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How Often Do Metal Roofs Need to Be Painted

metal-roof-sheetsMetal roofing remains the number one 21st century solution for green construction today. Sustainable, energy-efficient, and versatile, metal roofs protect homes and businesses from the ever-changing climate and harsh weather conditions. Metal roof sheets come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. They require some maintenance to maintain peak energy efficiency.

Some metal roofing colors and finishes help increase energy efficiency by protecting the building from harmful hot UV rays. Lighter colors like white or peach reflect the rays away from the roof. This reduces the temperature of the building, saving on cooling costs over time. In cooler regions, homeowners and business owners may opt for more insulation and darker tones to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. In either case, maintenance and retouching the paint and finishes will increase the lifespan of the roof and lower energy costs.

When Do You Need to Paint Your Metal Roof?

Cool metal roofing systems mitigate the heat island effect by reflecting rays away from an urban area. This reduces your cooling costs during the hot summer months. Regular maintenance and a new coat of paint will increase the overall lifespan of your roof and increase long-term savings.

Inspect your roof on a yearly basis. The inspector will identify any significant wear and tear or possible sources for leaks. A well-maintained metal roof will need repainting once per decade. However, harsh weather may cause damage that requires painting sooner. The key is a professional application. A professional will ensure that your metal roof has the best quality coating and energy-efficient paint. Our team will apply the paint correctly the first time. Avoid do-it-yourself paint jobs to reduce costs.

Older Metal Roofing

If you have older metal roofing, you may need an entire replacement. For example, you may have a historical structure with metal roofing that is more than twenty years old. Is there heavy corrosion or structural damage? Does the roof leak? Are there visible holes? These older structures will need an entire replacement in many cases. A new paint job will not help with a significantly deteriorated roof. Schedule an inspection with London ECO-Metal if you have an older roof. We can help determine the best most affordable solution for you.

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