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Why It’s Essential that Your Roofing Contractors Provide You With a Written Contract

Why It’s Essential that Your Roofing Contractors Provide You With a Written Contract

Metal roofing OttawaYou might not realize this, but one of the most important steps necessary before getting a roofing contractor to replace your roof is to have a contract prepared. A written contract may seem like a major hassle, especially with something seemingly simple like metal roofing in Ottawa. Believe it or not, there are many details that you are going to want to consider before letting someone do construction on your home or business. Just because the word ‘contract’ is in ‘roofing contractor’ doesn’t mean you have any guarantees.

What Could You Be Liable for Without a Roofing Contract?

Injuries – One of the major considerations is injury to workers. There will be people crawling all over your roof, high off the ground. There are many opportunities for accidents to take place. Not only could someone get hurt, a roofing contractor could also cause damage to your home from an accident or an injury.

Property Damage – Your roof might look great when it’s finished, but what about the rest of your house. What if someone were to break a window or step on some of your yard decorations? Accidents are always possible, but they do not have to cost you money.

Defective Work – If you don’t get the proper elements justified in a roofing contract, you could pay for the work twice. Don’t simply allow a company to do shoddy work, just to ask them back to repair or worse, use a different roofing contractor and go through the same thing again.

How Much Time Should it Take for a Roof to Be Installed?

In a written contract, have a specified time of completion. It’s also good for each step of the job to be listed with its appropriate amount of time per task. Though not common, roofing contractors can stretch the time out, which will simply cost you more money. If this is outlined in a contract, any additional labor or materials needed to meet the specified timeline will be at the roofing contractor’s expense, not yours.

Let’s Not Forget About All of These!

There is a diverse range of other factors that may/should be included somewhere in the contract you sign. Some of the more common ones include inspections, insurance checks, the role of subcontractors and exactly who will be working on the project, safety, equipment, and clearing up after the work is done.

Tailor Your Contract As Needed.

The contract should be carefully tailored to ensure every possible detail pertaining to the contract is incorporated. Taking the time to foresee problems and put solutions in place ahead of time can be the difference between a fruitful working relationship with your contractors and a costly legal case. Be wise to the smart talk of some smaller companies and the reassurances they might offer. Professionals who respect you and insist on a job well done should handle metal roofing in Ottawa.

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