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Metal Roofing for the Do-It-Yourselfer!

Metal Roofing for the Do-It-Yourselfer!

When most people think metal roofing, they conjure up images of big red barns on a farm somewhere outside of town with a plain steel roof; well not anymore!  In the last few years metal roofing has gained ground in residential applications and now, even you can easily install your very own, unique metal roof from London Eco-Roof Manufacturing.

The London based company has been growing exponentially in the market of affordable residential roofing.  London Eco-Roof Manufacturing started out with only one profile and a few different colours; now they offer five different profiles in a variety colours.  Their 55 year warranty and high quality Canadian steel is what sets them apart from the competition.  One of their newest profiles is the Eco Tile – the metal roofing panel designed for the do-it-yourselfer or contractor.  This easy to install metal panel is cut to smaller, more manageable sizes, and is easily installed, even by one person.

The Eco Tile by London Eco-Roof has an “exclusive ceramic tile” look – something much different than what you would normally see in your average Canadian neighbourhood.  This solid product has been specifically designed for durability, corrosion resistance and easy installation.


The profiled peaks, low bottom waves and high folds make for a very rigid structure while still allowing for airflow under the panel.  Each panel is designed with a special lip on the front edge that prevents panels from scratching one another; it also allows for free drainage of water which increases resistance to corrosion and protects from precipitation lingering on the panel.

Special hollows along the edge make for invisible joints as panels are overlapped.  Each panel is the same size and shape, making installation a breeze without having to unpack all panels.  The large coverage area of each panel means your new durable, safe and reliable roof will be up in no time.

Forget about “traditional asphalt shingles” – metal roofing is the new “traditional”.  Why waste money again on asphalt shingles? You can install a London Eco-Roof metal roof for close to the same price and get many more years out of it. Choosing a metal roof shows that you are a responsible homeowner who cares about the environment and who also wants the best for the house that you call home.  Call London Eco-Roof today and find out just how affordable it is to own your home’s last roof.