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The Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid When Investing in Metal Roofing

The Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid When Investing in Metal Roofing

With any big investment, it pays to do your research. Knowing about common mistakes in advance can help save you time, money and stress- and each in large amounts. Take these clichés and multiply them by about a thousand when you begin to consider a metal roofing project. As installation can be expensive, materials can be expensive, and labour can be expensive, a mistake on any front can be particularly painful for your check book. And a mistake on your roof is not one you can just ignore, or put off for another day. Mistakes with a roofing project could result in leaks, rotting, and damage to the rest of your home, all of which we assume you would like to avoid. Paying attention to the mistakes people have made previously during metal roofing projects could help you avoid them during your own project.

What Mistakes Do People Commonly Make During Metal Roofing Projects?

1. Assuming All Roofing Contractors Are Equal – Yes, in the main, roofing contractors are all very experienced with roofing. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all significantly experienced with metal roofing. All dentists can pull your teeth, but you typically enlist an oral surgeon to take out your wisdom teeth. Likewise, all roofing contractors have experience roofing houses, but if you’re investing in steel roofing, check to make sure that your roofing contractor has a lot of experience in that specific area.

2. Assuming all Metal Roofs are Equal – A rose is a rose is a rose…. isn’t it? Not in the case of metal roofing. In Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Windsor, and Ottawa, we face a good amount of snow. Some metal roofs can “hook” snow and ice, causing snow to stick on the roof and pile up, while others provide direct, slick passages to shed snow and ice without enduring the excess weight on your roof or the potential damage that such a situation could cause. Different metal roofs have different thicknesses, different finishes, different purposes! Make sure you find the one that suits your specific needs.

3. Not Consulting an Expert – If you’re having any difficulty finding a roof that fits your needs, not getting some expert advice is a big mistake. Actually, even if you think you know everything there is to know, still consult an expert, at least to confirm your beliefs. This is a significant investment to make, and roofing experts can assist you along the way, and provide real insight into the pros and cons of different types of metal roofing.

4. Buying Based on the Price Tag Alone – As with any large investment, consider all the factors. If Brand A is significantly cheaper, why is that? Does it have a different finish, different level of quality, different level of water resistance, different warranty, different thickness, different type of metal? Prices generally are driven by factors such as these, and they’re worth considering in the purchase process.

These are a few of the main areas where other consumers have historically made mistakes. How will you avoid doing the same? Be aware of the risks you take on with a metal roofing installation, research all that you can, and consult the experts at londonecometal.com.

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