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Why a New Metal Roofing Installation is Better than an Overlay

Metal Roofing InstallationIf it is obvious that your roof is in a state of disrepair (i.e. there is water leaking inside, roof shingles are missing and/or severely worn) or you have had several professional roofing contractors have a look at it and tell you that it needs replacing, the first decision you need to make will be to choose whether to have a tear-off job done and start again from scratch, or to opt for an overlay instead. A tear-off job involves completely stripping the roof right down to the wood decking and installing a brand new roof, while when an overlay job is done, new shingles are simply applied to the existing roof. Which option is better is a highly debated topic in the roofing industry, with most roofing contractors agreeing that it’s impossible to discover whether a roof has “weak” spots without completely stripping it down, and by simply overlaying it you are risking serious structural damage to the property in order to avoid the short-term investment a new installation would require. As the leading metal roofing installation experts in Toronto and Mississauga, this is something we are frequently asked about and during this article we are going to discuss the merits of opting for a new installation over an overlay.

Benefits of a Brand New Metal Roofing Installation

We of course specialize in metal roofing, but these benefits apply to any type of new roofing installation. Remember that the only real advantage of overlaying your existing roof is that you will save money in the short term. You should, however, never base your decision on the cost alone, and a new metal roofing installation will:

  • Allow for a Thorough Inspection – By removing the existing roofing materials, roofing contractors are able to thoroughly inspect the deck, valley, the areas where the roof connects to the walls, and the areas that surround the roofing penetrations. It is possible that any of the materials used in these areas could have fallen victim to water damage and rot, which could compromise the stability of the roof if not replaced. It would not be possible to inspect this area if the roof was simply overlaid.
  • Ensure Presence of an Underlayment – It could be possible that when your current roof was installed, the shingles were installed directly onto the decking without an underlayment. If your current roof is left in place it will be impossible to install the missing underlayment, which helps to keep moisture out of your home and helps to prevent shingles cracking and buckling as a result of the fluctuating Toronto temperatures.
  • Avoid Adding Weight – While a metal roofing installation is known for its lightweight and strength, when an existing roof is overlaid the overall weight of the roof is doubled, exerting more pressure on the rafters. This means your roof is more likely to bow or sag. It would only take particularly heavy snowfall during winter, which is possible in Toronto, to cause the roof on your property to completely collapse. Remember that asphalt and concrete shingles absorb moisture too!
  • Heat Shortens Roof’s Lifespan – A double layer of shingles will improve the insulation of your roof, which may sound like a good thing. However, this results in your attic becoming significantly warmer, and exaggerating the contraction and movement of shingles to such an extent that they don’t often reach their expected lifespan. The increase in your attic’s temperature could also cause your air-conditioning bills to skyrocket during the summer months, when temperatures can climb above 30 degrees Celsius in Toronto.
  • Valleys Will Be Properly Flashed – Any roofing contractor in Toronto or Mississauga will tell you that the most vulnerable part of any roof is the valleys. The underlayment will offer a certain level of protection to valleys, but it’s vital that flashing is also installed to protect your home against leaks. If you opt for a new metal roofing installation, the roofing contractors you work with will be able to fit new flashing, but on an overlay job that isn’t usually possible.

If you are considering a new metal roofing installation and would like further information about the products and services that we offer,

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How a Steel Roofing Installation Compares to Standard Roofing Options

Steel Roofing Installation As the surface of your home that faces the greatest exposure to the elements, when having a roof installed the specifics — such as the shape and the materials that are used to construct it — need to be considered very, very carefully, as these aspects of your roof will have a significant impact on its longevity. The truth is though that the average homeowner doesn’t actually give as much consideration to these factors as they should, and the vast majority just tend to go with what is seen as the “norm,” which these days is a Hip or Gable style roof with asphalt or concrete shingles. However, we would advise against following the masses or selecting your new roof based on price alone. As the leading metal roofing manufacturers in Toronto and Mississauga, we would strongly advise you to consider a steel roofing installation, which offers a considerable number of benefits.

The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Roofing Installation

You may hear many building contractors say that asphalt shingles are “king” when it comes to the residential housing market, and based on the sheer number of installations, they are not wrong. It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of roofs in North America are built using asphalt shingles. However, this is largely due to convenience if not anything else, with asphalt shingles being cheap to purchase, easy to install and relatively attractive. In terms of performance though, asphalt roofs cannot compete with a steel roofing installation, which offers the following benefits:

Extremely Lightweight

The framework that is built for the roof, in addition to your property’s walls and foundations, needs to be able to support your new roof, otherwise the roof may begin to sag, or even worse, exert so much pressure that the core structure of the property is compromised. When standard roofing materials are used, the roof can weigh several tons. A steel roofing installation is extremely lightweight by comparison, weighing just a ton on an average sized home in Toronto or Mississauga.

Do Not Absorb Water

Unlike asphalt shingles or concrete shingles, a steel roofing installation is impervious to water, meaning that when it rains, the weight of your roof does not increase. Since annual rainfall in the Greater Toronto Area is relatively high, this is a huge advantage. Just to make this clear, a steel roofing installation will always be approximately the same weight, whether wet or dry, while other standard types of roof can increase in weight by as much as 10%, putting extra pressure on your property’s roof supports and foundations.

Unrivalled Longevity

One of the main reasons to choose a steel roofing installation is the fact that they can outlast other types of roofing by decades, making them by far the most cost efficient solution available. London Eco-Roof offers a 55 year warranty on all steel roofing products, while the vast majority of concrete or asphalt roofs come with a 20 to 30 year warranty.

Reduces Heating & Cooling Costs

Another way in which a steel roofing installation is more cost efficient than other types of roofs is through its ability to reduce your heating and cooling bills. How does it do this? Rather than storing heat energy as the sun’s UV rays hit your roof, this heat energy is reflected, meaning your roof naturally cools down much quicker, reducing your dependence on air conditioning units during the sweltering summer months we enjoy here in Toronto. A steel roofing installation will also typically come with a superior R-Value, which is how a material’s ability to insulate is graded, to both asphalt and concrete. So in addition to reducing cooling costs, your heating costs in the winter are lowered too.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Once your steel roofing installation is complete, there’s really very little to do other than let it do its thing. The rainwater will naturally wash its surface down and keep it looking visually attractive, and steel roofs don’t utilize any bonding agents to secure it in place like shingles do, which may weaken over time. This minimizes the chances of the roof getting damaged to virtually zero, unlike traditional roofs where shingles often crack and become loose .

Unlimited Design Possibilities

If you are picturing the kind of big, ugly tin type roofs that you see on warehouses across the country when you think of a steel roofing installation, you couldn’t be more wrong. Many homeowners are surprised at just how beautiful these things are. Steel roofs can be designed in a vast range of styles and colours and the experts at London Eco-Roof can help you come up with the perfect design to fit in with the other architectural elements of your home. It’s a material that can be manipulated to suit either a modern style home or something more classic.
A new roof is a significant investment and London Eco-Roof’s only goal is to help you make the right decision. In the past 4 years we have successfully completed hundreds of different orders in the Toronto and Mississauga areas, and our products offer an exceptional blend of affordability, quality and visual beauty.

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The Various Parts of a Steel Roofing Installation

Steel Roofing InstallationA steel roofing installation has to be constructed and installed in a specific way for it to be able to offer all the benefits that are commonly associated with this type of roofing, which is why it’s important to carefully select the roofing contractors you work with. Less reputable roofing contractors will cut corners at every opportunity in order to maximize the amount of money they collect from your project, which will affect both the roof’s performance and its lifespan. How exactly is a steel roofing installation put together though? What are the various components that combine to create the finished thing? Every team member at London Eco-Roof has an in-depth knowledge of these components and we are going to outline some of the main ones in this article today.

A Guide to the Core Components of a Steel Roofing Installation

Whether you are located in Toronto, Mississauga or any other part of the country, a steel roofing installation is a great option, both in terms of aesthetics and its ability to resist a range of different weather conditions. The fact that a steel roofing installation will also almost always outlast (we offer a 55 year warranty) traditional asphalt and concrete roofs is another reason why so many Canadian homeowners are having them installed. Some of the main parts of a steel roofing installation include:

Steel Roofing Substructure

Before a steel roof can be installed, the top surface of your property must be properly prepared with an appropriate substructure. The substructure’s role is to form a solid foundation on which the steel roof can be installed upon. It also adds another weatherproof layer that helps to prevent moisture from getting into your home, increases insulation and soundproofs your property. This substructure will typically be made up of an underlay, battens and ventilation strips.

Steel Roofing Surface Structure

  • Roof Sheets/Panels/Tiles – Whatever you want to call them, the steel sheets/panels/tiles are by far the most visible elements of a steel roofing installation and form the first line of defence in protecting your home from rain, wind and snow. Due to their prominent position and the size of the roofing structure, they also play an important role in the aesthetics of your home.
  • Valley Flashing – Valleys are commonly formed on many types of roofs and are where two sections of a roof meet at an angle. Valley flashing is installed to protect your property against unwanted leaks and it’s essential this is done correctly since the valleys are the most vulnerable part of a roofing structure.
  • Eaves Flashing – Similarly, the eaves — the edge of the building (usually juts out past exterior walls) — need to be fitted with metallic flashing, which helps to protect your property against water back-up.
  • Ridge Capping – On a steel roofing installation that has sloping sides that meet in the middle, the “ridge” has to be capped, which protects this joint from the elements and improves the aesthetics of the roof. Oftentimes a vent will be installed on the ridge cap to improve the ventilation of the property.
  • Snow Guards – Due to the amount of snowfall that Toronto and surrounding areas can receive during the winter months, snow guards are often an important addition to a steel roofing installation. They prevent large amounts of frozen precipitation from just sliding off your roof and potentially causing damage or hurting someone. Instead, the snow or ice is suspended on your roof until it either melts completely or thaws out enough for small pieces to safely drop off.
  • Verge Trims – These are fitted to the edges of your roof, helping to waterproof your property and facilitate the flow of rainwater into your gutters. They need to be carefully chosen to complement the rest of the roof.
  • Rainwater System – Gutters and downspouts play a vital role in helping protect your roof and property from rainwater. As it hits the roof’s surface, the rainwater is directed to the gutters, which feed downspouts that safely deposit the water away from your home’s foundations and slow down the weathering process.

A steel roofing installation is a relatively new concept, at least in the eyes of most homeowners, and if you have any questions relating to the installation process or the benefits of choosing a steel roof over other options, contact our team today.

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The Different Types of Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofing InstallationIf, after weighing the pros and cons of a metal roofing installation against other options, you have decided that a metal roof is the best choice, you now need to spend some time thinking about the type of metal you would like your roof to be made from in addition to the type of panels used to build it. The vast majority of residential metal roofing installations are constructed using either steel or aluminum due to the range of favorable characteristics these materials possess, but copper, zinc and titanium may also be used. London Eco-Roof is the leading metal roofing company in Toronto and Mississauga, producing roofs that offer the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics and affordability. During this article we are going to take a look at some of the different types of metal roofing installations, in addition to metal roof panel types.

Metal Roofing Installation Tips: Materials and Panel Types

Steel Roofing Installations:

Steel is probably the most commonly chosen material when a metal roofing installation is requested, with one of its major advantages being its strength relative to its weight. Steel roofs are extremely light, weighing only 1.5 lbs per square foot compared to 2.7 lbs for asphalt shingles and 9.3 lbs for concrete roof tiles, meaning less pressure is exerted on both the roof supports and your property’s foundations. During the production process a special metallic coating is applied to steel roofing to protect it against corrosion. This is applied before the roofing is given its final paint finish, and will usually be either galvanized (this is a 100% zinc coating) or Galvalume/Zincalume (which are mixtures of zinc and aluminum). When galvanizing a steel roofing installation a minimum thickness level of G-90 should be applied, with AZ-50 or AZ-55 the minimum for Galalume/Zincalume, according to the Metal Roofing Association (MRA). When these coatings react with moisture in the air they oxidize, forming a zinc oxide that has no affect on the appearance of the roofing. A steel roofing installation often represents extremely good value when compared to other options.

Aluminum Roofing Installations:

Aluminum roofs are produced in much the same way as steel roofs, except they don’t require the metallic coating since aluminum possesses its own oxide film, protecting it against corrosion. An aluminum roof will often cost you more than a steel roofing installation due to its natural ability to resist rust (which we just mentioned), and this type of metal roofing installation tends to be very popular in environments where salt is a factor, such as near the coast. Aluminum’s strength-weight ratio is even more impressive than that of steel and it is also generally thinner too (thickness ratings range from .023 to .040), allowing it to cool down quicker.

Copper Roofing Installations

If you are seeking a roof with a striking presence, a copper roof might just be the way to go. However, in addition to being one of the most interesting roofing materials in terms of aesthetics, it’s also one of the most expensive. It can also be prone to expanding and contracting as temperatures fluctuate, which could be an issue if you live in the Greater Toronto Area. Having said that, from a performance standpoint, copper scores highly. It’s resistant to fire, wind and water damage and tends to last decades once installed.

The Different Types of Metal Roofing Installation Panels

In addition to the possibility of using various metals in the construction of a metal roof, the way the roof is constructed can vary too. We are going to briefly look at a couple of the most popular types of metal roofing constructions.

Vertical Seam Panels

Vertical seam panels, also known as standing seam roofing, can immediately be told apart from other types of metal roofing panels due to their long length and ribs that stretch right from the eaves to the ridge of the roof. They are secured using gasket type screws and offer a very clean, simplistic look that is efficient at resisting the local weather conditions experienced in Toronto and Mississauga.

Modular Press Panels

These panels interlock with one another — often four ways — and hidden fasteners may be utilized to fully secure them into place. They are renowned for offering an impressive level of wind resistance and can be designed to mimic traditional roofing materials, such as slate or tile.
If you have any enquiries relating to a metal roofing installation, London Eco-Roof is the company to contact. Since we began in 2009, we have fast become the leading metal roofing contractors in Toronto and Mississauga, offering an unparalleled level of service.

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“Signs You Need Your Roof Replacing” By Toronto’s Leading Metal Roofing Contractors

roofing contractors torontoIf you are like the majority of other people that live in Toronto or Mississauga, you probably don’t look at your roof all that often. When you are leaving the house, you are thinking about where you have to be and what you have to do, and when arriving the only thing you typically look at is your front door. Your roof maybe gets the odd glance now and then, but it certainly isn’t given a thorough visual inspection at any moment, which is a mistake since doing so could potentially help to prolong its lifespan. Many homeowners in the Toronto area contact London Eco-Roof and other roofing contractors, not knowing whether their home requires a new roof or not. There are a number of different signs to look out for, which is what we are going to discuss during this article.

Our Toronto Roofing Contractors Point Out Some of the Signs that Indicate a Roof is Past its Best

Some of the signs that a roof is no longer able to do its job effectively are more obvious than others, and it’s always wise to first consider the age of your roof before you take a closer look at its condition. If, like many others in Toronto, your home features an asphalt roof, it will likely last 10-20 years, while a metal roofing installation can easily last 50 – 60 years. If your roof has exceeded its expected lifespan, it could be time to have it replaced. Our roofing contractors recommend you carry out the following checks:

Look at it From the Attic First

Before inspecting its exterior, make a trip up to your attic to look at your roof from the inside. Ideally, you should do this a couple of times each year, as this will help you to pick up on any changes in the roof’s condition. In particular look for the following:

  • Anywhere that the roof is sagging (this will usually happen in the middle)
  • Wet patches and water stains
  • Light that is filtering through the roof from the outside

Then Check Out the Exterior of Your Roof

After inspecting the interior of your roof, you need to check it’s exterior and determine whether in its current state, your roof is capable of keeping the elements at bay. Our roofing contractors advise you to look out for the following signs in particular:

  • Check to see whether the shingles are in good condition. Can you see any that are missing, cracked or otherwise damaged?
  • Do the gutters contain parts of the roofing shingles? Over time shingles will be eroded and if gutters contain shingle particles it’s a good indicator that your roof is severely warn and a replacement should be considered.
  • Pay particular attention to the shingles that surround the chimney, pipes or vents; are they loose?
  • Pools of standing water and signs of rot or mold on the roof should be noted.
  • When checking the exterior of the roof, it’s also a good idea to quickly examine the gutters to make sure rainwater is being disposed of properly and is not being directed at your property’s foundations.

If you notice several of the signs listed above when inspecting your roof you have to seriously consider investing in a replacement, as your current roof may not be able to keep moisture and other outside weather conditions out of your home for much longer, if it is still able to now. Pick up the phone and ring a few roofing contractors — many will be prepared to come to your property, inspect the roof and give you their own professional opinion on its condition.

Why You Should Consider a Metal Roofing Installation

As Toronto’s leading metal roofing contractors, London Eco-Roof would strongly urge you to consider having a metal roof installed if your current roof needs replacing. Here’s why:

  • Can Last 5x Longer – Asphalt shingle roofs sometimes need replacing in as little as 10 years, while many of the metal roofing installations offered by London Eco-Roof come with a 55 year warranty.
  • Trouble Free – Are you sick of roofing shingles curling, cracking or going missing? Metal roofing installations don’t experience any of these problems and are maintenance free.
  • Reduce Bills – Asphalt shingles might be the “convenient” option due to their low upfront cost, but they store heat energy in the summer and have a lower R-Value, meaning your heating and cooling systems need to work harder. Metal roofs do just the opposite.

London Eco-Roof has been installing metal roofing products in Toronto and Mississauga since 2009, and we are renowned for our high quality of work. If you would like us to inspect the condition of your roof, contact us today on 1-855-838-9393.

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Eco-Tile Installation (Method 1) – New Video

Metal Roof Tile Sheet of Modular Type – An innovative and unique product designed for roofing. It is distinguished by its unique shape – 5 bottom waves and 6 peaks and it has specially formed edges that allow for easy assembly and sheets adjoin to each other perfectly on roof.

View installation video:

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Home for the Holidays

Every child deserves a toy at Christmas!

During the Holiday Season your children and mine dream of all the toys they want to see under their Christmas tree. They writ to Santa, or they sit on his knee and tell him all their secret wishes for Christmas and usually they get everything they asked for and more!

However not all children are as lucky as ours and we need to remember these children as well, not only during the Christmas season but all year round. During the year many abused women and their children find shelter at the Women’s Community House, where they are assured a more secure environmental than they had at “home”. While the Community House provides support and care for these residents in various ways, due to budget just like anywhere else, they obviously are not able to make all the kids’ Christmas dreams come true when it comes to “Mommy, will Santa find us here?”

Another amazing and heartwarming guardian of those in need is the Salvation Army. Stalwart and forever reliable even the Salvation Army is feeling the pinch this year. Whit so many unemployed here in London their “Kettle” campaign wasn’t quite the success they had hoped for in order to make Christmas “happen” for so many of the children on their list. Now don’t get me wrong, these Londoners that are in need will have food for Christmas which is the most important thing, but there will just not be enough to answer all the wishes for the children and “every child deserves a toy at Christmas!”

Now the good news in all of this is, with the help and sponsorship of Joe Malec, owner of London Eco-Roof, The London Community News and London Eco-Roof are asking our readers’ to drop off a new, unwrapped toy appropriate for children ages 1-12 and we will make sure that they are evenly distributed to both the worthy associations above for “Santa’s sack” this Christmas. What’s one unwrapped toy mean to you? It’s that scarf you thought of buying but don’t really need it? One unwrapped toy will mean the world to a needy child who otherwise will think that they’ve done something wrong because Santa didn’t find them this year.  Joe Malec wants to make a difference and so we entreat you to help us make Every London child feel loved and happy this Christmas.

Thank you for caring and sharing! Thank you for making a difference!

Please drop toys off at either:

London Eco-Roof
1682 Dundas St. E.

The London Community News
80-1074 Dearness Drive (just off Bradley)

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