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What Usually Causes Ice Damming?

can-ice-dams-form-on-metal-roofsIce dams affect homes in harsh cold regions. They are a way of life. Can ice dams form on metal roofs? What are some of the key problems that lead to ice damming? How can you prevent ice dams? Let’s find out.

Ice Dam Basics

Ice dams are large ice chunks formed along the margins of your roof. Water melting behind the ice can seep back up under your shingles. Can ice dams form on metal roofs? Metal roofing considerably reduces ice damming overall. The excess water can lead to damage to your ceilings, walls, and home.

Hot Attics

If you do not have enough insulation in your attic then you can end up with an ice dam. A hot attic in a home that is not energy efficient can lead to damage from ice dams. This can also happen when an attic has poor ventilation. Have a home energy audit completed to assess how you can make your home more energy efficient.

Changing Temperatures

While you can work to make your home more energy efficient by installing metal roofing and insulating your attic, sometimes the extremes of temperature change can lead to ice damming. For example, ice dams occur when there are extreme fluctuations between night and day. Remove as much snow as possible from your roof if you know that there will be extreme differences in the weather.

Heat from the Sun

Snow melts under the sun’s rays, even when the temperatures hover below freezing. Radiant heat can be unpredictable. Removing the snow from your roof will help reduce any damage from ice damming due to the sun’s radiant heat.

Freezing Point

When the temperature hovers right around freezing or just under the freezing level, ice dams will form. Once again, roof raking will help reduce ice damming. By taking preventative measures like an energy audit, raking your roof, and keeping your home energy efficient, you will reduce the overall negative effects of ice damming.