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4 Components of a Professionally Installed Metal Roof

metal-roof-suppliersProfessional roofing installation ensures that you will enjoy over fifty years of security and protection for your home. What are some of the key components of a professionally installed roof by metal roof suppliers?

Long Life Fasteners

Homeowners new to metal roofing may not be as familiar with installation as with other traditional roofing options like asphalt. What should you ask your metal roof suppliers during installation? What do you need to know as a homeowner? You want a roof that has been installed properly, meaning that it has been secured and will not leak or gain moisture.

One of the key components for this is the long-life fastener. These fasteners significantly increase overall performance of your roof. No matter whether you use a standing seam panel or R panel, you need to have fasteners that will not rust over time, especially if they are exposed to the elements.

Weathertight Seams

A standing seam roof can be susceptible to leaks if not properly installed. The seaming equipment should match the roof panel system. Hand crimpers help form the roof’s seams, minimizing leaks and damage. Electric seamers finish off the roof.

Proper Panel Alignment

Whether you use Snap Lok or Mechanical Seaming, make sure that the roof is aligned properly. This will increase overall longevity. The roof will safely expand and contract. Watch for modularity of the roofing installation as well as substrate squareness. The clips allow the roof to contract and expand independently from the substrate.

Professional Contractors

It cannot be stressed enough that the most important component of a properly installed metal roof is an experienced team of contractors. Your contractors need years of experience in installing metal roofs. Our friendly staff has specific training and experience to ensure that they keep labor costs low while also reaching a high standard of excellence. Call us today about installing your new metal roof.