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Metal Roofing Has Never Been So Affordable

The Hamilton Spectator Business Profile of London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. Lower prices for metal roofing are here to stay, thanks to London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. Joe Malec, president of the young firm, says it is a myth that metal roofing systems are only for the super-rich. He says lower prices are key at London Eco-Roof […]

Sound Emission of Metal Roofing

Isn’t a metal roof noisy? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about metal roofing. The theory that a metal roof is “noisy” stems from the memory of a barn, or a patio awning, where there is nothing between an individual and the roof, except air. The more adept one becomes at answering […]

5 Metal Roof Myths Dispelled

Article written by by Lisbeth Tanz and originally posted on October 9, 2009 at Improve Your Home And Garden web site: http://www.improveyourhomeandgarden.com/5-metal-roof-myths-dispelled For full article use the link above. Quick! What’s the hottest trend in residential roofing today? Metal. But first let’s first dispel a few myths about metal roofs: Myth #1: Metal roofs are […]