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Just Why Does a Metal Roof Last So Long?

Just Why Does a Metal Roof Last So Long?

metal roof When it comes to buying a product, it’s only natural to want one that lasts a long time so you can really feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Metal roofs definitely fit this category, with some having a life expectancy that’s almost unbelievable – yet entirely true.

Metal roofs – A Superior Material

Roofs on homes have evolved over time and seem to have reached the pinnacle of technology with today’s options. The secret to their longevity? Metal is simply a superior material. For example, let’s look at other roof types and why they don’t last so long.

  • Asphalt Roofs – With a life expectancy of around 15 years, they’re not the worst option but certainly pale in comparison to the 60 years that some metal options can last for. Simply put, asphalt roofs break down over time due to constant wear and tear from the weather, resulting in cracks, curling panels and buckling shingles. Not only that, but asphalt is a substance in which life can thrive. By having infestations of algae and moss on asphalt roofs, the life expectancy can drop further and leave your home prone to leaks and moisture, which could cause several other problems. Metal roofs don’t attract life of this sort and certainly don’t curl or buckle, meaning their life expectancy remains superior.
  • Wood Shake Roofs – Similar to asphalt roofs, the main reasons for the lack of longevity with wood shake roofs are the fact that they can fault, buckle and bend. Not only that, but they’re prone to rot, too, meaning they could have to be replaced after just a few years. As you know, metal doesn’t rot, and so you don’t have to worry about this having an effect on the longevity of your roof.
  • Clay Tile Roofs – Whilst clay won’t rot, clay roof tiles are extremely fragile and prone to breaking, meaning that if there’s a big storm in the area, there’s a chance that you roof isn’t up to it and you could end up having to replace a great deal of clay tiles that have either cracked, moved or broken completely. Metal is obviously stronger than clay tiles and is certainly strong enough to take whatever nature might throw at it – metal 1, nature 0.

Metal – In it for the Long Run

Metal lasts because it’s strong. A metal roof is highly unlikely to break or fault, and definitely won’t harbor any mold, rot or mildew through its long lifespan. Providing the roof is properly maintained and cared for, it should last for up to 60 years because its practically impervious to any weather; it won’t rot in rain, it won’t dry out in the heat and it won’t break in a storm.

True Longevity

If you want a product that really lasts a lifetime, then a metal roof is the one for you. Don’t settle for a material that will need constant maintenance and costly replacements whilst you live under it – “settle” for metal.