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Fact or Fiction? Top Myths About Metal Roofing

metal-roofing-pros-and-consMetal roofing provides sustainable energy efficiency and versatile elegance perfect for the 21st century. Metal construction overall has enjoyed growing popularity over the last decade as homeowners, commercial business owners, and institutions have opted for green construction. However, metal roofing pros and cons are often plagued by myths. Fact or fiction? Let’s find out.

Myth 1: Lightning Hits Metal Roofs More Often

Perhaps one of the longest lasting myths about metal roofing remains the idea that lightning is attractive to metal roofs. However, lightning actually hits the closest, usually tallest, object as it heads towards the earth. Believe it or not, even if your home is struck by lightning, metal roofing is not flammable, one of the key factors to consider when listing metal roofing pros and cons.

So not only does metal roofing NOT attract lightning, it protects you from fire in the odd, very random, chance that your home is struck during a storm.

Myth 2: Hail Destroys Metal Roofs

Metal roofs enjoy lasting durability that greatly outlasts traditional asphalt shingles. Does this include hail? Yes. Hail does not dent metal roofing. In fact, metal is ideal for harsh weather conditions, unlike asphalt shingles.

Myth 3: Metal Roofs are LOUD

Contemporary metal roofs have a roof deck that insulates from sound. A century ago metal roofing, like traditional barn roofing, may have been loud during a storm. Today insulation protects inhabitants from loud noises. Speak with your contractor about how to enhance the insulation of your home for even more quiet peace.

Myth 4: Metal Roofs Rust

Today metal roofs have a special coat that protects against moisture, weathering, and rust. Additionally, metal is not susceptible to fire, critters, mold, or termites. The special roofing paint protects your home for decades.

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