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Basic Metal Roofing Information For A Homeowner

Metal roofing material is gaining wide acceptance a growing number of converts because changes made to this durable roofing material have given it more eye appeal and greater insulation and sun reflective values. While the traditional style ugly roof made of corrugated tin may be what comes to mind, nothing could be further from the actuality in today’s world.

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Selecting the Appropriate Metal Roofing for Your Home

Metal materials for roofs have come a long way since their introduction. Today they can come in very attractive colors and in forms that look like other materials.

Steel and aluminum can be used as roof material. New types of formed sheets can appear to look like other materials such as traditional tile roofing. Metal material can also be painted to mimic natural materials such as clay and aged clay tiles.

You can choose the kind of roof material and colour to go with the look of your home. This can increase its appeal and value. Most houses are built following a particular trend or style. We offer four types of roof profiles available in twelve unique colours *.

You can call us any time and ask for estimates for the material you want. Our professional and courteous staff will arrange an appointment to look at your roof, provide you with all the necessary information and of course to provide you with the estimate for your metal roof.

Metal roofing is known to last for an average of 50 years and many home owners are attracted to the knowledge that they won’t need to replace their roof again anytime in the near future.

Metal roofs may cost more than asphalt shingles up front. However, as petroleum-based product costs go up – and asphalt shingles are petroleum-based – the cost difference is less than it was a few years ago. Finally, if you run a pay-back analysis and figure in the annual energy savings in your heating and cooling bills (depending upon the region you live in), a metal roof can pay for itself in just a few years.

You can use our price comparison calculator to estimate your savings.


*Depending on the profile type, not all colours may be available.

The Sky’s the Limit for Metal Roofing

Durable metal roofing saves energy by reflecting heat—an important consideration in hot climates.

By Craig A. Shutt

With wildfires, hurricanes, hail and other extreme conditions affecting housing across the country, more homeowners are becoming aware of the potential advantages of metal roofing. Manufacturers are encouraging this interest by introducing a wider range of style options to fit more home designs.

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BENGA – New Metal Roofing Product Has Arrived

Architects, designers and home owners have for years longed for a metal roof without visible fasteners. Finally this has become possible with a revolutionary product by London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – Benga.

Benga with hidden fasteners can be produced in one- and two-steps sheets. Hidden fastener tiles are installed horizontally, which gives greater freedom to the installer at the job site. This product can be installed from left for right side and is suited for a handyman. Benga tiles are available in 3 colours: black, gray and brown.

benga - new metal roofing product

For more information visit “New Products” page.

Price Comparison Calculator

We have introduced a new tool – calculator, allowing you to estimate the cost of metal roofing for your home and compare it with the cost of other type of roofing over 45 – 50 years.

price comparison

You can access price comparison calculator here.

Note: These are rough estimates for materials and installation and not intended to be used for actual figures.

Breathable Roof Membrane (Vapour Permable) 135g

Exclusive from London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – new product available for purchase directly from us.

Thanks to high vapor permeability LONDON ECO ROOF membranes enable keeping the roof dry. LONDON ECO ROOF membrane is designed as an insulating layer for inclined roofs, which slope is ≥ 20 º (≥ 36,4 %), mounted to battens and counter-battens.

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Available Metal Roof Colours

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is offering four different profiles of metal roof and they are available in 11 colours and one additional as a special order. Two of these colours, “Brown Mocha” and “Blue Gray” were introduced recently:

For more information about specific products and colours available visit our metal roofing product page.

Metal Roofs – An Introduction / Environmental Benefits

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A greater degree of protection from the elements, specifically the harsher elements, is offered by metal roofing systems, as opposed to other types of roofs.

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing options for re-roofing material in the United States.

Metal roofing is known to last for an average of 50 years and many home owners are attracted to the knowledge that they won’t need to replace their roof again anytime in the near future.

Very little maintenance is needed for metal roofing systems and they often live out their 50 to 70 year life spans with only the occasional tweak here and there.
Another huge advantage to metal roofs is that they are not flammable.

Metal roofs that are installed properly will almost never leak. The fastening, sealing, and coating systems of today are specifically designed to be leak free and ensure that rain, snow, and wind stay on the outside of your home.

Environmental Benefits

The longevity of metal roofs alone is one of its greatest environmental benefits. The National Association of Homebuilders Research Center estimates that the amount of asphalt shingles that are thrown into garbage dumps in the United States may be as much as 20 billion pounds per year.

On the other hand, most metal roofing is made from about 25 percent recycled materials. And once it comes to the end of its incredibly long life span, the entire metal roof can be painlessly recycled.

Metal roofs can usually be installed right over whatever old roofing materials you currently have. This avoids expensive and environmentally hazardous roof removal and does not add one shingle to our dwindling landfill space.

Because of their reflective qualities, metal roofs can easily keep out the sun’s rays and drastically reduce your air conditioning bill. This not only saves you money but it helps you to use less energy, which is great for the environment.

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