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How To Select Trim For Metal Roofing

Selecting Metal Roofing TrimYour roof does so much more than protect your home from the elements. Your roof is the cherry on top, the final piece of the puzzle, and the detail that can make or break your home. While you are familiar with the varying colors, textures, and finishes available for your overall roofing structure, the trim may have escaped your mind. Don’t forget about the gables and eaves either! These smaller, but still pertinent details, play a major role in how your home looks. If you want your home to look its best, keep these factors in mind when selecting trim for your metal roof.

Your Home’s Exterior

Consider your home’s exterior. All the way from the doors, to its siding to its windows. Even consider the landscaping. You will notice that your home has its own unique, distinct sense of flair. The roof, trim, and all the little bits in between should enhance and compliment these details.

Your Desired Look

Remember that colors can be combined to influence perceptions. For example, selecting a trim color that complements your home’s siding can give your home a vintage feel, where the color scheme is reminiscent of the past. On the other hand, choosing a trim color that is in contrast to the palette used across the rest of your home lends itself to a more expressive, creative, and attention-grabbing appeal. You can also choose colors that look like metal, such as platinum or slate gray. These can give your metal roofing trim a fashionable, trend-setting appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs deliver long lasting beauty and performance, while simultaneously saving on energy costs. Metal roofing utilizing cool colors are known to have energy savings ranging from 7%-15% of overall cooling costs. Because more heat is reflected, energy bills are lowered. Cool painted metal roofs also retain 95% of their initial reflectance and emittance over time. Equaling a longer lifespan over conventional roofing systems. When choosing your trim, you may consider these cooler colors as well.

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