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“Signs You Need Your Roof Replacing” By Toronto’s Leading Metal Roofing Contractors

“Signs You Need Your Roof Replacing” By Toronto’s Leading Metal Roofing Contractors

roofing contractors torontoIf you are like the majority of other people that live in Toronto or Mississauga, you probably don’t look at your roof all that often. When you are leaving the house, you are thinking about where you have to be and what you have to do, and when arriving the only thing you typically look at is your front door. Your roof maybe gets the odd glance now and then, but it certainly isn’t given a thorough visual inspection at any moment, which is a mistake since doing so could potentially help to prolong its lifespan. Many homeowners in the Toronto area contact London Eco-Roof and other roofing contractors, not knowing whether their home requires a new roof or not. There are a number of different signs to look out for, which is what we are going to discuss during this article.

Our Toronto Roofing Contractors Point Out Some of the Signs that Indicate a Roof is Past its Best

Some of the signs that a roof is no longer able to do its job effectively are more obvious than others, and it’s always wise to first consider the age of your roof before you take a closer look at its condition. If, like many others in Toronto, your home features an asphalt roof, it will likely last 10-20 years, while a metal roofing installation can easily last 50 – 60 years. If your roof has exceeded its expected lifespan, it could be time to have it replaced. Our roofing contractors recommend you carry out the following checks:

Look at it From the Attic First

Before inspecting its exterior, make a trip up to your attic to look at your roof from the inside. Ideally, you should do this a couple of times each year, as this will help you to pick up on any changes in the roof’s condition. In particular look for the following:

  • Anywhere that the roof is sagging (this will usually happen in the middle)
  • Wet patches and water stains
  • Light that is filtering through the roof from the outside

Then Check Out the Exterior of Your Roof

After inspecting the interior of your roof, you need to check it’s exterior and determine whether in its current state, your roof is capable of keeping the elements at bay. Our roofing contractors advise you to look out for the following signs in particular:

  • Check to see whether the shingles are in good condition. Can you see any that are missing, cracked or otherwise damaged?
  • Do the gutters contain parts of the roofing shingles? Over time shingles will be eroded and if gutters contain shingle particles it’s a good indicator that your roof is severely warn and a replacement should be considered.
  • Pay particular attention to the shingles that surround the chimney, pipes or vents; are they loose?
  • Pools of standing water and signs of rot or mold on the roof should be noted.
  • When checking the exterior of the roof, it’s also a good idea to quickly examine the gutters to make sure rainwater is being disposed of properly and is not being directed at your property’s foundations.

If you notice several of the signs listed above when inspecting your roof you have to seriously consider investing in a replacement, as your current roof may not be able to keep moisture and other outside weather conditions out of your home for much longer, if it is still able to now. Pick up the phone and ring a few roofing contractors — many will be prepared to come to your property, inspect the roof and give you their own professional opinion on its condition.

Why You Should Consider a Metal Roofing Installation

As Toronto’s leading metal roofing contractors, London Eco-Roof would strongly urge you to consider having a metal roof installed if your current roof needs replacing. Here’s why:

  • Can Last 5x Longer – Asphalt shingle roofs sometimes need replacing in as little as 10 years, while many of the metal roofing installations offered by London Eco-Roof come with a 55 year warranty.
  • Trouble Free – Are you sick of roofing shingles curling, cracking or going missing? Metal roofing installations don’t experience any of these problems and are maintenance free.
  • Reduce Bills – Asphalt shingles might be the “convenient” option due to their low upfront cost, but they store heat energy in the summer and have a lower R-Value, meaning your heating and cooling systems need to work harder. Metal roofs do just the opposite.

London Eco-Roof has been installing metal roofing products in Toronto and Mississauga since 2009, and we are renowned for our high quality of work. If you would like us to inspect the condition of your roof, contact us today on 1-855-838-9393.

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