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Homeowners hit the roof

Homeowners hit the roof


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That 25-year warranty on your brand new roof may not be as iron-clad as you think, with legal experts and the country’s leading consumer group warning that Canada falls short when it comes to policing product warranties.

Caledon, Ont., homeowner Mark Florence has learned the hard way that a long-term roofing guarantee may still leave you seriously out of pocket if something goes wrong after the first five years.

His shingle roof, which was just two years old when he bought his property, is now in a bad state of disrepair after just 11 years, far short of the 25-year warranty period.

Yet, once the company involved, IKO, had pro-rated the warranty, it told him less than half of the products would be replaced and he would have to pay for the expensive disposal and labour costs.

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