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We feel there was prior customer service regarding the lack of communication we receive on getting our roof started. We felt like it was us having to initiate any communication in order to attempt to get any answers, detail regarding getting our roof started. Once the job got started it was done in a timely manner by a very professional team.
Dale, Tricia, Amhurstburg - Ontario
Gregory, Millgrove - Ontario
A job well done and every one worked together well. Chris was Excellent and Ryan was Phenomenal.
We were extremely impressed with the quality & professionalism of the installers, especially Brad, Shawn& Houston. They worked late & in extreme heat & were always a pleasure to deal with.
Jim, Ottawa - Ontario
Al, Windsor - Ontario
Thank you so much for cleaning the eaves troughs.
Dedrick & the team were extremely professional & punctual and I would want them to install my daughters roof in Brampton as well.
Abraham, Hamilton - Ontario
Chris, Munster - Ontario
The crew who install the roof were excellent. They worked hard, did a quality job and were pleasant to deal with.
Very pleased and extremely satisfied with the roof and installation and price.
John & Pam, Port Stanley - Ontario
Larry & Carol - Ontario
First I will say that I never write back to anyone, life is busy. But in this case I feel I must take the time. We just had our new Eco roof installed. We do have a low slope on the back that had some damage. When the roof was done we could see we had some damage due to snow and ice build up. It did not look good and I am sure we would have had some problems. Dave our salesman was very good to us and said he worked for us and would see the job through. We thought we were in for trouble he roof was on we paid already. But then in came Jason, a nice guy who knew his job and how to talk to people Jason worked all day in the heat, and did a great job. We had questions about Eco roof and wondered what will happen now. Our roof looks great. The job is done we are happy customers and have many good things to say about Eco roof Dave our salesman come highly recommended from a friend we were not disappointed Dave us the best I got feeling He had our best interest at heart. As for Jason He saved the Day he made a nasty looking job look perfect. I drove truck a long time people just dont get the idea that when they come to the door they are Eco roof a couple of Great Guys there Tings will always happen when working on these old houses. Thanks for sending a couple of your best to my house they really did a Great job. Jason said he will come back to put a small piece on as He ran out of material, but we will not call, I know your team will do what they say. We know now Eco Roof is a Great Company and will tell everyone the workmanship was first rate. Thanks.
Thank you for the professional job. We have to wait for spring to see al the work and if any problems arise have been taken care off.
B. Singh, London - Ontario
Dan, Strathroy - Ontario
The crew that did my roof were very professional and courteous. They even assisted my neighbour when he had a spell. That was very appreciated by us and his wife. They kept everything neat and clean every day. And kept me up to speed as they went.
Good job!!! Good Good Crew!!! Thorough.
Trudy, London - Ontario
Ron, Cambridge - Ontario
Great group of guys, worked together very well. Property was left in excellent condition.
Extremely pleased with finished product. Installation team have strong work ethic, extremely knowledgeable about the product + answered all the questions. Thank you.
Andy & Barb, London - Ontario
Noel, Kitchener - Ontario
Deitrich crew did and awesome job. Definitely would recommend to everyone.
5 stars from sales to workmanship to final product. Thank so much!
Mike & Shannon, Lucan - Ontario
Sandy, London - Ontario
Clean up - you wouldn't know they had been here - there's just a new, magnificent roof. Thank you.
Both the salesman, Brian Sweezey and the crew, Jacob, George, Johnny provided excellent service and were extremely articulate. Many Thanks.
Roger, Kitchener - Ontario
Bev, Bothwell - Ontario
Installation team well mannered and respectful. Pleasure to have around. Very organized.
Yes, we are really please with the roof, it looks great and I am sure it will last a long time. The crew was really professional and did a beautiful job even if the weather was not the best specially in the first week.
Marc, Ottawa - Ontario
Winston, Toronto - Ontario
The installers did a very good job. It was easy to communicate with them as they did their work. People who went by and saw the finished work commented on the beauty of it. One who had his roof done last year, said if he had seen min, he'd have chosen it. In my opinion, a job well done.
Thanks very much for the excellent service that we received. Your knowledge + experience surpassed our expectations. It will be a pleasure to recommend you at any time!
Cheryl, Toronto - Ontario