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How Energy Efficient is Metal Roofing?

How Energy Efficient is Metal Roofing?

Metal RoofingEnergy efficiency is a primary concern of most homeowners these days – partially as part of a desire to reduce their household expenditure, and partly out of genuine concern for the state of the environment. As a result of this, we are constantly on the lookout for energy-efficient solutions to our daily needs. Roofing is obviously a major area where we can look to save energy expenditure as it is such an important part of the house.

The Many Advantages of Metal Roofing

It’s not all that long ago that most people scoffed at the idea of metal roofing in residential buildings. It was acceptable for warehouses and little more. But advances in colour, texture and design have made metal a viable option for roofing on many different types of houses. Now, metal roofing is steadily rising in popularity as consumers begin to realise the numerous advantages it presents in terms of energy efficiency:

  • Firstly, it saves energy by simply providing better protection for the house as a whole. Metal roofing usually has a lifespan of around 60 years – the energy spent repairing and replacing other roofs just isn’t necessary when it comes to metal. As it is a great protector from fire, storms and heavy snow, it’s also likely that your metal roof will save you from having to waste energy resources repairing other parts of your home, too.
  • More interesting to most homeowners, is the fact that metal roofing can save you up to 40% of your household energy expenditure in the summer months. This is due to the high reflectivity of metal roofs when compared with other types of roofing. Radiation from sunlight that is reflected away from the house is not absorbed. Quite often we see that houses become small islands of heat during the hot summer months, as their roofs absorb much of the constant heat radiation that falls upon them, forcing inhabitants to constantly use expensive and wasteful air conditioners.
  • From a longer-term, green perspective, metal roofs beat off the competition thanks to the fact that they are largely entirely recyclable. This means that once the lifespan of a metal roof is over, it won’t end up in landfill somewhere. Instead, it will be able to be recycled – perhaps even into another metal roof. This is a much better use of the planet’s finite resources and space than most other roofing types.

Energy efficient homes are growing ever-more popular and we have entered a phase in which energy efficiency has become a very large factor in a potential buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home or not. As a result of this, metal roofs are expected to improve a home’s resale value by up to 6%. Installing a metal roof, therefore, gives you peace of mind in at least three different ways: You save money on your household energy expenditure, you reduce the amount of damage done to the environment and you increase the value of your assets at the same time.