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Price Comparison Calculator

We have introduced a new tool – calculator, allowing you to estimate the cost of metal roofing for your home and compare it with the cost of other type of roofing over 45 – 50 years. You can access price comparison calculator here. Note: These are rough estimates for materials and installation and not intended […]

Breathable Roof Membrane (Vapour Permable) 135g

Exclusive from London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – new product available for purchase directly from us. Thanks to high vapor permeability LONDON ECO ROOF membranes enable keeping the roof dry. LONDON ECO ROOF membrane is designed as an insulating layer for inclined roofs, which slope is ≥ 20 º (≥ 36,4 %), mounted to battens and […]

Available Metal Roof Colours

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is offering four different profiles of metal roof and they are available in 11 colours and one additional as a special order. Two of these colours, “Brown Mocha” and “Blue Gray” were introduced recently: For more information about specific products and colours available visit our metal roofing product page.

Metal Roofs – An Introduction / Environmental Benefits

The original article is posted on “Roofing Products” web site titled “Metal Roofs – An Introduction”. Visit their web site for the full copy of the article at: http://www.roofing-products.com/metal-roofs/metal-roof-info/metal-roofs-an-introduction/ Advantages A greater degree of protection from the elements, specifically the harsher elements, is offered by metal roofing systems, as opposed to other types of roofs. […]

London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. at Home County Folk Festival, London, Ontario.

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. will attend Home County Folk Festival this weekend (July 15 to 17, 2011) as one of Green Vendors. London Eco-Roof, family owned and operated and an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality steel and aluminum roofing for the environmentally conscious consumers. Home County Folk Festival presents its 38th festival in […]

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. at Trade Shows.

During the last year London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. has been very active and attended many trade shows in Ontario mainly in London, but also in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Windsor and Woodstock. We have also attended shows in the United States. Finally, some of our technical staff attended a training in Poland where metal […]

One Year in Metal Roofing Business Celebration

We have recently celebrated one year in successful business in metal roofing manufacturing and installation. Thank you for attending this event, and we are looking forward to another successful year. We would also like to say thank you to all our customers. This wouldn’t be such a successful year without you. Visit our Facebook page […]

Sound Emission of Metal Roofing

Isn’t a metal roof noisy? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about metal roofing. The theory that a metal roof is “noisy” stems from the memory of a barn, or a patio awning, where there is nothing between an individual and the roof, except air. The more adept one becomes at answering […]