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Is a metal roof the wave of the future?

Originally published in The Londoner on Thursday, September 29, 2011 London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. president Joe Malec displays a piece of sheet metal roofing. Malec is hoping to make sheet metal roofing the industry standard in London. Everyone appreciates a roof over their head and none more so than Joe Malec. But the London businessman …

BENGA – New Metal Roofing Product Has Arrived

Architects, designers and home owners have for years longed for a metal roof without visible fasteners. Finally this has become possible with a revolutionary product by London ECO-ROOF Manufacturing Inc. – Benga. Benga with hidden fasteners can be produced in one- and two-steps sheets. Hidden fastener tiles are installed horizontally, which gives greater freedom to …

Available Metal Roof Colours

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is offering four different profiles of metal roof and they are available in 11 colours and one additional as a special order. Two of these colours, “Brown Mocha” and “Blue Gray” were introduced recently: For more information about specific products and colours available visit our metal roofing product page.