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6 Facts About Metal Roofing You Probably Didn’t Know

6 Facts About Metal Roofing You Probably Didn’t Know

metal roofing Kitchener We’ll admit, metal roofing isn’t everyone’s first passion in life. Most people, though, at some point, start to show an interest in roofing, simply because – well, everyone wants a roof over their head! When you’ve spent as long in the roofing business as London Eco Metal – one of the leading providers of metal roofing Kitchener has to offer – you start to appreciate the rarer and less-known aspects of roofing.

When it Comes to Metal Roofing, Kitchener has the Skills and the Knowledge

Apart from impressing your friends over a round of golf with your knowledge about the finer side of metal roofing, you can use these facts to check up on any contractors you might be thinking of hiring – most in Kitchener know their stuff, but you might just catch someone out with one of the six facts:

  • Metal Roofs Are Far More Common than You Might Think – There is a common misconception that metal roofs are pretty much only used in industrial buildings. While it’s true that most industrial buildings do make use of metal roofs, it’s also true that many of the chicest residential properties do too. In terms of the range of colours and textures, metal roofing has advanced to the point where it is used everywhere from mock-Victorian townhouses to country ranches.
  • Metal Roofs Are the Smartest Financial Option – You might get a few strange looks when you tell this to your friends, but it is in fact, true. Never mind the fact that you will almost always pay more up front for a metal roof than you would for say, an asphalt shingle roof. The fact of the matter is that, once you’ve paid for your metal roof, that’s it for the next sixty years, whereas other types of roof will need repairing and replacing during that time, costing you more than double what you paid for your metal roof.
  • Metal Roofs Are Quiet – Their underlay dampens sound so much that rain, hail and other sounds actually become almost imperceptible.
  • Metal Roofs Are Safer than Other Options – Metal won’t usually break under a falling branch, for example, and there is no danger to objects or people below the roof, as there of is from dislodged tiles.
  • Metal Roofs Protect You and Your Home the Most from Bad Weather – Whether it’s heavy snowfall or one of those end-of-summer storms, a metal roof protects the integrity of your building much more than any other kind of roof.
  • For Metal Roofing, Kitchener Is the Place to Be – In the past 15 years, metal roofing has increased from 4 to 12% in our city’s re-roofing projects. As mentioned above, that means residential properties as well as other types.

As the popularity of metal roofing grows, you’ll find yourself meeting people who can share similar interesting facts. Perhaps one day, you’ll be inspired to get your own re-roofing project off the ground, by contacting London Eco Metal, for metal roofing Kitchener can be proud of.