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The Science Behind Metal Roofing Keeping Homes Cooler in the Summer

The Science Behind Metal Roofing Keeping Homes Cooler in the Summer

Metal roofing in London The notion that a metal roof could keep your home cool in the summer seems to run contrary to reason. After all, metal absorbs heat so your attic, or any other rooms directly under the metal roof, should be as hot as an oven in the summer, right? Wrong, actually. While it may seem a bit odd it’s actually true that metal roofing on London homes can help reduce, not increase, the amount you spend on air conditioning during the summer months. In this article we’ll explain how they manage to do that.

Metal Roofing in London: The Cure for the Sweltering Home

When people think metal and sunlight they think “hot”. But metal roofing is engineered to run against the grain of logic and actually keep your home nice and cool while the sun is beating down. This is no empty sales pitch, it’s a quantifiable fact and here’s how it works:

  • Metal roofs don’t absorb heat – Because of its low thermal mass metal roofing doesn’t absorb heat like asphalt shingles or ceramic tiles. Instead it reflects it. This can be demonstrated by going up to the roof shortly after the sun goes down. If your roof were covered in asphalt shingles it would continue to radiate heat for a long time after the sun set. While a metal roof will cool off in a matter of minutes. This ability of metal to reflect heat means that there’s very little heat available to transfer into the house.
  • Metal roofs are effectively ventilated – The pros at London Eco-Metal understand the physics of metal roofing right down to the smallest details. They understand the importance of effective and efficient ventilation to remove any heat that does get through the outer shell. Ridge vents, soffits and other mechanisms are strategically installed throughout the roof to pull heat away and vent it to the atmosphere.
  • Metal roofs provide long term savings – With asphalt shingles you’ll need to replace them every 15 to 20 years. Not so with a metal roofing. Metal roofing can be expected to last upwards of 50 years without the need for any type of extraordinary maintenance. All that money you won’t be spending to replace your roof is money in your pocket. So not only will you enjoy direct savings on air conditioning, you’ll enjoy additional savings by not having to replace your roof every 15 years or so.

If you’ve ever been up on a roof covered with asphalt shingles you know just how sweltering it can be up there. And if you’ve ever spent time in the attic under a roof covered with asphalt shingles you know they transfer most of that heat into your home. But metal roofing is different. Metal roofing in London is the counter intuitive roofing solution that keeps the heat out. Your home will be cooler, you’ll spend less on air conditioning for many years to come and, let’s face it, your home will look better than it ever could with asphalt shingles.