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Metal Roofing in Ottawa: A Match Made in Heaven?

Metal Roofing in Ottawa: A Match Made in Heaven?

Metal roofing OttawaThere are so many different kinds of roofing choices these days that it’s mind-boggling. The three most common options available to most property owners include tiles, shingles, and metal. Shingles often require more maintenance than the other options and tiles are often not far behind. There are better and worse tile and shingle materials and there are few that incorporate some very cool technology, such as solar shingles, but oftentimes the best choice for roofing, especially in a place like Ottawa, is metal roofing. Ottawa’s humid summer climate and its harsh winters will test the limits of your entire household and your roof is its first line of defense. Here are some of the main reasons to keep metal roofing in mind if you are in the process of either looking for a new roof or building a new property.

Expected Lifetime of Metal Roofing in Ottawa – As long as metal roofing is installed correctly, it should last as long as the house itself. Most companies will provide a warranty of up to fifty years. Even the paint on metal roofing can have a warranty spanning thirty years. Some tiles and shingles can have lengthy warranties, too, but their appearance often degrades much quicker.

Metal Roofing Stands Up to Bad Weather – Metal roofing is moisture resistant and can withstand winds up to one hundred and forty miles per hour. Snow sheds quickly from the metal, too, limiting the buildup from small to heavy storms and blizzards. These roofs can also be installed with minimum pitch, which is a luxury compared with other types of roofing materials that will often leak when the pitch isn’t sufficiently high. Though the risk isn’t very big with regards to wild fires in Ottawa, metal roofing protects against this, as well. Of course lightning strikes can also cause a fire, but this can be alleviated by grounding the roof.

Metal Roofing in Ottawa Will Insulate Your Home – Believe it or not using metal roofing in Ottawa will not only insulate your home, it will also shave a few dollars off of those terrible heating and air conditioning bills. The metal roof reflects ultra-violet rays, therefore keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. There are also a number of different paints that can amplify this effect, too, which can be especially beneficial in the summer.

The Price is Right – Yes the initial cost of having a metal roof installed isn’t exactly cheap, but the ROI (Return On Investment) is well worth every penny. Can you believe that owning a metal roof in Ottawa can help you save money on insurance? This depends on the insurance company, of course, but it is a possibility. Remember that a metal roof should last a lifetime, it aids with winter and summer energy costs, and best of all it really does look great.

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