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Essential Metal Roof Materials Pros and Cons

insulated_roofSave thousands of dollars with a metal roof. Unlike a traditional asphalt roof which only lasts for a decade and requires numerous repairs and maintenance, a professionally installed metal insulated roof will last for half a century or more. What are the top pros and cons of metal roofing? Let’s find out.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

As we mentioned before, you will save thousands in repair and energy costs with a metal roof. How? Your insulated roof will keep the temperatures in your home or business comfortable and constant. Whether in a cold harsh winter season or in a heated summer swelter, enjoy comfort and the best in insulation. Additionally, during the summer, metal roofing has cool roof technology that further regulates temperature. Consider:

  • Save money on heating
  • Cool roof technology
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Easily install solar panels
  • Save up to 45% in energy costs
  • Warmer temperatures during cold winters
  • Recyclable
  • Lower operation costs
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Save on old roof demolition costs
  • Install a new roof over an older roof
  • And more

These incredible savings alone are why metal roofing remains the top choice for 21st century green construction. Depending on the scope of the project, metal roofing may cost more than traditional roofing installation. Call the experts at London Eco-Metal about your unique construction needs. We will provide you with the perfect roofing solution for your budget. Our team believes every homeowner and business deserve the safety and security of a metal roof.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs don’t require constant repair and replacement unlike asphalt roofing. With traditional roofing, you have to worry about high winds, hail, moisture, termites, and fire. Asphalt roofing lacks structural strength. Metal roofing withstands wildfires, heavy winds, harsh climates, and moisture. A professionally installed metal roof can last for fifty years or more. In fact, once you install a metal roof, you will probably never have to install another new roof again. Save significantly on operating costs with low maintenance.

Contact the roofing experts at London Eco-Metal today. Our seasoned staff will be happy to help you find the right roofing solution for your needs. Call us today.