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Can A Metal Roof Be Replaced In Winter?

Can A Metal Roof Be Replaced In WinterHere in Ontario, we are no strangers to harsh winter weather. And with harsh weather comes unexpected expenses – such as suddenly needing a new roof in the middle of Winter! The main advantage metal roofing has when it comes to winterizing your home is that, barring a snowstorm, metal roofs can be installed in the middle of winter. They do not become brittle under extreme cold, unlike other roofing materials such as asphalt. Nor do they require reinforcement of the original roof deck – speeding up the construction time. Want to learn more about replacing your metal roof in winter? Read on!

Why Can Metal Roofs Be Replaced In Winter?

Unlike other roofing options, metal roofing can easily be installed in the colder months without compromising quality. By design, metal roofing panels are not subject to cracking, bending, or breaking. As a result, this strong roofing system is not phased by harsh temperatures and snow. In fact, metal roofing materials are designed to shed water, minimizing ice and snow collection. They also do not need to cure or seal. Finally, the reduced demand on contractors may even mean reduced costs and turnaround time!

Metal Panels Are The Ideal Roof For Cold Climates

We know metal roofs can be installed during the winter, but what makes them last the coldest months of the year?  Metal roofs are lighter compared to traditional materials. This eliminates the need to reinforce the original roof deck while still being able to support a heavy layer of snow. Speaking of, that snow simply slides off your roof thanks to their design! Causing less overall stress on your home. Metal roofs also create an effective barrier against heat loss, improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Overall, metal roofing provides the best defense against harsh winter weather. Have you found yourself needing to replace a metal roof in the middle of Winter? Give us a call! We are happy to discuss your metal roofing options. Contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.