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How Does Steel Roofing Affect the Conditions Inside Your Home

How Does Steel Roofing Affect the Conditions Inside Your Home

steel roofing TorontoThinking about replacing your tired, leaky, wooden roofing with metal roofing? More and more property owners are turning to steel roofing as an alternative to wood, asphalt and tile. Energy efficiency, fire resistance and longevity have all been cited as reasons to change to steel roofing. Changes on the outside of your home will also result in changes on the inside.

Steel Roofing On The Outside, Better Conditions On The Inside

Metal roofing is a great fit for property owners not only in Toronto, Mississauga and Ottawa but also from across the country. While there are many aesthetic, budgetary and practical reasons to change, an often overlooked advantage of steel roofing is how it can directly and indirectly affect the conditions inside your home in a positive way.

  • Maintenance: Metal roofing is much lower maintenance. As a result, you won’t have people inside your home constantly repairing and replacing things or outside banging away on shingles while you’re trying to put your kids down for a nap. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, that’s a long time without ever having to have a roofing contractor inside your house!
  • Temperature: On long, hot summer days, people with a wood, tile or asphalt roof notice as their house heats up throughout the day and their electric bill ticks up from the air conditioning. Metal roofing reflects the sun and reduces midday heat gain. This keeps your home at a more consistent temperature as well as reduces your electricity bills. As the mercury begins to drop during winter months, with proper insulation, your home will stay warm and toasty with steel roofing.
  • Protection: Since metal roofing naturally repels snow, ice and water better than other materials, you won’t be left with a leaky roof and all the problems associated with it. When a roof leaks, you’re not only faced with replacing that, but you also have to deal with all the collateral damage inside your home. On the other end of the spectrum, if you live in an area prone to wildfires, metal roofing can give you better protection against the blaze because it has the highest fire safety rating. Live in the hurricane belt? Most metal roofs can withstand up to 150kph of wind. However unlikely, a metal roof that is properly grounded can also prevent your home from going up in flames if it is hit by lightning. Metal roofing can protect the inside of your home from the natural elements much better than the alternatives.

Without proper armor, you can’t expect to defend the inside your home from the onslaught of natural elements. Whether it’s heat, cold, rain, snow, fire or lightning, steel roofing will give you much better peace of mind that the inside of your home is safe from whatever nature throws at it.