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Alternative Uses For Metal Panels

Alternative Metal Panel Uses

Durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. Have you ever wondered what other ways metal wall panels can be applied in your commercial or residential space? These panels can be used for so many unique things besides providing a long lasting roof structure. In this article, we’ll dive into some creative, alternative uses for metal wall panels.

Metal Accent Wall

A metal wall is a perfect way to create contrast, texture, and a unique focal point within or outside of the home. Outer panels can create a beautiful backdrop in a garden, or can be used to cover unattractive concrete walls. Interior panels can add pops of color and texture to break up a space. These panels can even mimic other materials, such as wood, allowing for an endless array of design options.

Metal Ceiling or Molding

Ceilings are the often overlooked fifth wall of an interior space. Metal wall panels can be used to provide an industrial look or to create a unique focal point on areas such as the porch. A metal panel can also fare well in the garage, often brightening up the space. In modern or industrial interiors, a metal strip sometimes accented with LED lighting can be applied to the crown or base molding of a room.

Metal Wainscoting

Metal Wainscoting has become increasingly popular in commercial and restaurant spaces for a while now. When used in small spaces, metal wainscoting can even make the room appear larger than it is.

Kitchen Island

Looking for the right rustic steel accent in your interior? Try corrugated metal panels along your kitchen island! When paired with wood, this can also create a chic beachy aesthetic. Other kitchen ideas include a metal backsplash or metal cabinets.

Metal Bar

Take your entertaining style to the next level with a corrugated metal bar. Since metal panels are rust resistant, corrugated bars are perfect for use indoors or outdoors. In this type of application, metal is usually used for the sides, backsplash and roof while wood is used for the bar top surface.

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