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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Every child deserves a toy at Christmas!

During the Holiday Season your children and mine dream of all the toys they want to see under their Christmas tree. They writ to Santa, or they sit on his knee and tell him all their secret wishes for Christmas and usually they get everything they asked for and more!

However not all children are as lucky as ours and we need to remember these children as well, not only during the Christmas season but all year round. During the year many abused women and their children find shelter at the Women’s Community House, where they are assured a more secure environmental than they had at “home”. While the Community House provides support and care for these residents in various ways, due to budget just like anywhere else, they obviously are not able to make all the kids’ Christmas dreams come true when it comes to “Mommy, will Santa find us here?”

Another amazing and heartwarming guardian of those in need is the Salvation Army. Stalwart and forever reliable even the Salvation Army is feeling the pinch this year. Whit so many unemployed here in London their “Kettle” campaign wasn’t quite the success they had hoped for in order to make Christmas “happen” for so many of the children on their list. Now don’t get me wrong, these Londoners that are in need will have food for Christmas which is the most important thing, but there will just not be enough to answer all the wishes for the children and “every child deserves a toy at Christmas!”

Now the good news in all of this is, with the help and sponsorship of Joe Malec, owner of London Eco-Roof, The London Community News and London Eco-Roof are asking our readers’ to drop off a new, unwrapped toy appropriate for children ages 1-12 and we will make sure that they are evenly distributed to both the worthy associations above for “Santa’s sack” this Christmas. What’s one unwrapped toy mean to you? It’s that scarf you thought of buying but don’t really need it? One unwrapped toy will mean the world to a needy child who otherwise will think that they’ve done something wrong because Santa didn’t find them this year.  Joe Malec wants to make a difference and so we entreat you to help us make Every London child feel loved and happy this Christmas.

Thank you for caring and sharing! Thank you for making a difference!

Please drop toys off at either:

London Eco-Roof
1682 Dundas St. E.

The London Community News
80-1074 Dearness Drive (just off Bradley)