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Super Long Warranties: Our Roofing Contractors Tell You Why This is a Deal Clincher

Super Long Warranties: Our Roofing Contractors Tell You Why This is a Deal Clincher

When buying a smart phone, you’re given the option to purchase different insurance or protection plans. Two years coverage, which will allow you to purchase a new phone for $50 instead of the $300 plus it could cost you if you drop it in the sink. Some people invest in this, others hesitate- assuring themselves that they will be careful, that they will be responsible, or, if all else fails- by the time they break their phone, a newer and better one may be on the market. But what if that coverage came standard, and covered the lifetime of the product? If instead of 2 years and a few hundred dollars, we’re talking 40 – 50 years and several thousand dollars? Roofing contractors and roofing materials each come with their own warranties, and this is something that you should pay close attention to when shopping around for a new roof.

Our Roofing Contractors Explain Why the Length of the Warranty is Important

1. Value over Time – The value of a good isn’t its selling price; it’s the monetary worth over time – in other words the importance or significance it holds. Instead of thinking of a price tag as a single transaction, the swipe of a card, consider the years ahead- and the difference made in them. Metal roofing has a competitive advantage in terms of value, in that it is often guaranteed for 40-50 years. The fact that metal roofing warranties are quite often given for this length of time means a lot – it says that the materials involved are quality, and will last you for years ( if they don’t, the company pays). It also says a lot about commitment- that roofing contractors don’t just complete the installation and then leave as quickly as possible, but that there’s a lasting contract to ensure your satisfaction. It also tells you that roofing companies trust their products and are prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

2. Maintenance – Here we can build another layer into that “value” emphasis. Maintenance on a roof can be really expensive. At times, upkeep or replacement due to damage can be just as expensive as the installation in the first place! With that in mind, it becomes exponentially more important to ensure that you have a quality product- like steel roofing– and a lengthy warranty.

3. Environmental Hazards – As any experienced roofing contractor can tell you, the weather is not a fate you need tempt. In Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Windsor, and Ottawa, we face extremes all year round, whether that’s rainstorms, snowstorms, heat, cold, or just that nasty gust that could topple your neighbour’s tree onto your roof. No matter how nature decides to torment your home, it’s important to know that you have a quality roof overhead and a good warranty to cover any damage that may occur.

So you may not be a roofing contractor. You may not have any experience with metal or steel roofing– or you may be an expert. Regardless of your position along that spectrum, it’s important to recognize what a long term warranty says about a product, and why you should look for one. Whether it’s 10 years or 50, it demonstrates the level of trust that roofing companies have in their products. If you’re looking for a long-term warranty, or a product you can trust for decades, check out londonecometal.com.

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