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Older Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for dropping by to check out our roof status... We have been appreciative of the roof's appearance and, with this experience [tornado], its apparent durability... and of your commitmeannt to stand behind the product. Written after the tornado damage.
... I am unbelivably impressed with not only your product, but also the crew that did the installation. Let's meet soon to talk ... referrals. Thanks a lot.
I would like to thank Joe , president of Eco-Roof Manufacturing, and his co-workers for the work they have done on my roof. The quality and durability of their product is excellent and the roof looks great. I often get compliments from my friends and passersby.

Thank you for sending a great installation crew which included Dwayne, Brad, Marek and Blair. Their work was precise, and of the highest quality. They are very professional, friendly and polite. Their workplace was always clean and tidy and they performed their work safely. I would like to congratulate Joe for hiring such a great crew.
All of the staff were fabulous! We are very happy with our new roof! John and I were fascinated by the installation process and the crew and Peter were so good in taking time to answer our questions. We would definitely recommend Eco Roof. We have had so many people stop to ask or give us a "thumbs up" when they drive by. Thank You!
Thank you to Eco Roof and their employers who did a perfect job; you have gone above and beyond any of our expectations. I will recommend you without hesitation.
I was amazed at how quickly, and professionally the job was completed.
These guys worked great through sun and rain. Awesome employees.
Good workmanship. We were impressed with your employees! Thank You ... looks amazing.
Workers were very courteous and explained everything clearly. Great job! Thanks.
Stan and his crew are very good installers. Very professional, all my questions were answered. I would recommend them to all my friends.
We are looking forward to a lower energy bill.
Thank you very much for a installing my new roof! I am looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come.
I have recently installed the London Eco-Roof on a house that was on the market for sale for many many months without any luck. After installing a new roof, not only has my house sold but it has increased the sale price by 15% over what I have originally been asking for. Thank you, and I am looking forward to installing your roof on my new home.
Our house has received many compliments thanks to you London Eco-Roof!
Great Job!!!
Great product, great crew, great job!!!
Despite the rain and cold temperatures, the crew worked steadily and with remarkable determination and focus.
It all began with the sales rep., we found him to be very informative and he answered all of our questions and concerns directly. He assured us that our concerns would be addressed and he did in fact relay them on to your technical people who took care of each one.

The "strapping crew" was just unbelievable. They were most caring, neat and polite. They worked 12 hour days in 40 degree heat and humidity for two days straight. Before they left each night all scrap material was picked up and removed and they even swept the garage and driveway.

On the third day the "steel crew" arrived and went straight to work. It was easy to see they knew the product, and the method of installation necessary for a good job. Again, they too were careful around our yard and gardens and were very polite and pleasant to talk to. The care they took is certainly evident in the quality of workmanship in the finished product.

In the end, we are extremely satisfied with all your staff as well as the end product and will recommend this company to anyone who may ask. Thank you for a very easy and pleasant experience.
Would just like to say how much I appreciate the work and product of London Eco-Roofing. The work crew were very efficient , accommodating and clean. I love the roof and have had many people say they like our choice.

I like the fact that I will never have to think of replacing the roof and that I didn't have to send all the old asphalt shingles to the landfill. The price was a bonus --I have researched all different steel ,aluminum and asphalt products and without a doubt London Eco-Roofing came out ahead when you compare all aspects.

So thanks again for a great product and job!!!
We recently contracted with London Eco-Roof to install a steel roof on our Victorian period property. With the installation now complete we would like to commend the installers and recommend the company for prospective customers. There are several factors which, I suspect, most individuals seeking roof replacement consider.

Price. We obtained five estimates from contractors (involving both shingle and metal options) before deciding on London EcoRoof. While they did not represent the lowest bid of the group, they were quite competitive with the best shingle option and considerably less than a second shingle proposal, as well as two other metal estimates.

Durability. We only considered a better quality shingle (40 year warranty) and the nature of the warranty was, in our interpretation, less than absolutely reassuring. Metal roofs (including London Eco-Roof) tend to have a more straightforward guarantee and longer span (50 year). Most of our investigation has supported the superiority and longevity of a metal roof. Although proof in an absolute sense cannot be assessed for several decades with this specific product, there is considerable existing evidence favouring the metal roof option.

Appearance. In our region a metal roof is far less common than its shingle counterpart and, with its distinctive profile, the Eco-Roof provides an attractive complement to the period brick facade. In our case, the roof also helps to unify the property's appearance in that it has had several additions over the years since its initial construction.

Installation. Our property presented a number of challenges, including limited yard space in which to work, a "two plus" storey main roof with four dormers and two later extensions, a porch in front and a "widow's walk" on top. In short, we knew the installation would take somewhat longer than the rather optimistic estimate given. However, once on site, the crew worked steadily and with remarkable determination and focus to address these potential obstacles. Because minimal shingles from the existing roof were removed and because the installation crew made a point of daily cleanup, there was far less mess than we anticipated and it was removed at the end of each work day. In addition to the quality of the product itself, we were concerned about quality of the installation and, in this regard, we were particularly impressed.

In sum, we are pleased to have chosen the Eco-Roof system for its appearance, its expected (and promised) durability, for the expert way in which it was installed and for the "value for money spent" it represents. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend London Eco-Roof to anyone considering roof replacement.


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