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What is the best color of a metal roof for energy savings?

installing-a-metal-roofMetal roofs offer sustainability, energy savings, and significant versatility. When installing a metal roof for your home or business, consider the choice of style and color best for your region. Consider the location of your building, the style, and the finishes you need to maximize savings.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing provides 21st energy saving solutions for your home or business. Sustainable, recyclable, and well-insulated, save thousands over the course of the life of your roof. A metal roof may last a half-century or more with minimal maintenance and replacement. Increase the overall energy efficiency when installing a metal roof by choosing the right colors:

  • In warm regions, lighter colors will reflect harmful UV rays
  • Light colors like white, beige, a light bronze, and peach will reflect heat away from the building
  • Dark colors absorb the heat
  • Light colors enhance the “cool” metal roofing in hot regions and during the summer
  • Save additional funding with government tax credits when installing energy-efficient roofing
  • Ask about additional insulation options to further increase energy savings
  • In cooler regions, a darker color may help reduce heating costs in winter
  • Always ask the London Eco Metal design professionals about the best color, coatings, and insulation options for your specific building

Deciding on the right color for your home or building does not always rely solely on energy efficiency. There are some other factors to consider when choosing the right color. If you have questions, our seasoned design team will be happy to answer them. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and expert knowledge.

Community Guidelines

When considering the right color for your home or building, consider the neighborhood. For residential areas, specific colors might be required or banned. In industrial locations, you may want to blend in with other warehouses and buildings. Find the color guidelines for your neighborhood and community. Some Homeowner’s Associations may be very strict with their color selections.


Do you want your home or business to stand out or blend in? Choose bold colors like bright red and eye-catching contrast to make a statement. Or opt for more muted tones like gray or tan to fit in. This is all about choosing the right color choice to save money and showcase your individual style. Call London ECO-Metal today with your color choice questions.