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3 Tips for Choosing Your Metal Roofing Color in Cold Climates

metal-roof-installationHow can you pick the right color for your metal roof? During metal roof installation you will have many options. One of the key decisions involves choosing the right color and finish for your roof. Why is this so important? Depending on your climate, you may have considerably more savings in energy costs and enjoy increased energy efficiency by choosing the right options.

Many Colors

Enjoy an abundance of color options. It can seem daunting to select the right color for your metal roof installation. The color you select will affect the overall style of your home. But it will also possibly affect how comfortable the temperatures will be in your home or building.

Choose the Right Paint for the Weather

Regardless of color choice, you want to select the right type of paint option for your metal roof. The right type of coating will add extra protection and increase the overall lifespan of your roof. Be sure to choose high-quality paint. The paint will stand up to harsh weather and cold climates. The special resin can block damaging ultraviolet rays. Avoid rust and corrosion, as well as peeling and fading. Select a paint with a long warranty. Remember your metal roof can last almost fifty years. You want a finish that will last for decades. Avoid low-quality paint and finishes.

Match the Colors of Other Homes in the Neighborhood

When choosing the right color, don’t forget to consider the overall style. You want to look at the color schemes of your neighborhood. Also, consider the trim and colors already on your home’s exterior. Avoid colors that clash or are too bold.

Dark vs. Light: Always Consider the Climate

Choosing a lighter color will reflect sunlight. A “cool roof” can be almost fifty degrees cooler than traditional asphalt roofs. Lighter colors provide additional cool temperatures in warm climates. In cooler regions, a home can have any color as long as there is a well-insulated attic. While the darker color can possibly absorb more heat and sunlight, typically there is not a big difference between light and dark metal roof colors. However, there will be a considerable difference between asphalt roofs and metal roofs.

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