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Can Holes Be Repaired in Metal Roofing?

How To Repair Metal Roof

The expected lifespan of a metal roof is unrivaled, often lasting 50 to 100 years! But like any material constantly exposed to the elements, metal roofs require maintenance and repair. Perhaps a branch fell on your roof, or maybe you’re dealing with a case of deterioration and rust. Either way, the hole in your metal roofing is fixable! When done properly, repairs can last as long as the roof system itself. To ensure a job well done, we’ve comprised the following recommendations for you to repair a metal roof yourself.

Before Beginning Repairs

A hole can indicate an underlying structural issue. Be sure to complete a thorough under-deck safety review and roof analysis before attempting repairs. To prevent cracking and splitting, be sure to match the patching material to the metal already present in your existing roof. This ensures the same rate of contraction and expansion, avoiding stress on the repair site.

Clean and Scuff The Repair Area

The first step to any good repair is cleaning the area with a cleaner that won’t leave residue. Once the panels are free from dirt, film, and algae growth, use a wire brush to scuff the area where the repair will be made. This will help the sealant bond to the metal. Avoid scuffing other areas of the roof, as this removes the protective coating from the panel’s surface.

Measure, Cut, Round

Measure the area to be repaired. Your patch should be cut to cover this area as well as overlap 2″ in all directions past the damage. After the sheet metal patch has been cut, round the corners with a file or emery cloth. This prevents corners from catching snow, ice, or other debris.

Install The Patch

Liberally apply a urethane sealant to the surface of the panel being repaired, leaving no gaps. Press the patch over the damaged area, being sure to squeeze sealant from the edge of the patch along all sides. If there is an area without sealant, moisture can penetrate under the patch. Secure the patch into place using pan-head sheet metal screws. The screws should be placed 1″ inside the patch from the edge, and every 3-4″ around.

We hope you found our tips for repairing holes in metal roofing useful. For more DIY tips, contact our team at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com for more information.