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How Long Have IMPs Been Around?

How Long Have IMPs Been AroundBrilliant ideas not only change the way we do things. They reshape industries and alter the course of history. Take Steve Jobs’ personal computing idea in the 1970s, or Henry Ford introducing the assembly line. The construction industry is no different, with advances in technology and differences in perspective spearheading change and streamlining projects. Insulated metal panels are one such material that have soared in popularity for their greater value and higher energy efficiency, without the sacrifice of aesthetics. So how long have IMPs been around and how have they changed the construction industry?

How Long Have IMPs Been Around?

How long have IMPs been around? Insulated metal panel (IMP) technology was first developed through a government experiment more than 80 years ago! The invention was actually heralded at the time by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. It wasn’t until the 1970s, as CENTRIA’s presence emerged in the insulated metal panel manufacturing industry, that the idea truly took off.

IMPs Today

Today, the all-in-one construction material is among the fastest-growing building mediums. Seeing double-digit sales growth year after year for the last decade. Designed to create a protective barrier against water, air, vapor, heat and cold, IMPs deliver energy efficiency resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. With growing frequency, they are being used in the construction of cold-storage facilities, aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, office buildings, convention centers and even homes.

Benefits of IMPs

  • IMPs are designed for efficient installation, which leads to a lower cost of construction.
  • IMPs are an obvious solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • IMPs offer a variety of colors and structural attributes that allow architects a multitude of design options without sacrificing strength.
  • IMPs durability means fewer structural supports and the ability to withstand multiple climates and weather related challenges.

Next time you look around your city, you may begin to see the transformation taking place. From homes to sports venues to warehouses – IMPs are the name of the game, with energy efficiency and economic value driving the revolution. While IMPs may have only been around a short time, we are willing to bet they will stick around for much longer than that.