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The Advantages of Insulated Panel Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are an ideal option to clad commercial buildings due to their superior insulation value, high-performance air barrier, aesthetics, design flexibility, and ease of installation. This all-in-one insulation system acts as an exterior rainscreen, barrier to air and moisture, and can even directly reduce mold and corrosion. But did you know IMPs can be used for more than just walls? In this article we will take a look at the advantages of using insulated metal panels for the roofing of your commercial building.

IMP Roofing For Commercial Buildings

Believe it or not, IMPs can be used for far more than exterior cladding. One of the best ways you can use IMPs in your commercial building is for roofing! IMPs provide a high-performance roofing solution which offers the same benefits to buildings that exterior IMP walls do. Think cool roofing that reduces the urban heat effect and eliminates the need for a roof deck, vapor barrier, insulation, plywood or membrane. IMPs also offer superior strength for your commercial roof, holding up to the elements such as high wind, hail, and a variety of fire-rated testing including smoke spread, flame spread and FM Global Standards.

Types Of IMP Roofing For Commercial Buildings

There are two types of insulated metal roofing panels: a standing seam profile and a through-fastened profile. Panels with standing seam profiles are mechanically seamed together during installation and the fasteners are not visible. Panels with through-fastened profiles have fasteners that are exposed and visible. Most IMP roofs are concealed fastened. IMPs can be installed on both low slope roofs, and steep slope roofs, allowing for use in most commercial.

Advantages of IMPs For Your Commercial Roof

The advantages for your commercial building are limitless when you choose an IMP roof. Insulated metal roofing panels provide exceptional insulation properties, superior spanning capability, accelerated installation time, low environmental impact, and a streamlined architectural appearance. Need more reasons to choose an IMP Roof for your commercial building? We are happy to discuss your metal roofing options. Contact our qualified team of professionals at 1.855.838.9393 or info@londonecometal.com.