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7 Traits the Roofing Contractors You Hire Should Possess

7 Traits the Roofing Contractors You Hire Should Possess

roofing contractors MississaugaSo you’ve done your research and decided to update your home with metal roofing. Great! Now, it’s time to choose the perfect contractor for the job. Your new roof is a big investment and since you’ve chosen metal, it’s likely to last you a very long time. Metal roofing installation is highly specialized so it’s even more important to choose your contractor carefully.

How to Find Your Perfect Roofing Contractor

With metal roofing becoming more and more popular, there are plenty of contractors in the Mississauga area to choose from. The key is to find the one who can do your project best. Finding the right roofing contractor doesn’t have to be a headache if you can check these 7 traits off your list.

  1. Experience: Choose a contractor that has at least 3 years of metal roofing installation experience. The tools and materials used for metal roofing are not like those used for more traditional roofs. Therefore, you should be careful to only hire someone who has experience with this type of installation.
  2. Client References: If you have had friends or family go through the process, ask for references. If not, ask neighbours or look online at websites that review home improvement companies. Or simply ask the roofing contractor for references. If they’re unwilling to provide them, avoid doing business with them.
  3. Industry References: A good contractor should have done business with other people in a similar industry like architects and builders. Call some local companies and see what they have to say about the roofing contractors in your area.
  4. Knowledge: A good roofing contractor can explain your options to you. A great roofing contractor can listen to your goals and not only explain the options, but also recommend the best solution. Opt for a contractor who can detail why certain materials or installation procedures would be best for you.
  5. Problem Solving Skills: While there is no easy way to test for this, it’s important that your roofing contractor be able to solve any problems that may arise during your installation. If they gloss over problems during this phase, it will lead to bigger problems, like leakage, for property owners further down the line.
  6. Communication: This is probably one of the most important traits a roofing contractor should possess. From the start to the finish of the project, the contractor should be able to communicate their plans to you in a manner that you can understand.
  7. Diverse Backgrounds: This can be difficult to find, but if you find a contractor with employees from different professional backgrounds, it can be a real advantage. They can use their combined experience to ensure that your project, however unique it may be, is successful.

From the minute the first shingle is removed from your old roof until the final panel of your new roof is put into place, you can rest at ease that your contractor is doing a good job if you have checked these seven items off your list.