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Reducing, reusing, recycling not a fad but a reality – Excerpts

Reducing, reusing, recycling not a fad but a reality – Excerpts

Article written by Sue Richards – a social entrepreneur, artist and cultural animator whose website is www.breastofcanada.com. She is also a member of the Mercury’s Community Editorial Board.

Link to original article – http://www.breastofcanada.com/editorial10.html

Hence my confusion. My understanding of parenting and grand parenting is the desire to leave the offspring with a brighter future, not a nasty, toxic mess of immeasurable size and unmentionable consequences.

Fast forward to today. I am in serious need of a new roof on my house. I could make the process very easy on myself and request “brown” then write a cheque. But, given my concern for the future, I can’t do that in good consciousness. Instead, I am compelled to weigh out the triple bottom line of my decision.

A triple bottom line includes the single bottom line that dominates most business transactions. Economics. Unfortunately, economics all by itself, does not reflect the full or true cost of doing any business. It never did. You can be sure that the price of trucking used styrofoam cups to St.Thomas and burying them, was never, ever considered when those cups was being made.

Back to my roof. Do I go with steel or asphalt? What becomes of the existing shingles? Will they be land filled or recycled? If they are land filled, what are the consequences? How does the process of producing steel roofing measure against asphalt shingle production? What is the expected lifespan of these products? What can I afford?

Much of the advice I have received seems disturbingly short sighted. I¹m asked why I would want to invest in a new roof that will outlive me and told, better to go cheapest. Another words, only look at the single bottom line.

Reducing, reusing and recycling is not a fad. It is our reality. Every child that you know is depending on you to use prior knowledge, take correction and stop making more of a mess of this world. Enough is enough.

Today is the first day of September. For many of us, this point in the calendar feels more like the new year than the frozen celebration that comes in January. Please use this opportunity to take a loving look at your rosy cheeked darlings. Then, take an honest appraisal at your short sighted habits. Now, make a triple bottom line resolution that will outlive you.