your house in many ways. It is windproof and sheds snow with ease. Eavestroughs are more manageable, too, and ice damming is less of a problem.

As you can see, when you look at the bigger picture, steel roofing is a very attractive proposition to any homeowner in Ottawa.


Metal Roofing in Ottawa: A Match Made in Heaven?

Metal roofing OttawaThere are so many different kinds of roofing choices these days that it’s mind-boggling. The three most common options available to most property owners include tiles, shingles, and metal. Shingles often require more maintenance than the other options and tiles are often not far behind. There are better and worse tile and shingle materials and there are few that incorporate some very cool technology, such as solar shingles, but oftentimes the best choice for roofing, especially in a place like Ottawa, is metal roofing. Ottawa’s humid summer climate and its harsh winters will test the limits of your entire household and your roof is its first line of defense. Here are some of the main reasons to keep metal roofing in mind if you are in the process of either looking for a new roof or building a new property.

Expected Lifetime of Metal Roofing in Ottawa – As long as metal roofing is installed correctly, it should last as long as the house itself. Most companies will provide a warranty of up to fifty years. Even the paint on metal roofing can have a warranty spanning thirty years. Some tiles and shingles can have lengthy warranties, too, but their appearance often degrades much quicker.

Metal Roofing Stands Up to Bad Weather – Metal roofing is moisture resistant and can withstand winds up to one hundred and forty miles per hour. Snow sheds quickly from the metal, too, limiting the buildup from small to heavy storms and blizzards. These roofs can also be installed with minimum pitch, which is a luxury compared with other types of roofing materials that will often leak when the pitch isn’t sufficiently high. Though the risk isn’t very big with regards to wild fires in Ottawa, metal roofing protects against this, as well. Of course lightning strikes can also cause a fire, but this can be alleviated by grounding the roof.

Metal Roofing in Ottawa Will Insulate Your Home – Believe it or not using metal roofing in Ottawa will not only insulate your home, it will also shave a few dollars off of those terrible heating and air conditioning bills. The metal roof reflects ultra-violet rays, therefore keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. There are also a number of different paints that can amplify this effect, too, which can be especially beneficial in the summer.

The Price is Right – Yes the initial cost of having a metal roof installed isn’t exactly cheap, but the ROI (Return On Investment) is well worth every penny. Can you believe that owning a metal roof in Ottawa can help you save money on insurance? This depends on the insurance company, of course, but it is a possibility. Remember that a metal roof should last a lifetime, it aids with winter and summer energy costs, and best of all it really does look great.

For metal roofing in Ottawa, there’s no one better to trust than London ECO-METAL Manufacturing. We are the roofing contractors concerned about you. We have a fine selection of aluminum and steel roofing and many colours to choose from, too. Let us know if you are interested and we’ll give you a quote.