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How to Decide if Metal Roofing is Right for You

How To Decide If A Metal Roof Is Right For You

Are you considering a metal roof for your residential, commercial, or industrial project? While shingle roofs have long been the top choice for sloped roofs, we have seen a huge increase in contractors choosing metal. Its growth in popularity is a testament to its excellence for whatever your project may be. You may be wondering if metal is right for you. Consider these things when deciding:


The cost of metal roofing may make some people shy away. Compared to asphalt, metal is a tad more expensive. However, contractors and building owners must also consider that metal will last longer, require less maintenance, as well as improve the energy efficiency of a building. All these factors contribute to a value that shingles simply don’t possess.


Both reliable and strong, metal roofs give your home the best protection against extreme weather conditions. Including hurricane-force winds, hail storms, heavy rain, and wildfires. Does your area experience heavy rainfall or downpours? Metal roofs are nearly impenetrable to moisture. Live near the sea? Metal panels, especially copper, can withstand the salt spray. Metal roofs are far more durable than shingles, with little risk of blowing away during a storm or losing its strength over the years.


Is your home exposed to a lot of sunlight? Metal roofs are able to reflect the sun, meaning less heat absorbing into your living space. In turn, this leads to needing less energy to cool the home. Besides saving money on utility bills, metal roofs are also great for the environment! Choosing metal panels reduces the amount of asphalt that needs to be disposed of or recycled each year, and the panels themselves are 100% recyclable!

Age of Home

Renovating? If you live in an older home, that might be another reason to consider metal. Metal is significantly lighter than other roofing options that can cause stress to the structure of an older home.

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, a metal roof is a long lasting investment in your facility that is well worth it! Wondering if metal panels are right for your facility? Contact our team today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions at  1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com!