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Mythbusters: We Clear Up Some of the Biggest Misconceptions About Steel Roofing

Mythbusters: We Clear Up Some of the Biggest Misconceptions About Steel Roofing

Ever since elementary school, we’ve witnessed the cycles of the rumour mill. Sometimes it was positive, and brought great tidings; that there would be pizza for lunch in the cafeteria, or that Friday was only a half-day. Sometimes it was negative, and quickly spun out of control; that Charlie failed an English test, or that Amanda hadn’t brushed her teeth. The larger the network involved, the harder it became to track down the truth, and convince everyone against all of the myths. The rumour mill is still busy these days, but hopefully we can help debunk some of these myths about steel roofing.

What Are the Biggest Myths About Steel Roofing?

1. It Will Heat Up Your House in the Summer – This myth is the first one we must address because it seems to be the most common one. We’ve all accidentally touched a pan fresh from the stove or brushed by a car baking in the sun, and in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Windsor, and Ottawa, we know that summers can run hot. From that brief encounter, we learn a lesson very quickly: that metal conducts heat. In the case of roofing, however, it’s not as straightforward as that. While metal generally conducts heat that it has absorbed, metal roofing does not absorb heat- it reflects it. So instead of making our homes hotter, steel roofing actually reflects the heat away, and keeps them cooler.

2. It Will Attract Lightning – Lightning searches for the highest point. If that’s your house, you should likely install lightning rods, regardless of your roofing type. If lightning were to strike directly upon your roof, instead of on a lightning rod, having metal roofing actually serves as greater protection to your house as it will not catch fire- stainless steel roofs are Class A fire resistant. Steel roofing serves to dissipate the charge of the lightning, in the off chance it were to strike.

3. It Will Be Really Loud During Bad Weather – You’re probably thinking of a tin roof over a ramshackle little hut, where every raindrop sounds like a bullet. Not to worry though, that’s not exactly what we’re working with here. A big piece of this myth depends on the quality of your roofing contractors. Steel roofs are not inherently louder than other types of roofing, and with proper installation, they can even be quieter than regular asphalt shingle roofs.

4. It Will Rust – We’ve all seen what water, weather and time can do to metal, and it

isn’t pretty. Older cars showcase patches of rust just blossoming across them, and certainly the last thing you’d want is your house to sport a matching pattern. Which is, of course, why that’s been taken care of. The metal treatment and finish prevents oxidation, and the roof itself is moisture resistant. The steel roof you install today is the steel roof you’ll still see four or five decades from now.

Even in elementary school, we’d get lectures about the dangers of the rumour mill. Then, we’d smile and nod along with chastisement, and potentially search out the truth for ourselves, or hope that someone else would figure it all out and share with you. Now, it’s much easier. When you catch word of something, and aren’t quite sure of the veracity, go straight to the source of metal roofing expertise, at londonecoroof.com.

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